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The 2020 Election and What We Should Do Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/22/2020-election-and-what-we-should-do-now


AMEN!   ‘2009 Redux’ Will NOT Do The Job!!

A repeat of the O’Bummer - P’Loser kowtowing to the so-called “elites” will return the House to 'Poop-Lickan control in 2022, and the White House to Tweetle-Dumb – OR WORSE – in 2024 . . .


Progressives, of which I certainly count myself, have two choices: start a third party from scratch or capture the Democratic party with all of its existing infrastructure (and bullshit) in place. There are strengths and weaknesses with both. Personally, I think that with the upcoming youth and outgoing afraid-of-change generation, the latter may be the better strategy in the long run, even if it seems frustratingly slow. First and foremost we must capture the hearts and minds of the youth to see Progress as a mandate and let Trumpism in all its manifestations self-ridicule itself for all but the weakest of the weak-minded. Progress is a process, not a quantum.


There is only 1 issue that needs to be addressed immediately - get the corrupting influence of money out of our elections/.gov.

No other issue will be solved until the corruption is stopped.

Trying to address any other issue without solving the corruption issue is a waste of time and effort. All of the other issues are controlled by the money power.


The portrayal of Obama as “insufficient for solving the ongoing crises” is amazingly ridiculous

when you consider the fact that Obama helped make all of these problems worse while his

supporters continue to misrepresent the predatory nature of his administration.

The BS known as the "Affordable"Care Act was designed to pour tax dollars into private pockets and

prevent Medicare for all.


I do agree that we have two choices, both of which are valid and , I think, achievable.

“The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still be able to function.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have noted that I am a Green Party member and thus a proponent of third party presence in our governance. I have also stated that I applaud those who remain within the Democratic Party and work to move it leftward.

For a very long time the Right has worked ceaselessly to achieve power, and they have succeeded. When they failed, as they did repeatedly, they tried again, and again, and now hold the reins of government in their hands as well as the highest court in the land. The Senate will be a major stumbling block for Biden, and especially for a progressive agenda, as he believes in compromise and is a dyed in the wool centrist.

All the while the Right worked, the Left bickered, despaired and refused to participate, far too many saw every candidate as unacceptable, even or especially those who actually supported some of our agenda. The result of that conduct is now rather obvious, is it not?

This nation supports much of a left wing agenda, polls over the years have shown this plainly. But, in the absence of a concerted and constant push to enact those agenda items we have failed to achieve them. Worse, the diatribes against candidates who did not fully support one hundred percent of what we wish to see become reality turned supporters into detractors.

It is time to stop complaining and start working. Whether to support the growth of third party presence or reform a corporate enslaved democratic party we must do something.


Yes! This:

“We, on the left, also need a program that combines economic, racial, gender and environmental justice with real organizing and popular education that is truly national and includes small towns and rural areas and is ongoing. This is necessary and cannot start a year or less before the election.”

And this:

“Elections certainly matter and are important but there is the danger of a continued very short run perspective and an over focus on elections rather than building power from below.”

And this:

“We shouldn’t give Biden any breathing room and wait to see what he does before acting. We need to build campaigns and social movements and mass action in the streets for a Green New Deal and environmental justice, a progressive stimulus package, Medicare for All, a Universal Basic Income, full employment, and a living wage, free higher education, increasing taxes on the wealthy and on corporations, significantly reducing the prison population, against police violence and racist policing, for reproductive justice including childcare for all, for LGBT liberation, for affordable housing for all, immigrant justice, against U.S. intervention abroad and against sanctions of foreign countries and U.S. militarism, and for global justice.”

And closing with this:

“There are limits to reform of a capitalist society. While working on these reforms, we also need to build the power and the vision to go beyond minor or even significant reforms, towards ending capitalism and creating a participatory socialist society.”

These are the sentiments i keep trying to inject into these comment threads. We need to organize and bring our movements together, to build power, to represent ourselves directly when “our representatives” bluntly do not represent us, to make demands, and to go beyond carrying signs and writing letters to impose consequences when our demands are not met.


Ah-yup.   Calling O’Bummer ‘insufficient as “our” presidunce’ is almost as much an understatement
as calling Tweetle-Dumb ‘ill-prepared for the job’.

. . . just as O’Bummer & P’Loser ‘Looking Forward, Not Back’ was designed to let warmongers & torturers & banksters “off the hook” and allow the MIC to continue with ‘Business as Usual’.   If Biden is allowed to repeat this folly – as he will no doubt take advantage of 'Poop-Lickan control of the Senate as an excuse to do ‐ then all that’s been accomplished this round is to delay the new age of Techno-Feudalism by a couple of years, or maybe four years at best.


… unless we organize power to change things, as Bohmer insists we must.

Maybe you could respond to the proposals in the article.


