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The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks


The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks

Richard Eskow

Why would 16 Democratic senators join their Republican colleagues in pushing a bill that lays out a rich banquet of goodies before some of America’s worst bankers, and increases the risk that taxpayers will have to bail them out?

Here are 24 million reasons: These 16 Democrats have collectively received $24,488,961 in campaign contributions from savings and investment firms and commercial banks. They have also received $42,246,555 from lawyers and law firms, some of which represent banking interests, and $4,318,208 from lobbyists.


Yesterday NPR interviewed a CBS hack about this issue. About all she could say is that this “was the most under-reported story”. I guess that Trump’s tariffs and porn star pals will continue to provide the distraction the corporations, their media and politicians need to sell us down the river during the dark of night.

Murka continues to have the best congress that money can buy. Another example of Murkin sepshunalizm.


This piece deflects looking at the fact that the entire Democratic Party is a bought-and-paid-for organization. While there are individual Dems who do decent things on occasion, all of them are bound by party strictures in the end - and that includes ‘independents’ like Bernie F35 Sanders. Social structures matter.


That’s all it takes to buy a vote that could net them billions, while further risking the nation into another financial meltdown.


In a world where Republicans have already been bought and paid for, there is no room for Democrats who act in bad faith.

Sorry, but this assumes that the party as a whole acts in good faith. Even a casual glance at the party voting record easily disproves that one. It’s why so many voters didn’t bother to go to the polls to vote for the Democrats in 2016. Too many voters now trust the party to do the wrong thing.


This a win win for the Democrats. They can pretend they are against de-regulation even as the banks are de-regulated and a number of Democrats get a few millions shoveled their way.

It would not surprise me in the least were it to be discovered that these people have divvied up various sectors of Industry wherein 16 democrats will vote for Republicans on Banking issues so as to get the bankers monies, 16 Democrats will vote with the Republicans to get Gun Industry monies , 16 Democrats will vote with the Republicans on health Care issues so as to get monies from the health care industry and it a different pool of 16 each time.

Some have been granted the Arms Industry.


Can we be clear about something here. If someone gives a large donation and then seeks something in return it is a BRIBE. We need real reporting on the corruption in our political system from Washington to state houses and city halls.


Exactly. All ‘lobbying’ funds and ‘campaign contributions’ are bribes. There are no grey areas in any of this. and we must be honest and end this crapola ‘journalism’ of parsing and ‘on this hand and the other hand.’ Exactly why is stating obvious facts and truths ‘brutally honest’? I mean WTF!? Are there any human beings left in the reporting business?


Murrka,home to the two-party fraud


Bingo.I have long thought that to be the case.Two-Party BS is a charade,a dog&pony show for the Sheeple


In 2014, nearly one third of voters that voted in 2012 wasted their vote by not voting. if just half of those voters had voted in 2014 it would have totaled 20% of the vote.

If we could mobilize those voters to register at www.onedemand.org a commitment to only vote for small contribution candidates in 2018 and if no small contribution candidates are on their ballot (primary and general) to cast a write in vote with their own name to register a vote against the Big Money candidates and create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in future elections then we could easily achieve 20% of the 2018 vote.

This would completely change the dynamic and begin to reduce the influence of Big Money in our election process. This would encourage more citizens to participate in 2020 and with each subsequent election.

There’s another 24 million reasons (at least) that this keeps happening- people keep voting for the Big Money candidates. If you vote for Big Money candidates then you will get Big Money legislators.

And another 24 million reasons (at least) is all the people that spend their time complaining in comment sections while not making any effort to bring about the necessary change. I am not accusing anyone here of that, though it is possible.

One way to bring about the needed change is to sign the Ralph Nader petition and contact the Ralph Nader Radio Hour to get him to help promote this assault on the Big Money politicians.


Please correct the names of the first two democrats on the list. It should say Michael Bennet and Tom Carper. It would make it easier to share. Thanks.


To quote “whenever the next recession comes, the adverse effects on borrowers and the financial system are likely to be worse than we are used to”.


Let’s just do what the Chinese do, execute all of our politicians who take bribes from corporations or lobbyists. We could let their constituents vote on the way they should be executed, Hang em, Firing squad, Burned at the stake, drowned, electrocuted, Stung to death, Attacked by rabid dogs. Hell we could let the constituents bet on how long it would take for the criminals to die! Eventually only decent law abiding citizens would end up running for public office and we would be rid of all of those criminal types that infest our
local, state and federal governments!