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The 15 Warnings Signs of Impending Tyranny


The 15 Warnings Signs of Impending Tyranny

Robert Reich

As tyrants take control of democracies, they typically:

1. Exaggerate their mandate to govern – claiming, for example, that they won an election by a landslide even after losing the popular vote.


Watch for this one. If he keeps it up as POTUS, there can be no question that we're dealing with an autocrat at the very least.


Most points on Reich's list have been covered by most Presidential Administrations, at one time or another, since the 1963 Coup.

W. governed as if he had a Mandate from Day 1.

Nixon had an Enemies List

Press Conferences have been purged of Annoying Questioners, like Helen Thomas, and became more and more scarce.

W. had a problem with Journalists who "opined".

As for Big Lies, the Government,which gave us the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11, is still hawking Lee Oswald.

Labor Unions, now, have long been Diversionary Political Targets.

Occurrences of Domestic Violence instigated by our Militarized Police, arresting Citizens who dared speak out when not in a "Free Speech Zone", or attempting to Protect the Land.

Family Members in Positions of Authority - For God's sake, Bush arranged for his idiot son to be President.

And Foreign Dignitaries, as personal friends, like "Bandar Bush"?

This is New?


Oh geez, these you should have listened to me and voted Clinton articles are becoming so transparent coming from Mr reich.

Again pick out any numbers of those on his list and you could have described a number of Presidencies past or that which would have happened under Clinton. In those cases one can drop a few of the "15 signs" and add a few others to get those "15 signs".

You can have tyrannies that "typically do" other things as well and ignoring the fact the Republicans also won the Senate and the House and ignoring Obama's own war on whistler blowers and his mass deportations just shows this cherry picking. Now it apparent to anyone that Trump a Fascist , a blowhard and will be a disaster but that describes a whole lot of Presidents before him. This is not just a Trump problem. It a problem with the entire corrupt system.

Why not add tyrants "typically drive around in big cars with lots of security guards, go on elaborate and expensive vacations ,lock up and prosecute those that reveal government corruption , execute and assassinate peoples abroad deemed a threat and have orange hair" ?


I'm a little confused by your post. Are you saying that Obama and Trump are indistinguishable?


I'm a little confused by your presence on this site.
You've stated disbelief in the 1963 Coup, in these pages, claiming that it is a "Kooky Conspiracy Theory".


I'm rational, and I understand how that could be confusing to you. But your trolling me here is a really vulgar attempt to derail the conversation. Feel free to answer the original question I posed, though. Or go read Alex Jones. Your call.


Of course you are confused. You are a "party loyalist" more interested in maintaining that loyalty to party than clearly and objectively examining what this portends. This also happens in tyrannies. It little more than a form of psuedo patriotism which leads to "Are you seriously comparing MY Country to Country XXXX" when it pointed out both those Countries act in the same manner when imposing their will on other nations.

You have no issues with Obama doing the same things as trump simply because Obama is your preferred tyrant. By the way, the dismissal of any that question official government narratives as "kooks" is another sign of tyranny. See the Reichstag fire.


I'm not a Democrat, so your analysis of me personally is off, but this really isn't about me.

I guess I'll just have to divine your position based on what you wrote here and conclude that, yes, you think Obama and Trump are the same. That's unfortunate, but then so is needing to believe in conspriacy theories in order to make sense of the world.


I think the so-called "elites" on the left side of the political spectrum get it about Trump as well as some moderates on the right side of the political spectrum. But what is scary are all those citizens out there who are gullible enough to believe the global warming is a hoax. Can they perceive authoritarianism when they see the signs and have they been so persuaded that the government establishment itself is the cause of their problems that they no longer care about democracy and will accept any sort of change as being a good thing? Even a president seeking dictatorial powers.


Add the histories of the cabinet appointees - still an "externalized cost" - the case of Minuchin is covered on DN! this morning.
Given Minuchin's connection to the mortgage catastrophe the Deep State is encountering the toxic process of its 'Seep Date'. The sewage pipes have to be identified and made public for prosecution.


Russians hacking the elections is a conspiracy theory.

Trump being a dupe of Putin is a conspiracy theory.

Trump preparing the way for tyranny is a conspiracy theory.

"Fake news sites" getting trump elected is a conspiracy theory.

