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The 10 Step Scheme for One-Sided Class War


The 10 Step Scheme for One-Sided Class War

Ben Schreiner

Scream about the debt and deficit.

"Nothing protects a working class American quite like another slaughtered Yemeni wedding party or another worthless billion-dollar F-35 joint strike fighter." (Photo: internationaltimes.it)

  1. Constantly repeat all odd steps on Fox News to induce Stockholm Syndrome.


1: Scream about the debt and deficit.

2: Drown the Duopoly in a bathtub.

When the kicking stops, party like it’s 1999!

10: Form new political parties that put People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.


“FIRMLY in place”, INDEED !

Depending on which Trump approval ratings you look at, somewhere between 32 and 41% of respondents are afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.

The 1%, their corporations and the GOP have perfected a 3 step “scheme for one-sided class war” that is much more efficient and long lasting than any 10 step scheme:

  1. Get control of the US Senate and refuse to confirm any Federal Judge nominated by a Democratic Party POTUS, thereby creating a lot of judicial vacancies the GOP can control when a GOP POTUS is elected.

  2. Once said GOP POTUS is in place, stack all levels of Federal Courts by appointing young right wing judges, many of whom will still be Federal Judges in the 2060s.

  3. Drastically cut taxes for the 1% and their corporations to give them enough additional money to challenge in Federal Courts any future legislation they don’t like.

The net effect of the 3 step scheme is that it won’t matter if all future Congresscritters are Democrats (or Greens). The 1% will always have enough money to try (in a right wing judge’s court) and overturn any unfavorable legislation, effectively transferring legislative power away from Congress and into the stacked Courts.


With these 3 steps the GOP have turned this nation into the Corporate States of America a federal, global and for profit business, and with this tax bill they completed the take over of what once struggled to be a government, by, for and of the people. Some have always wanted the government to run like a business, and now we have it, with CEO Trump and the republican party as the official stockholders. We the consumers will be forced to pay whatever price they decide for us, and forfeit whatever rights they impose. Our young people must either work for or fight for its vested interests here and anywhere in the world.
Political science is no longer a useful academic course. It would be more important to study corporate law, and corporate charters instead.
While the GOP take steps to cut spending, (Social Security, Medicare etc). we the people should start cutting back on our spending through national boycotts, walkouts and other forms of organized resistance. Our numerous scattered causes must unite their messages and their finances. Corporate money talks, so must ours.
To educate ourselves start by viewing: The Mystical Body of Business


Boycotts indeed work as long as enough people participate in the respective boycott.

Boycotting too-big-to-fail banks and Amazon is the first place to start.


A pretty good summation of the Plan, as practiced for decades now by the Dem and Repub wings of the Oligarchy.

Short-sighted, however. This is not a winning, long-term game plan. You can only milk the $$ from the masses for so long before there is nothing left to get. When the country is a third-world cesspool, all regulations are gone, and the vast teeming majority of America is dirt-poor wage-serfs making barely enough $ to scrape by on (thanks to the evisceration of labor regulations by the Oligarchy); their healthcare is gone thanks to same Oligarchy gutting the social safety net and putting for-profit health insurance before human beings, so life expectancy and infant mortality are at horrifying levels; environmental and food safety protections are also eviscerated by same Oligarchy in favor of maximizing profits, further contributing to Americans’ horrific poor health; most formerly public services, now privatized by same Oligarchy for maximization of profits - fire, sanitation, highways, education, libraries, parks and rec., etc, etc. - not to mention the ultimate game-ender, Climate Change - the final, long-term end game is easy to see for those not blinded by the short-term profits to be had by all of this looting.

Eventually, this Plan will doom even the rich elites running it, as without any $, the Plebes won’t be able to buy their goods or services. I don’t see a whole bunch of uber elite richies and mega-corporations living like kings in their gated communities in Bangladesh or Ethiopia. And this is not a uniquely American Plan - it is being carried out on a global scale, as more and more countries follow the capitalist Plan and try it out on their own populations. Globalization, indeed. Capitalism is predicated on endless growth, and endless profit, which is an impossibility in a finite world with finite resources. And unregulated Capitalism, with all restrictions removed to rein in its natural greed and destructiveness, simply speeds up the destruction of resources, both natural and human. It consumes itself in the end.

