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The 'Absolutely Disturbing' New Normal: Earth Just Smashed Another Climate Record


The 'Absolutely Disturbing' New Normal: Earth Just Smashed Another Climate Record

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Our ever-warming planet just passed another climate record.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Tuesday that March 2016 was the warmest March since records began in 1880.

It also marked an 11th month of streak of record-breaking global temperatures.


What if we never have winter again? What if the winter that wasn't this year is the only winters we ever have any more? What if 'it' actually has hit the fan already and we didn't have the science that was able to see that?

What if we are way behind the learning curve?


Who is now willing to engage in concerted mass action to STOP DRIVING, and STOP FLYING, and STOP WAR, and STOP CAPITAL?

What, i beg to know, do any of us have to lose, finally, by using every aspect of our own lives to RESIST, in every way, at every level, the "exploitation" of "resources" and "production" and "consumption" of "goods," and instead focus on our actual existence as living parts of the ecology of the living Earth?


I don't put it on to people because if we had the alternatives we would use them. This is a matter for governmental action. For example, in Nevada people were having a solar gold rush. Why not right? They do get a bit of sun there. So Nevada's public utility decides all this home solar selling electricity back into the system (net metering) would cut into their profits and so they got the state to retroactively charge people for solar that removes the benefits of selling solar electricity back into the grid and completely busted a rapidly growing home solar industry in favor of coal generated electricity.

That kind of thing is not people but government. The government needs to mandate a switch to solar and wind energy but also to switch us to electric vehicles within ten years. Yes everybody. Like HD TV... Everybody. All the politicians say not in my term but do it later. Later is now.

Sure people can help voluntarily but give us the means to save the planet and we will use them. People can't do this. We need governments to do this.


Human population has exceeded Earth's carrying capacity. Agriculture –what Jared Diamond called "the worst mistake in human history"– is what instigated and is fueling this runaway population boom. The human population was stable at around 5 million people for tens or even hundred of thousands of years prior to the advent of settled agriculture. It rose steadily at that point and then underwent the recent huge spike triggered by the Green Revolution and fossil-fuel-based crops.

Anthropologists credit this previous long stability to the fact that nursing women are far less fertile and indigenous women nursed children very long, as well as the fact that women constantly moving in gatherer/hunter societies menstruate infrequently (female pro athletes are very familiar with this phenomenon).

So what is to be done? Nature has a plan, and industrial capitalism has a plan, and both revolve around population crash and mass death. It'd be nice to cheat these forces, but that would require a wisdom and strategy that are both lacking.

So get ready to die.


Increasingly, every nickel (and then some) of what most people in this culture earn is devoted to simple life maintenance (food, water, shelter, energy). I haven't been on a plane in nearly 20 years. Few people I know even take vacations any more, they can't afford to.

It is made almost impossible in this society to step off the capitalist rat wheel. Banks and landlords are the first at your throat, followed by simple hunger. If you're in a position where you own your own house and grow your own food, wow! Even then, the tax man will come looking for you every year to grab some cash for that house. Try paying your taxes in tomatoes and let us know how that goes.

Every single one of us has ancestors who once lived off what the land provided. That land was stolen, they were frog-marched into an industrial economy and told to find work. It's called wage slavery, and unless you are independently wealthy or retired, that is precisely what you are: a slave.

So people can wag their fingers all they like about how other slaves live, but even those of us who recognize the problem are struggling to find any way off this rat wheel. What probably needs to happen, sorry to say, is a socialist revolution. Capitalism cannot stop doing what it is doing, because if it stops growing it dies.

The Earth is exhausted. Either capitalism dies, or humanity dies with this exhausted, resource-stripped planet. As ever, the choice comes down to socialism or barbarism.


After reading this article it is easy to realize what a must it is for the Democrats to defeat the Republican nominee in the presidential election.


What evidence is there that Hillary Clinton gives a flying (and I mean flying all over the world, starting wars) fuck about the climate? This problem is now way, way bigger than who sits in the White House. It's a systemic crisis about the way we live. We need to wind down all industrial activity above keeping everyone fed and re-green this planet. Everything else is madness.


How ridiculous your comment is.

Yeah we will all tend our gardens. You are very depressing because your comment is Luddite wishful thinking and a return to the primitive - the nobility of digging in the ground with a stick! Okay a shovel. It is absurd. I live in an apartment and need modern medicine and pretty much all the things an industrial society has. Did you forget that in preindustrial time people's life spans hovered between 30 and 40 years old? Whose land do I get? I have a resentful house plant...lol.


i don't think you catch what i mean by "concerted mass action," and "resist."

i'm not talking about "You individual person, give up driving" and "You individual person, give up war" and "You individual person, give up flying" and "You individual person, give up capital," and therefore "problem solved." The problem is far more entrenched than a simple agglomeration of individual choices.

So i'm not talking about "people can help voluntarily." i'm talking about ORGANIZED RESISTANCE. Which includes NOT feeding the monster with your own daily activities, so i do strongly urge everyone to STOP as much of their own contribution to the murder of the Earth as they possibly can, and work toward completely stopping all personal and family feeding of the industrialized systems that are killing the Earth. But only as one important element of resistance, to STOP killing the ecology.

And "the problem" is not simply climate chaos, and "the problem" will BY NO MEANS be solved by windmills, solar panels, batteries and electric cars. "The problem" is the mass industrial assault on the Earth.

