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The 1 Percent’s “Centrist” Propaganda War: Why Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren Are So Threatening to the Establishment


The 1 Percent’s “Centrist” Propaganda War: Why Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren Are So Threatening to the Establishment

Conor Lynch

After last Novembers elections, the GOP had a bit of a revelation. Once they had gained control of the congress, bipartisanship suddenly became the mature and necessary thing to do. The people spoke, after all, and had given the go ahead for Republican’s to push through their ideology, and it was now the responsibility of the Democrats to play along.


In addition to disliking all things not Hitlery, our local Obamabots especially dislike Ron Paul and Rand Paul…probably because GOP candidates who depart from the prescribed GOP script would siphon off more votes from the Democrats than other GOP candidates.


Niether Hillary nor the Ayn Randite Pauls are friends of the left.


Unfortunately, the “1%” is more like “the 20%”. The ideology and exploitative economics we are fighting are enthusiastically supported by most of the upper-middle class “professionals” in the “coordinator class” in addition to the highly paid corporate captains in the true “1 percent”.


…but in terms of the fortunes of the US poor, the Pauls would be worse.


Sure, Ray. It has nothing to do with those uber-Conservative Christian values that think health care for all would be better served by some cruel Calvinistic concept of personal responsibility, or that women’s reproductive rights should be determined by all male boards of (Catholic hospital) directors and/or church elites.

It has nothing to do with their bogus MAN OVER NATURE abhorrence to any honest discussions about, or preparations for climate chaos cum global warming; and nothing to do with pushing a premise of “freedom” that mostly allots to polluting industrial predators, the “freedom” to harm nature and human well-being.

Your idol Rand, or is it Ron Paul is good for one or two things, but the pro-corporate stance of these right wing libertarians is NOT good for too many other items of critical concern to half this planet’s population AND all of its living (if barely hanging in there) eco-systems.


Excellent article. But judging by Democrat’s loss in the mid-term elections, I hope it is not just wishful thinking. Of course, with a 36% voter turnout it was to be expected. A tiny minority decided the winners.

The only way the GOP can win elections is by suppressing the vote. By redistricting, buying off neoliberal Democrats, rigging voting machines, throwing ballots in dumpsters, disenfranchising minorities that vote Democrat, giving minorities Drug War/private prison records, lying to them about voting days and places, making them stand in long lines to vote, employing shills on these websites to demonize all Democrats, packing the SCOTUS, ignoring liberal Democrats and piling them in with the DNC neolibs, etc., etc.


Unfortunately, the democratic party has been doing a slam-bang job of “suppressing” the vote by offering very little for dispirited democrats to vote for. With some notable and bright exceptions, the party is cravenly corporate. Remember Nixon’s “silent majority”? I hope that dispirited progressives will come out in droves to put Sanders in the White House, and give him a democratic congress to bully into shape. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


What in the hell are you talking about? What is this “coordinator class”, you are talking about? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Only the One Percent who control 80 percent of all wealth and own Wall Street have enough cash to hire Lobbyists and write law. It has nothing to do with Busy Doctors, Lawyers and other Union professionals who make up only seven percent of the population.

We want to expand the top twenty percent of good-wage-earning professionals into the top fifty percent of US population. But, true to form, you want to kill off the wrong segment of the population, and not focus on Dynasty Billionaires, Banksters and CEO’s who RULE THE COUNTRY in subversion of democracy and who have betrayed the USA.


It might be nice if we get as far left as Dwight D. Eisenhower. We had high taxes then, trying to pay down debt from World War II. We also had high government spending retooling our factories for civilian goods, helping our veterans get a college education and a house in the suburbs. We have a lot of debt again, this time mostly from bailing out a few big banks. Maybe US can help local governments buy by right of eminent domain at market value some of the underwater real estate blighting neighborhoods thus forcing banks holding those vacant buildings to take the loss. The federal help can be in the form of low-interest loans to local governments to use for this. Then maybe Habitat for Humanity can be persuaded to help rehab the buildings, remodeling them into multiple unit low income housing. Cracking down about corporate income tax might provoke some private health insurance firms to leave. Good riddance–their abandoned health insurance policy holders can be offered a chance to buy into Medicare instead.


