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'The Actual Scandalous Headline Is Medics Need Two Jobs to Survive': AOC Defends Paramedic Outed by NY Post

I agree with that, America will be a third world country, and it won’t be long!!

Actually that is “tinkle” down. That is the only thing you get on the downslope side of that stupid claim.


Are you sure it’s that high?? Also, is it being done as a form of control ?

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maybe AOC can stop being a twitter SJW for a minute and consider Jimmy Dore’s plan for bringing a MED4ALL vote to the house floor.

MED4ALL would certainly help out underpaid front line workers

Thry are no linger ehat thry once were. Too comfy. Oldwr & decided that why should Rethugs be only ones taking big monies? They want their piece (& ours) of the pie! Cuz of those big money donors, these guys don’t go home…they stay & reap money & power, but without the needed energy & spunk to do their job well. Yes, I’m saying thry get lazy ~ & that’s fine…if you do it AT HOME! We need new fresh energy & ideas, but who can run brand-new against ALL THAT BIG MONEY establishment Dems (& all Rethugs) get handed to them by lobbyists & mega-richest donors.?!!
There ARE A FEW exceptions, but we need to CLEAN HOUSE! & SENATE! & WE’RE WAY LATE CLEANING OUT OLD GOPers!!


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American workers hate themselves and want to suffer. That’s why they vote for anti labour presidents and congresses.

Ronald Reagan destroyed labour and he won the biggest re-election in US history (I think) so he could carry on. Then Clinton signed NAFTA that sent yank jobs to Mexico, he got a second term for doing that!

Bush Jr. kept the minimum wage low, he got a second term.

Americans just got finished rejecting Bernie Sanders again!

So yeah. Americans probably think medics shouldn’t be paid enough to live either