So there will be an end to the Class War, and this Plan will eventually fail :slight_smile: (Trying to find a silver lining here…)


Aristocratic warfare against the proletariat is an inherent feature of this system of winners and LOSERS. Our founding slave holders created federalism to insulate the aristocracy.


Thanks, Ben, for keeping it simple.


From an email I received this morning from the Green Party:

Whether it be legislative policies that support the rich, ongoing expansion of the war industry, or another corporation engaging in environmental destruction, there’s always disappointment from the corporate-backed two-party system or constant spin in the mainstream media.

As Greens, we are actively marginalized, demonized, and scapegoated by people that see our existence as a threat. You all already know the ridiculous distortions they throw at us.

But since the first Green meeting in the United States in 1984, this party has stood positively and proactively for 10 transformative, key values and four pillars:

We’ve had the foresight to be decades ahead of the curve on issues like climate change, single-payer, and gay marriage.

I’m thankful to be in a party that has vision. A party that is not scared of imagining another way forward and looking beyond our current political paradigms–regardless of what is thrown at us from those who cling to their corporate money and electoral habits.

Thanks for being on this journey as a Green together.


Thank you Tennegon, for showing our fellow Common Dreamers what the Green Party holds dear.

We do not have to support politically corrupt parties seeking Money for Favors to have a vision of Peace on Earth and Equality for all.


My pleasure, PonyBoy. For me the Green Party speaks to and for the same principled issues I believed Bernie Sanders held, and about which I am unwilling to compromise, as he unfortunately did.

Included in the email I received, but was unable to cut-n-paste into my comment was the four pillars mentioned in the text.

For those who might want to know more about these core principles I offer the following:

A highlight statement -

Summary of the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. Inspired by the New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Green New Deal will provide similar relief and create an economy that makes our communities sustainable, healthy and just.

To read the entire Green New Deal, read here -


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

That’s Fantastic!

Thank you so much for attaching the “Green New Deal” for everyone to read.

This is the most comprehensive, systematic approach to rebuilding our Democracy and our country put forth by any political party.

Tennegon, again thank you for adding this to this thread for all to read.

It would be fantastic if you could occasionally, like maybe every other day, attach the “Green New Deal” link to other articles,for more Common Dreamers to read and pass on to their friends and families.

I’m so proud of you, my fellow Green Party member.


Again, my pleasure, PonyBoy.

I am 67 and had, unfortunately, like so many, become disillusioned with the political scene, grudgingly realizing the entire process was corrupt, and there was little to be done to change things.

I have marched against the invasion of Irag, and refuse to refer to that and the invasion of Afghanistan as ‘wars’, because they are not. We invaded and continue attempting to occupy them. Using the term ‘war’ legitimizes the ‘war’ industries and neocon/neoliberal crimes.

I have written numerous letters to my so-called elected representatives in the House and Senate, on a range of issues about which I feel compelled to speak out. All too often there is either no acknowledgement, or the response, when it finally comes, is a stock standard ‘form’ letter telling me, essentially, they are going to ignore my input and do what they want, which is, of course, what their financial backers, and their personal interests, dictate.

I was more inspired by the campaign of Bernie Sanders than I could do justice to with mere written words. So much of what he said resonated with me . . . deeply. It was consistent with what I believed and held to be necessary for the common good of our society.

Then I began checking out the Green Party, and there it was again, that inspiration, a renewed belief in what is not only possible, but fundamentally necessary . . . again, for us all.

I do advocate for the Green Party, along with their core principles as a matter of conviction and optimistic belief in what is possible.

Because of my age I am fortunate to remember JFK and RFK, and will always recall their brother, Ted, quoting Bobby in his eulogy . . . “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.

Peace to us all.