Yunzer’s point is quite valid, and I’ve been thinking along those same lines recently. As an example: Here in the heart of the Marcellus and Utica there is an army of engineering professionals, not “rich” by any means but doing quite well in relation to much of the country. And they can continue to do well as long as they stay in the fold. I’m a registered professional land surveyor and the surveying/engineering firm I quit several years ago became heavily involved in the gas boom effort. Was making $30hr and had a health and retirement benefit package that was something to envy by anyone in the work force today.

All I had to do was do what I was told. As a matter of fact the conversation I had with my boss, a fellow professional surveyor I’d known for 20yrs is quite revealing. My job entailed talking with landowners to get their permission to enter their property to locate and record evidence of boundary. Inevitably I became involved in all sorts of conversations concerning how the boom was affecting everybody, and occasionally talked about lease terms/amounts. Some of those landowners used info from those discussion when talking with the land men, and within a day or two word got back to my office that “someone” was spilling the beans and making it hard for the landmen to negotiate favorable leases. My boss, looking directly at me said: " If you can not abide with and follow the directives of our (very lucrative) client you have no business being here." Which meant that I was not to talk about anything with these, my neighbors, about anything excepting asking permission to enter their property. In other words, they were attempting to limit my right to free speech!

Everyone at that firm is acutely aware that they can do quite well by just going along. I did leave as I’m not for sale. This is just one example of what Yunzer is talking about and I completely agree that the percentage is probably around 20% of those clinging to the perpetuation of this unbalanced “prosperity.”


A very interesting explanation by you, and relevant points. But you, by being in the twenty percent professional class, were not making policy. Your One Percent Client was. Or your One Percent Corporate owner was.

So I can’t blame you twenty-percenters for tricking land owners into bad deals.

Yunzer’s attempt to shift blame to the victims (non-management labor) is what I contend is invalid. Now, if this survey company you worked for was a partnership, and you were free to write ethics policy, that would be different. But in the corporate world, there is only one class of Captains who make policy. The rest are just galley slaves who do what they are told, or face the wrath of the middle-manager with the whip.

The attempt by the Empire to have the middle class blame themselves for their own demise is what I am not buying. When the Titanic sinks, you can blame only one man for it, since he sets all policy on the ship: The Captain. Blaming lookouts or radiomen, when the Captain ordered breakneck speed on all five boilers in the dark and left the bridge is unconscionable.


I just saw this reply from you in my e-mail and felt I should respond. I’m not attempting to shift blame and I don’t think Yunzer was trying to either. I’ve watched the merging and consolidation of wealth my whole life and how the admirals and generals of finance and commerce had plenty of willing help from colonels, majors, captains and lieutenants. The technocrats, politicians, military, and “law enforcement” all hoping to snuggle up as close as possible into the 1%. Millions of middle-class Americans exuberantly got into the stock market despite a long history of evidence that it was not likely to end well for them. The game is rigged, the house always wins. I “knew” the crash of '08 was coming based merely on the parallels with what occurred in the early 20th century. When all the economic gurus deadpanned “who knew?” it made me want to scream. And then it made my blood run cold because it was in fact a purposeful, deliberate theft.

I’m trying to ignore the accusatory tone of your comment. I never tricked anybody, that was part of my point. I’ve quit my profession so many times for reasons of conscience that now no firm would be willing to take a chance on me. The strains of purity tests that run through these pages is beyond depressing sometimes. By the time you get done weeding out what you consider un-pure you may find yourself standing alone on a podium of your own design.



I know that you didn’t trick people. You quit over it. I was speaking hypothetically as a class of twenty percenters staying mum about what leases were worth. I was trying to convey that I wouldn’t blame those twenty-percenters (labor) for the gag order issued by management, since they would be fired for insubordination if they defied it.

I am sorry to hear about your outcome. And sorry my wording was not clear on that. But I am not looking for purity in the ranks of labor. I am attempting to shine a spotlight on the drunk Captain in his cabin when the Titanic is going through a known iceberg field. Certainly, the CEO knows fracking is a disaster for the property owner. Certainly the CEO knows it is shady to drill sideways under someone else’s property and destroy their water supply.

But that’s 21st Century Business for you. Completely devoid of ethics.