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The 100 Days That Turned America Upside Down


The 100 Days That Turned America Upside Down

Neal Gabler

“Don’t you want God to show up and say He’s kidding?” Louis C.K. asked Stephen Colbert on The Late Show a couple of weeks back.


I guess the country has been divided for many years. particularly as the right has swung further right beginning with Goldwater, but Trump has brought this division to the surface. The divisions are not completely stark but the country is divided into metropolitan areas on one side (Clinton world) and the areas outside of metropolitan areas (Trump world). We are also largely divided based on our religion, evangelicals on one side and all other religions on the other although the abortion issue brings in many Catholics to support Trump based only on this one issue. We are also now divided by education level. The more educated people on one side (anti-Trump) and the less educated people on the other side (pro-Trump). And most importantly we are now divided by race with non-liberal whites on one side (pro-Trump) and liberal whites and minorities on the other side (anti-Trump). While the majority of Americans are not pro-Trump he and his supporters have gained enormous power and seem to be seeking a fascist type state in which whites, except for Jews, are the only real first class citizens and everyone else will have to go along or else.


Trump is NOT "an aberration". Trump IS stage four of the natural evolution of the cancer first diagnosed more than three decades ago with the acceleration of Saint Ron's revolution and concurrent Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.

Any of you readers see that cancer show signs of remission during the past three decades ?


We can look forward to many more articles like this, or we can insist that our Congressional representatives (sadly, our sole recourse) remove or impeach this quite obviously dangerous fraud (instead of gritting our teeth reading and hearing sad stories about our "president").




Does the author gaslight much?

To hell with the Democrats-- they're the other half of our problem!


"We used to agree on the on the idea of truth, the verifiability of facts..."

Hell, that Concept took a Gainer after 11/22/63, and got Buried after 9/11.


This is an excellent expression of what has been, and is happening to us. It's so much more than Trump.
It is far deeper than that. It is a battle for our soul and our sanity.

Bravo, Neal Gabler!


We were already taking on water and almost in the brink. The Donald capsized the boat.