You are all to typical of the authoritarian mindset , that being ridicule of anything that does not confirm to the interests of the 1 percent while advancing the narrative of that which does. You willingly embrace illusion and delusion and pretend it being rational.

Even as your current President has ordered the murder of US citizens abroad, and has jailed persons revealing government corruption, and has refused to prosecute war criminals , and has signed I to law the authority for government agencies to use Propoganda against a its citizens and has signed into law ever expanding surveillance powers by the same, you want to pretend none of this happened.


It is in that it is not hidden but stated up front.


There have been proven conspiracies so there is nothing wrong with conspiracy theory per se. What is comes down to judgement about the evidence and a standard for reasonableness. There is a conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked. I think most people would say that there is overwhelming evidence that the US did land men on the moon. There was evidence from TV and moon rocks were brought back. And also, no person involved ever claimed it was faked. There is strong evidence, although not definitive evidences, that the Russians hacked the DNC emails and John Podesta's emails and released them to Wikileaks and there is strong evidence of fake news sites, particularly in Eastern Europe although what role they played in Trump's election can be debated. It remains unclear whether Trump is a dupe of Putin because Trump will not release his taxes which would provide information about his financial relationships with Russia. Trump has made many authoritarian type statements and it would be wise to assume the worst. The 1% is a vague term and probably should be discarded. I would assume it refers not to the 1% of richest people but mainly to a number of corporate executives in industries such as banking and fossil fuels. It is a clever term but somewhat misleading. The main divisions in the US are not between the 1% and the 99%. The divisions are very different from that and it is those divisions which we should focus on rather than the largely irrelevant 1% vs 99% which gets so much undeserved attention..


But with drumpf, we are talking about 1 PE who exhibits all of these signs of tyranny, not just 1-2 per admin.


"...the 1963 Coup"
Vietnam, Syria, or Togo?

Reagan, all by himself, was able to score 12 out of Mr. Reich 15 Signs. Thirteen, if you count the fact that the Reagan's astrologer as being appointed to a 'high position of authority'.

And: Obama should have convicted (or at least charged) the Wall Street bankster and fraudsters. Physician, heal thyself, eh.



Three Steps for Progressive Resistance and Rebuilding as Trump Era Launches

You may be correct, but the 1/99% is a marketing (of ideas) metaphor for the gross economic inequality. It caught on and spoke to people's sense of inequality, regardless of it's technical accuracy. I'm not sure what we would replace it with.

"Banking, fossil fuels," AND mass media, big pharma, military industrial, prison industrial, agricultural industrial, healthcare . . .


Agree with war on whistle blowers, but deportations are not controlled personally by the prez. 2 million under The Shrub. 2.5 million during Obama.

"According to the non-profit immigrant advocacy group American
Immigration Council, the trend in growing deportation numbers
long preceded Barack Obama's presidency." Immigration Reform and Control Act (IIRCA) of 1986


False equivalency at the end of such reasoning. No, not all presidents are the same as current PE Mango Penishead. But it is easy to make such an assertion as above because "proving" it wrong would require complete analysis of any/all of past presidents. It is like saying, "Prove that God does or does not exist."

Merriam Webster chose 'surreal' as word of the year for a damned good reason. This is by far unlike any other pres election in my lifetime--by far. (Closest to Bush/Gore in terms of pop. vote, election, electoral college.)

He is already flaunting his unconstitutional business relationships, just as he flaunted not paying taxes in the debates. He will be impeachable (committing impeachable offenses) the day he is inaugurated. No, I do not think Obama would have been elected had he:

  • refused to reveal tax returns and said it proved he was "smart"

  • Consistently posting outlandish, narcissistic tweets

  • accused by over a dozen? women of sexual harassment and one allegation of the brutal rape of a 13 year old "sex slave" (Orgy Island, Epstein, Clinton 5 trips there--4 without his secret service)

  • Building 2 luxury golf courses in Dubai while president, and owning property with his name on it on over 40 countries, but somehow magically not being unconstitutional or having conflict of interest.

  • Extensive interstate crosscheck system flagging 7.2 million voters as "double voters' by his party and denying untold # a vote, also a racist system (Imagine if Dems had done this. Could they even get away with it?)

I would say the closest in terms of being a puppet president (as this is clearly shaping up to be) would be Reagan. But even that figurehead had been governor.