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The 100-Year Conversation

The 100-Year Conversation

Rev. Billy Talen

"It’s time to learn how to have the 10 year conversation, the 20 year conversation - the 100 year conversation!" —Anohni

Since November 8th, we gaze out at the funky world. No one has called the beginning of 2017 a scenic view. The human part of it looks like a World War. The nature part is a combination of super storms and vanishing life. The Earth’s crisis rises toward the bully clowns Trump and Putin.


Wonderful image of conversing with the earth and all beings in all times… Thank you, Rev. Billy!


An excellent read.

I think this also illustrates how the cult of the “I” and the ego acts to separate the people from the Earth and by extension from life itself.


" bully clowns Trump and Putin".

Hey, it’s that guy Putin again!

They find him here, they find him there
That short little Russian with close-cropped hair;
Here he is, under your bed,
That dreaded Putin, that nasty Red!.

Can we have a Saudi Arabian bully named as a bully boy, just to make a change, please? Or perhaps a Chinese one, as they are good at hacking.


But the Russians are coming, George! Be Afraid! The See-Eye-Aye kinda said so, in their super-secret report with no proof of anything!

They’re going to hack your 007 laptop Vodka Martini recipe and use it to fuel their red rockets. Obombem said they are getting ready to invade Alaska! Anyone who looks at the internet is a Russian Spy! Only look at the MSM Television! The Commie News Network and the Wash-Your-Brain Post know all other websites are really RAT COMMIE BASTARDS!

(The Wash-Your-Brain-Post has a list of 50 Russian Alt-News Spy Websites!) That’s why Hillary Clinton Lost! It had nothing to do with her war crimes all over the world or her leaving classified secrets on her home kitchen computer!


Sorry. Had a “Duck-and-Cover” 1950’s flashback there…

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Reverend Billy writes with powerful, poetic and prophetic words, and actions, to save people, animals and planet, our only home. Earthaluia! indeed. Love the Stop Shopping Choir. Bring them to the trial. Best wishes to Billy Talen and all the members of his church of the earth.

“America you don’t really want to go to war.
America it’s them bad Russians.
Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians.
The Russia wants to eat us alive. The Russia’s power mad. She wants to take
our cars from out our garages.
Her wants to grab Chicago. Her needs a Red Reader’s Digest. her wants our
auto plants in Siberia. Him big bureaucracy running our fillingstations.
That no good. Ugh.”

  • Allen Ginsburg, “America”

Just to brighten your delightful tropical day, recent news on Al Jazeera indicates that the good and righteous Ukrainian government has shut off the water supply to Crimea by building a dam across the river /canal that supplies Crimea with most of its water.

In the UK we didn’t bother with duck-and -cover training at school.We thought your lot were quite paranoid and strange. My opinion has not changed in the last 60 years. Mind you, when at best you will only get 4 minutes warning, why bother?. May as well go outside to have a look at the flash. In the early 1950s I believe one was supposed to fasten sticky tape to the windows and paint them white before hiding under the kitchen table. It was in some early civil defence pamphlets.But after a while the UK gov’t must have realised what a stupid idea that was as by the time one had read one’s pamphlet, one would be toast anyway.

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And now it seems that the Russkies have been spying on the good Mr Trump with all sorts of salacious stuff about to be released. That is, according to USAian intelligence sources as reported in some internet media and re-reported in th local Murdoch rag. Perhaps world leaders should accept that being spied on by unsavoury characters in trench coats with upturned collars and laptops and needing a shave goes with the job of being a world leader. Or perhaps it’s the DNC who spied on Trump and is threatening to release the details via THEIR little friends in Russia…

The thick plottens.

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Not only is the Climate is heating up. So are Donald’s Drawers “From Russia with Love!”.

I fear Hillary is going to get even from all those Monica Lewinsky jokes she had to endure all those years! Hell hath no Hillary like a Wicked Witch Scorned!

Thank god I don’ have a T.V. Just tell me when President Pence is sworn in! Ah-Ha!
So that’s why HRC was taking such long walks in the deep woods!

Hillary: “The woods are lovely dark and deep…”

Man in Russian Furcap: “…but I have many promises to keep. Here is za envelope with za pictures. Za video is at the Clinton Foundation awaiting swift code transfer…”

When one thinks about it rationally, Kings, Queens and courtiers have been spying on each other, fornicating with each other and spreading salacious gossip about each other since the first hominid fell out of the trees. So what’s new? It’s expected.Just because it is on the internet, just what is the difference? In the good old days people such as Mary Queen of Scots lost their heads because of gossiping with foreign Kings; these days, all that happens is that it gets in the gutter press for a few weeks and then everyone forgets as they move on to the next Hollywoodian scandal. Hillary and Donald should be grateful that we are so civilised!

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