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The 2017 Thanksgiving Salmonella Outbreak Is Still With Us. Why?

The 2017 Thanksgiving Salmonella Outbreak Is Still With Us. Why?

Steve Suppan

With Thanksgiving and Christmas comes the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s reminder to cook turkey to 165 degrees to kill salmonella, a harmful bacteria, as in “Why a Salmonella Outbreak Shouldn’t Ruin Your Thanksgiving.” The reminder is particularly timely since an outbreak of salmonella-infected turkey resulting in foodborne illness was officially detected a bit more than a year ago.

To find the answers we need look no further than the greed-driven MO and inhumane practices of the factory-farm sector and the rampant uncontrolled “Revolving Door” in so called “regulatory” agencies, with shills from industry moving into those agencies and then, after they have further reduced the mission and effectiveness (already compromised by corporate corrupting influence), to immediately return to the very industries, corporate sector, and lobbying firms they supposedly “regulated”…a charade and con of vast and deadly proportions that exists to serve wealth and power at the very great expense of the people, with government and elected reps smack-dab in the middle, giving approvals to the corrupting process, and never passing laws with any teeth to outlaw the lobbyists or “revolving doors”!

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Just as the warmest days on record have happened over the last decade or two, so too have been these mass food recalls. If you do a search on “largest food recalls in history” or some such, they have all occurred over the past few decades. Before the factory farms and all of this consolidation occurred they were rare and the food safer.

The Corporate farm industry wants to cut costs and do so by consolidating where fewer workers used and the economies of scale take over. With the promise of these huge operations providing “thousands of jobs” (and in reality they are a net LOSS of jobs as they just shift them from one place to the next) Governments at the local and federal levels cut back on regulations and what they refer to as “red-tape preventing the creation of new jobs”

This also affects food that crosses borders as under the auspices of various Free Trade agreements, countries that might have stricter standards for food safety have to lower those standards as it claimed these are impediments to free trade.

You can see the results.

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I wonder if the food processors of the giant turkey, beef and chicken farms eat the same food that they supply the public----or do they have a special reserve that does not come from the mass produced places that use overcrowding, disease and lack of caring to make their big bucks. It would be interesting to see if they eat their own products.

Akin to that guy from Monsanto who claimed Roundup so safe you could drink it and when the person interviewing him said they could bring him a cupful of it to drink responded words to the effect that you have to be crazy to drink that stuff.

Given the owners of these Corporations lobbied local and state Governments to pass laws under “The Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act” to make it an act of terror to film what goes on at these plants, I doubt highly that they would ever want you to know whether or not they eat this stuff.

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Hi SuspiraDeProfundis-----I know they wouldn’t want anyone to know, but there must be a lot of underpaid workers and cooks that know the answer…and wouldn’t that be fun for us all to know. And maybe then, when the public knew , maybe then the Corporate horrors might have to do the right thing-----and stop poisoning customers with tainted foods!

That guy wasn’t from Monsanto (if we are referring to the same incident), he was Earl Butz, the head of the Dept. of Agriculture (1971 - 1976), and he did drink a cupful of round-up to prove how safe it was. Thought about him since then, and hope he died a slow painful death.

This story didn’t go back in history far enough for this article IMO. Right after Raygun fired the air-traffic controllers, he got rid of about 50% of the meat inspectors (1981 I believe), they have never been replaced since, as far as I know. He did this under the banner of reducing big government, that was all the rage at the time. What most of the public didn’t know was the inspectors weren’t paid with tax dollars, their salaries were paid buy the meat packing companies who were required to have them. So the public gained nothing except unsafe food, and no savings in tax money. Today with much more production and less than 1980’s level of inspectors is why they get about a second per item to ensure our food safety. USDA has proven with the bumbling of the Organic program, that they are unfit, and should be re-tooled or broken up and it’s duties transferred to other agencies with better track records. Family farms and our food safety would benefit greatly.

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This the video I refer to. This was a Monsanto lobbyist. He refused to drink it.

Absolutely different, Butz pulled his stunt (he drank something, but know way of knowing for sure it was round-up), in the mid 1970’s at a agriculture expo of some sort (I remember the event, but not the exact event or date).

Wrong side of history. Do yourself and the animals a favor, go vegan. Pacifist eco-socialism demands it.