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The 15th Anniversary of "Original Sin"


The 15th Anniversary of "Original Sin"

Stacy Bannerman

Here we go again. Every year around this time, some of the conservatives who championed the Iraq War put on their hair shirts and launch a pre-emptive mea culpa strike that’s a pity-party in disguise. I came across a particularly poignant example of this from Max Boot, a senior fellow for national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.


We need to find out why we were taken to war and who was behind it. We know now and the perpetrators knew then that the reasons given were lies. Finding out why and by whom could be the basis of a major step forward for America (and the world).

The forces responsible for so great a wrong, especially those that still hold power and influence, need to be exposed for the menace that they are, so that America can be better guided in the future.

The same malevolent forces are still at it, pushing for a repeat, this time against Iran.


Not just Iran. Syria. Libya. Ukraine. Russia…


Thank you, Stacy, for a heartelt article in which you had the dignity to temper your grief and anger. But people like Max Boot, and the liars who broke open the dam now flooding the Middle East and beyond with terror and death, with the waters threatening to engulf the whole world, do not deserve such nobility of spirit as yours. They deserve prison. Or the firing squad.


Practically on the ropes today from depression, and then I just had to read this.

I opposed the war before it started: wrote every god-damned Senator, and many Reps. Wrote my local newspaper as often as they would allow, and joined about 600,000 in DC on a cold day to try to stop it before it began. I opposed it for all the good, sensible, moral, and human reasons for opposing it.

After it began and it was obvious that our “boots on the ground” were being used and abused in every way imaginable I wrote to my then US Rep, Ted Strickland, explaining all the abuses being foisted on our soldiers. It galled me to have to take that tack, the perspective of abused and misused soldiers, because it ignored the larger moral and ethical issues the whole fiasco really represented. BUT THOSE IN POWER WERE ALREADY IGNORING THOSE ISSUES.

I actually received a personal but brief response from Mr. Strickland: “I can not at this time do anything that would endanger the safety of our fighting men and women.”

That was my whole point you fucking moron.


If, as Mr. Boot alleges, 72% of USAns approved “Shock&Awe,” it’s because they were massively, repeatedly, systematically and maliciously lied to. Polls taken around that time showed a similar number for people agreeing with the statement, “Saddam’s Iraq was responsible for 9/11,” the falsity of which was obvious to anybody who had been paying the slightest attention.


“I can not at this time do anything that would endanger the safety of our fighting men and women.”

It was right around the invasion of Iraq that in written English the usage of ‘cannot’ and ‘can not’ entered into published texts.

As written by your rep., he was stating an allowance for himself all the while playing a mindless mind game to instill a question as to whether it is a matter imposed or chosen.

Some might regard this as splitting hairs. My question being - by whom, me or one who intentionally uses the written word to introduce equivocation?


Before the war a majority of the American public opposed it unless it was sanctioned by the UN. It was only after the intervention that a large majority of the public supported it as people find it hard not to support troops once they go to war. There were very large marches in the US opposing intervention and even larger marches in the UK. At least until the intervention the American people got it right. They were waiting for the UN to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction. The UN of course never found such evidence and did not approve military intervention. Obviously Bush and Cheney were just using the weapons of mass destruction as an excuse for war and it was a pretty flimsy excuse at that because even if such weapons had been found they would not have been a threat to the US.


The Original Sin? That would be the European Invasion of the Americas. 500+ years of one sin after another since then.



No! We know why we destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently you missed the memo. If you look you will find American and British oil companies pumping Iraq oil. For the last 15 years or so you have been riding to work with a gas tank filled with dead Iraqis. 2 million dead 4 million refugees. USA! USA!


Thanks for your essay Stacy, and I hope you have sent Max a hard copy, registered mail.

This anniversary begs many questions. Many, many, many questions. Hint, hint.



How dare you take that fucking tack of attack against his post.

Here, I’ll say it on his behalf.

Go cluck yourself.


Not only dared but did.


That is evident, yes you did respond like a dickhead as if his post was apologizing for the oil companies, and as if he just blithely takes advantage of dead Iraqis by putting gas in his tank to get to work,etc.


Calling names in comments is a sign of lack of anything to say based on knowledge. Your chicken needs a dust bath.


Calling names? Your post was far worse an offense to someone CLEARLY on the right side of this issue.

Get a clucking clue already.


Ah the attack happened 15 years ago. If after that length of time you and the poster have not yet arrived at an understanding of why we went to war then I will feel sad for you both. Or perhaps you both were born yesterday.


Me and the poster.

So you expand your dickhead offensive baseless judgment to me as well.

Seriously, cluck off jerk.

FYI the first anti-war protest I went to (regarding post 9/11 wars) was in the Castro district in San Francisco within a few weeks after 9/11. It was against the coming slaughter in Afghanistan.

I don’t need a schmuck like you insinuating I don’t know anything about who’s behind these wars.

Again, go cluck yourself.


Virtually every war the United States of America has been in were premised on lies told to the people by its Government. That these lies must be told suggests that Government knows too many would oppose the same unless they tell those lies.

That the people BUY these lies time after time after time is the fault of the people.

There NO justification for 72 percent of the people supporting the war in spite of the lies that were told.


It is splitting hairs, but the fault is mine. I posted it as a quote. I didn’t try to find his response on my hard drive, but presented the gist of his response as a direct quote. The fact remains though, that his response to legitimate mis-use and abuse was like hitting a brick wall, painted in camo.