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The 5 Biggest Deceptions in Trump’s Paris Climate Speech


The 5 Biggest Deceptions in Trump’s Paris Climate Speech

David Roberts

Yesterday, President Donald Trump gave a speech announcing that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.


Enough of these deceits from reporters and authors who write for another website but faux advertise it with a fake listing on CD (as if one could read it here). There is no article to read - nothing but a come on to go to another website.

If this continues it won't be long until there will be little point in visiting CD .

I think CD is making a serious mistake accepting such click and switch fake articles. Moreover it makes CD look desperate and less established like would some two bit new site.

I decided not to read the article in protest. I like CD and this type of switcheroo doesn't like CD, if you know what I mean.


Too bad. You missed a great article by not clicking on the Vox link.


CD is not merely a place where others advertise other sites. Think about it. If other writers do this it won't be long until you can't find a site like CD anywhere and we will have to spend a great deal of time and effort just trying to find some article or where to post a comment. In fact you should have posted your comment in Vox where the article is because it certainly isn't here on CD!

Moreover aside from causing a drain and diluting CD's strength, this is corporatizing the left rather than organizing it. Divided and conquered ( in this case not having a well known site where you can get the progressive view from all over in one place). Ask yourself why would that in any way be helpful to CD or the left? I don't think it would. In all honesty if a site like CD became known for doing this, lots of people would stop goingtoCD at all. Why would they want to?


In all honesty if a site like CD became known for doing this, lots of people would stop goingtoCD at all. Why would they want to?

One stop shopping for good relevant information comes to mind.


The title of the article is belied by the fact that, in fact, it provides no list of those five deceptions, though it does refer to two potential candidates. Instead, it scandalously concludes with the following: "Read Roberts' full list at Vox.com."
David Roberts, please don't offend my intelligence, nor my senses of dignity and proportion. This site is forum-oriented. Not only do you unnecessarily inconvenience, and perhaps disappoint, certain readers of your article, but you substantially deprive them of an opportunity to comment on what should have been a worthwhile and self-contained article.

How could CD's editorial staff permit such shenanigans?

It is like CD's Abby Zimet, who has has edited CD's Further column since 2008. She is purportedly a "longtime, award-winning journalist." But, I am substantially certain that each of her posts that I have come across, the comment feature was disabled. Is she supposed to be an omniscient and infallible goddess, whose very pronouncements and perspectives are not subject to comment, criticism or otherwise? How is she any more ungodly than the other contributors? If she can't play fairly, then, she ought to not be permitted to play at all.


Trumps' deception pales into insignificance compared to the deception that is the Paris Agreement itself!
A toothless worthless document,impossible to make functional, It is a dud and dead even without Trump's rejection.