When the enemy is entrenched, fortified and armed to the teeth, Go around them rather than through them. Why fight THAT battle and accept all of the baggage that goes with it?
Do an end-run and start fresh.


i’m not pointing any fingers at anyone. i’m participating in these comments and promoting movement strategy to organize to build power to act outside of electoral politics to directly represent our demands since “our representatives” do not, and to impose consequences when they do not.

“… without any chance…” You believe there is no possibility of organizing powerful movements. OK. i will continue to promote this anyway.

And i very much appreciate Common Dreams publishing Bohmer’s article which calls for this very strategy. i think comments that respond to his ideas are useful. Repeating that Biden is horrible, has nothing to do with what Bohmer wrote. Bohmer knows Biden is horrible. That’s why he writes what he writes.


We need a complete re-imagining of the world.

From Neil J. Smith:

I further see these small woodland communities linked together in a chain where diversity might be shared. It is the humanity of it which must be extolled more than anything other. In indigenous society people know themselves from crib to grave; nature nourishes them all through their lives and they feel no separation, whereas in our culture we are alienated first off from nature and secondly from the diverse cultures that surround us. In effect, we are isolated in ourselves, and in such close confinement we learn to hate ourselves and, as a result, find others to justify our hating ourselves. This self hatred is abominable and must cease to exist as we struggle to create ourselves anew.

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We, on the left, also need a program that combines economic, racial, gender and environmental justice with real organizing and popular education that is truly national and includes small towns and rural areas and is ongoing.

One idea circulating is to have ongoing virtual teach-ins where we share visions, ideas for the type of world we want. This is needed so we have something concrete to work towards and we reach it through consensus, abandoning all ideologies and listening to one another.

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Here is an upcoming free webinar series (starts this coming Tuesday November 24), from the Schumacher Center for New Economics and Culture Hack Labs, making connections among BLM, climate change, and Covid 19, toward developing a narrative that unites our social, ecological, economic and health movements to transition to a healing path forward.


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Thank you, Webster. I will share your post with others not on CD. I used to attend many of their lectures.

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6 million+ more votes for President-elect Biden than X-President Trump and Democratic Representatives were lost in the House. 6 million+ more votes for President-elect Biden …Something like $18+ Billion dollars, and climbing, has been spent on these 2020 Federal general elections and the winners have lost Congressional power to the losers. This process is just crooked as a dog’s hind leg, true? What other obvious conclusions can you draw from this, right?
Gerrymandering, an Electoral College Boondoggle, lack of national campaign finance reform laws: progressive voters, especially the women who really came through with an incredibly organized inspiring effort, have earned the right to set any agenda they wish to. In the midst of these pandemic nightmares; seriously, it’s an amazing feat.
The rest of us need to listen and figure out how to turn out voters like we just saw being done. VP Biden will receive 80+ million votes and 51.2% of all votes cast this election cycle. An undeniable embarrassment if your a Trumpster fan. Impressive, indeed.
They’ve hopefully just mortally wounded a national, maybe international, monstrosity, too. This would be the starting place progressive groups should start to organize from, imo. The Dastardly, Dirty & Despicable Don is done. Bravo!

I believe that the easiest way is a takeover of the existing Democratic Party by Progressives. It has been done in my county and is happening in many others.

There is a key to doing this and it’s not just complaining about the lack of difference between parties so commonly noted here at C.D.

It works! And here is the key:

First, go to your county registrar and register as a Democrat.

Next, find out when and where your county DCCC chapter meets. Attend these meetings which are normally once per month and may vary in location in your county. I went, notebook and pencil in hand and took good notes, followed the proceedings and the workings of the chapter. You are allowed a couple of minutes to speak even as a visitor if you wish. Bring other Progressive friends with you, preferably from other districts in your county.

Find out who the officials are and get to know them. You may even know some already.

After your 6 months, run for one of the openings on the board such as Treasurer, asst. Whatever, but get on the board. Get your Progressive friends on the board. Make the change happen!

It IS that easy!!! I did it for a year, but my disability and lack of treatment for it caught up with me and I had to resign. The Progressive takeover worked and the county is now represented by a DCCC which represents the values of the community.

Later comes the STATE DCCC takeover using the same manner in different counties across your state.

This can happen a LOT faster than making a third party work in a confirmed duopoly - but it take YOUR WORK TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There’s your key, now…OPEN UP THE DOOR!


i see the dates on the web site are different from the dates in the email i was forwarded, the first in the series is tomorrow Monday November 23.

I noticed that and have registered.

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Agreeing with corporatist policies is not “capitulating” for corporatist Democrats, regardless of who regards these as Republican policies (and regardless of how often they are).

So the general direction seems good here. But if we are to pretend to demand, where are the teeth? In the 1930s, gains were made, but there were also many thousands of strikes, and veterans marching on Washington.

What’s planned?

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