Without a deep cultural paradigm shift away from the "license to exploit," which has grown like a cancer since European (patriarchal, white-supremacist and anthropocentric) colonialism conquered the world and metastasized into full-blown industrial capitalism, "answers" like "clean energy" will make no difference in the now obviously accelerating dis-integration of the ecology.


Flea, let's not start this again. I have none, zero, nada, nil, zilch NO expectation that such a course of action will occur. This industrial moloch is going to slam headlong into environmental collapse and probably nuclear war. There is no stopping that. Period.

But you need to realize, that by demanding your industrial goodies, you take responsibility for that outcome. You can't have the goodies without that outcome. That is not my fault, and your personal attacks on me don't change that fact. Industrial capitalism is killing the planet. Don't sneer at me about how much your like the perks of that system. It's unsustainable, and it is killing everything. No one cares how much you like the goodies plundered from the Earth.

No. One. Cares. How. Much. You. Like. Your. Unsustainable. Lifestyle.

Ferraris are great too, as are super-yachts and mega-mansions and Hummers and plane rides to Australia if you ignore the environmental costs.


You clearly do not understand "the problem" that humanity faces. Your "realism" is a paving stone on the rapidly accelerating road to collapse.


Hey, if Clinton become President, we may all die on the same day. :wink:


The root cause of all of this climate collapse and soon to ensue chaos is our out of control global population. We have painted ourselves into the proverbial corner. We are adding a million people to the planet every five days. This is not sustainable! We have loaded so much industrial carbon into the atmosphere at this point.. and with CO2 currently at 407ppm, I just don't see how we can stop this runaway train. Humans have a hard time grasping the concept of non-linearity. I fear that things will warm faster and faster, triggering more positive feedbacks which will warm us exponentially more so. Call me "Debbie Downer" but I don't see how we can repair what Humanity and Industrial Civilization has done to our ecosystems. If the temps keep creeping up much higher (and they will... and fast), we are going to see the die off of food growing habitat. It's already underway. So, long story short, I believe we're about to see a global population crash within ten to fifteen years. I wouldn't be surprised if the PTB conveniently plan a small scale exchange of nuclear weapons to "buy us time" and bring on a nuclear winter. :stuck_out_tongue:


If functional extinction doesn't move people, nothing will. we've foreclosed too many opportunities to change to the point where if carrying a sign doesn't save us, well, then we're supposed to die. In short, we want change easy and relatively convenient. Like our food. Like everything else.
Power adapted to 60s methods years ago. The "good guys" never adapted back. And so we lose. As we should.


I am so sick of this let's change the whole world in ten years silliness! We are not going to have a one mind unity of purpose nor a socialist utopia where we are all willing to sacrifice and share while digging in our gardens and walking everywhere. We don't have the f'n time to change the world. We need to change the most egregious wrong first to save the environment and then we will have time to save the world.

There are 250 million vehicles on the road in the USA. To provide an alternative means of transportation for them like mass transit and rails etc is impossible in a few years. Moreover our system is designed to function with cars. So get real. Get rid of the fossil fuels that we need to remove from the environment but otherwise nothing needs to change in an emergency.

That's it... You and other 'Let's change everything while we are at it' utopians and back to the noble peasant 'mass gardeners' don't really sense that it this a true emergency. You talk like it is but if you would concentrate on changing the whole system - a herculean task that would take several decades at the very least - then you don't see the true emergency we face.

Where does this heat go? Yeah it was a warm winter and so was last year and the decade was the warmest and so was the decade before that and before that and before... Notice something?

Where did all the heat go? Well it didn't go anywhere. It stayed!

What if it never gets any cooler again? What if we have passed the end of winter tipping point? The heat will continue building faster and faster. I think we are in serious danger... It isn't just talk. Forget changing everything ... Change only the worst first and work your way down to the least later. If you can't get rid of cars quickly then get rid of the problem about cars which is fossil fuels. That is the priority! Sure we could devise something better than cars but not quickly. And personally if cars were clean and mining the resources and the whole industrial process was clean energy then so what if we have cars? We could make them less resource intensive yes we could and should.


You don't get it. You could stop burning all CO2 worldwide today and the temperatures would keep rising for another 40 years, as there is a 40-year time-lag between emission and temperature impact. Right now, April of 2016, we are only experiencing the effect of CO2 emitted prior to 1976. Further, civilization is a heat engine, so even if you powered this industrial nightmare on solar, windmills, and unicorn farts, the temperature and emissions would keep rising.

You posture as so hard-headed, so pragmatic, yet you're the one living in a fantasy world not backed up by the science. If you want to see what people who've looked at the science have concluded try the below for starters. Their suggestion? Stop being such an asshole to other people and prepare to die:


Oh c'mon! First you talk in general terms of the industrial civilization and now after your comment about it has to end is criticized you now restrict it to Ferrarris and yachts and so forth. Okay my mistake. I responded to what you said as if you were serious and not just ranting. Please ignore my comment and enjoy predicting the end of everything to your hearts content.


So getting rid of cars is "utopian" but getting rid of fossil fuels isn't? You get weirder and more incomprehensible by the day, flea.


Yeah that's right. Oh you think we have the time to do more than get off fossil fuels and can erect an infrastructure that replaces cars in how many years? Decades?