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'The Actual Scandalous Headline Is Medics Need Two Jobs to Survive': AOC Defends Paramedic Outed by NY Post

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/actual-scandalous-headline-medics-need-two-jobs-survive-aoc-defends-paramedic-outed


In 1919 there were General Strikes in many cities in North America because people such as nurses and electricians were unable to get by on their full time wages.

If I remember correctly the parasitic class was doing quite well at the time. I am beginning to look at Modern Monetary Theory to understand why we in the working class are facing similar problems today.

~https://realprogressives.org discusses such matters.


Answer: Too many Murkins believe in trickle down, voting for the GOP and corporate Dimcritters who dismantled FDR’s New Deal, that continues to be the only example of salvation for workers in US history.

The “parasitic class has always been doing quite well”. During “hard times” they only have enough money to buy all the goods and services they could ever want. During good times they have enough for all that PLUS enough to buy lots of politicians.

AOC for POTUS in 2024, or watch the Democratic Party and democracy itself consigned to the dust bin of history.


We need to vote in more AOC into office.
Where are the pelosi/shummer/fienstiens??? Those capitalist cronies are looking after their donors and themselves.


I SO much want to vote for AOC some day! I hope she joins and leads a third party so she can actually accomplish something.


MMT is the real deal, but consult several different sources. The devil is in the details, which some explanations omit, or worse, get wrong. I haven’t delved deeply so far; too much other stuff flying about. But my take is that it picks up where Keynes left off. His “General Theory” was in reality very narrow, based on a specific condition that existed in the Depression.

Mainstream economics is so bogus that it is common to refer to a theory with more than a single variable as “general.” As I understand it, MMT is precisely the opposite, general with specific exceptions. Mainstream definitions of money are ahistorical and self-contradictory. An entity cannot be both a medium of exchange and a store of value at the same time.


Sex work is indeed work and has been since time immemorial, and the demand for its product is strong.


Sex isn’t the only work firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs are doing. Because most districts have days on, and then two or three days off(under normal conditions), most such people have other jobs. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and there is a popular seal coating business name Firefighter Sealing. Other firefighters and/or paramedics have sidelines, as well. Because most voters resist tax hikes covering various emergency services, except the police, a taxpayer in my area gets a $450.00 bill for an ambulance ride.I had to sign a waiver in order for my brother to drive me to the hospital. The local Fire Chief can remove the bill, but you need to ask him…


Gross hypocrisy, The Post depends on gross sensationalism and pandering to negativity. And it is owned by Rupert Murdoch who single handedly dumbed much of the US down to the junior high school level.

Besides posting pictures is not prostitution; you can’t get a nasty disease or mugged. And it is little different from the careers of certain popular actors who have pandered their sexuality in the media. That goes for macho male actors too. The latter are also overpaid.

But AOC has hit the nail on the head. Leave it to the Post to make a big deal about it, while they have promoted the rabid neo-liberalism that is crippling this country, and driven some of our most essential workers to moonlight.

And as AOC implied, NY Post “journalists” should find honest work.


You must have missed the article here that had a short video of AOC stating about a hundred things she has done, and did it in two minutes.


How about politicians selling themselves to lobbyists?


People in the states should seriously consider emigrating, especially if they have a skill that is in demand elsewhere, and are still young and able. Even retirees on a low or fixed income may do better in some developing countries. The US is no longer the land of opportunity, but one of slave wages. There is very little opportunity here now, sad to say. Even if you land a decent position, your job is likely insecure.


The New York Post, 'nuff said. Trash rag.
AOC is correct about what should have been the headline.


Hard times for regular people are like a national yard sale for the rich. They can buy many things from broke and starving people for very little.


That’s a deal. Here in AZ they can charge 3K for a ten minute ride.

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Yes most first responders have 2nd jobs, but for most, myself included (I was a FF for 15 years, and EMT for 8 of those years), it’s a necessity because of low wages. Most fire departments today work a 24/48 schedule, 24 hrs. on, 48 hrs. off, that averages out to 56 hrs. a week. Some city’s do use a “Kelly Day”, a shift off without pay to reduce the FF’s hours to 52.5, to keep from paying overtime under FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) rules, that included government employees sometime in the mid 1980’s.
I have never heard of a local Fire Chief having the authority to eliminate an ambulance bill though, that’s something new to me, and must be specific to your local area.

As far as Dean Balsamini calling Kwei’s employer and mother, someone needs to knock ole Dean on his ass.

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Just one more ripple from the stone Donny dropped when he left the whole pandemic mess in the hands of the governors. Now the states are broke.

The hard times are generally the best times for the parasite classes. Bezos, for instance, is doing better than ever while millions suffer. The pharma companies are making a killing off of COVID. Mnuchin and many other real estate parasites made their hug fortunes off the backs of people forced out of their homes in 2008 and 2009. Hard Times are good times for the parasites.

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In 1919, there were active and growing Socialist and Communist Party’s in the USA. Labor unions were militant and willing to use their power of the many. The Red Scare killed the leftist parties while “right-to-work” laws, corruption within the labor leadership, and the use of racism and bigotry to divide workers has destroyed labor unity. Big difference between 1920 and 2020. The largest labor action in history, the 250 million strong general strike in India, got almost zero coverage in western media because they won concession from the reich-wing Modi government. You can’t have information like that spreading to other workers around the world.


Do your homework before emigrating. Many countries do not want you there. Know the visa laws and talk to people from your country already living there. There are plenty of ex-pat sites on the internet. Also, in retiring to another country, you will be ineligible for Medicare. So while you will be able to live a better life on your social security check, you will need to have enough to pay cash (many countries have great healthcare for eyepopping low rates), or move to a country with universal, as in anyone who walks in the door, health coverage. Your spouse may also lose the right to SS survivor benefits. The grass may truly be greener somewhere else but don’t emigrate blindly.

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