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The 19 Democrats in the TPP Hall of Shame


The 19 Democrats in the TPP Hall of Shame

Richard Long


Tasteless. Shameless. Mindless. Obedient servility. Eunuchs each one of whom could be exemplary leaders through this darkest of America’s and the World’s hours should they muster the courage, the wit, the self-love, the humble benevolence of being at one with themselves and the world.


Three from Oregon?
I’ll be acting on that.


Unbelievably six are from the Pac NW. I’ve already contacted my non-D rep, one Ms Herrera Buetler from WA. She might be on the right side of this and I hope she is. Right side for wrong reasons is a whole lot better than wrong side, wrong reasons. , Shame on Earl Blumenauer whose district I once lived in.


“publicly undecided.” read, for the most part, “yes.” traitors.


Totally. i am also shocked, although after this decade of loss, i don’t know why.



Can you not put up a billboard with countering the Uncle Sam one?
I live in Bridgetown and travel to Olytown twice a month for my daughter, and need to catch my retching everytime I see it.


These treaties will effectively legally anesthetize any environmental action or fruitful activism. So it’s beyond ironic that Texas, one of the most foul and chemically polluted states just inundated with incredible amounts of rain (and resultant flooding) has so many idiot-reps ready to further sell out their constituents.

Obviously those who fund these scoundrels’ campaigns (and further political ambitions) have made THEIR preferences known.

At this particular time, with the Ring of Fire “lit,” and the earth changes sending floods, droughts, quakes, tornadoes and storms to so many places with an escalated frequency, that “leaders” can still pretend to be blind and still vote for the worst possible trade pacts shows a level of moral depravity that goes beyond what seems possible.


I just used the link in the article to call my elected terrorist; it was sooo easy and it really made me feel good to tell him that since he is OUR elected employee he needs to do what We the People want and that is to JUST. VOTE. NO!


My representative is one of the 19. I’ve called and written. Useless.


It is of small pleasure that my Rep Adam Smith doesn’t appear on the List Since both Washington State’s Senators have turned their backs on the good of the nation and nurse at the corporate teat.


I don’t think I can afford such but maybe some organization could. What if the WA Greens did something meaningful like that? Last contact I had with them, they were so disorganized that I doubt they would be able to accomplish the task even if they had the money, which is unlikely. What about you, got some deep pockets?