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The 15th Anniversary of "Original Sin"


I00% of us were lied to, but 72% of US citizens decided to believe the lies, when any intelligent reflection of the situation would have been enough to cause one to question those lies.

Those 72% are just as culpable as those who told the lies.


There are those who conceive, create and benefit from propaganda, and those who are its victims. I try to refrain from blaming victims, preferring to make them aware of their victimization when possible. Hearts and minds, and all that.

See also Garrett_Connelly’s post above.


You’ll have to forgive me, but I find your post obscene.

I’m sure if you go to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, or Afghanistan and tell those you meet that the people of the USA are the “victims” you may not receive a lot of sympathy.


The US invasion of Iraq changed my life, perhaps more than any other event in my life. I had opposed the Vietnam war but never gelled as an individual, as a political or moral agent. 2003 awoke such grief and pain, to see the brutality and cruelty of the NY-WashDC power system, what they deliberately did to the people of Iraq who were completely blameless.

OK what really changed my life was the ease with which my own neighbors and family accepted this as normal. I realized, I am a stranger in a strange land, here. I will be forever alien, here.

Listen, people, we are a tiny minority. Those who actually get it, would never be able to continue in their jobs cooperating with this monstrous country but instead, spend their lives to abolish it, and bring into existence a new and empathic way of living. Thank you Stacy. You have been a good friend thru these 15 yearrs.