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The 15 Democrats Receiving Thanks and Applause for Co-Sponsoring Medicare for All


The 15 Democrats Receiving Thanks and Applause for Co-Sponsoring Medicare for All

Julia Conley, staff writer

With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) set to officially introduce his Medicare for All act Wednesday afternoon, the 15 Democratic co-sponsors of the bill are receiving applause and praise for pledging their support for the universal healthcare proposal.


Not to specify that any one Senator is more important that any other, but the supposed Democratic Leaders are again Missing in Action.

Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, Kaine, Murray, Warner, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU !!!

This is the supposed Democratic Leadership we should all drop everything for and vote their way again. WRONG ANSWER !!!


Just called my senators, Kaine & Warner, to tell them to get on the bus. If anything, today is the day to do that.


Progressive Democrats organize. Run candidates against these 32 DINOS.


Where is Colorado’s, Democratic Party, Senator Michael Bennet? Missing in action, again.


C’mon CD, I feel like I’m being played or plied, whatever… Not another until after the release please?

In other news Don Blankenship, that scumbag that should be rotting in prison the rest of his natural life for negligent homicide, is now free (from his one-year minimum security “imprisonment”) and running ads in West Virginia blaming MSHA and state regulators for the Big Branch Mine explosion. He wants the Supreme Court to overturn his misdemeanor conviction. He also has visions of running for the US Senate (to replace Manchin.) This is one of those times that I truly will not say what I would like to.


Ok, Dems not yet on-board for Medicare for All, now is the time to find some bolt cutters and unchain yourselves from healthcare insurance company campaign contributions. Now.


Democratic leadership. " Where the hell are you?" Exactly!


We can depend on most of these 16 to do what they can to attempt to co-opt and undermine real single payer. They don’t need our praise, but they do need to know that true single payer must not be compromised. One of the best ways to do that is to start running progressives against them NOW. There’s not a bit of usefulness among the corrupt bunch. Opportunists and corporate imperial duopolists, every one.


Run progressive candidates against every Dem to push them as much as possible toward minimal decency and (eventually) destroy the most effective wing of the capitalist, imperialist Duopoly.