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The 1 Percent's Attack on Unemployment Benefits is a Sign of Our Broken Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/01/1-percents-attack-unemployment-benefits-sign-our-broken-democracy

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$15 an hour? Screw that…



I would appear that the author of this little essay is oblivious to the fact that the U.S.A. has not been a democracy in any meaningful sense of the word for a long time.


The claim that “democracy is broken,” or the U.S.A. “is losing” its democracy, is just another instance of ruling class myth-making. Let’s be candid.


Defeat the 1% or perish into slavery.

"They Are Few, We Are Many."

“Time Has Come Today.” ~The Chambers Brothers~

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The US has very minimal unemployment benefits and its likely that they want be expandedoutside of emergencies because thay would be seen as competing with banks and their fiancial services, even high interest rate loans. this is because of the General Agreement on Trade in Services, (part of the WTO). The US is very strongly against financial services regulation of any kind (which especially means that the goverrnment is not allowed to provide “like” services - especially new like services like postal banking or health insurance or forgiveness of student loans). so that in essence means we have to get the worst deals of all, to show other countries how they should act “if they want to be rich and successful like us”.



People should read up on this agreement, particularly its financial services provisions as the adverse effects of the GATS seem to be dominating the news these days and virtually nobody understands how this works it seems.

I have a website, the link is in my profile and the external links directory has a lot of links about all this. especially on healthcare, but also on the general issues. Also, see the Glossary which I am gradually expanding. there are also a lot of Documents which offer a random curated slice of relevant stuff, sort of randomly presented. All are valuable for understanding what is really going on with this horrible set of agreements.

You absolutely cannot trust any politician to tell you this because its embarassing for them to tell us they traded their rights to help us, and potentially also our jobs, away. They won’t do it unless we force them to. Not even the good ones.

No, I am not kidding.

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