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The Afghan 'Peace' Deal Will Not Bring Peace to the Afghan People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/04/afghan-peace-deal-will-not-bring-peace-afghan-people

Whenever the USA is finally driven out of Afghanistan, probably in 2050 when industrial civilization collapses, it’s going to be ugly, chaotic, & there will be mass-scale death & cruelty in our wake.

Based on history, this is unavoidable. It’s what always happens when imperial powers move out of the places they have tried to conquer.

This is indeed tragic. But liberals need to stop falling for the con job that the same military which destroyed a nation can & will somehow rebuild that nation later on.

The illusion of humanitarian war is part of the fatal hubris of USA.

We can’t help Afghanistan at this point, & the Afghan people would be fools to trust us.

We need to just get out & hope they can rebuild.

I absolutely agree with this writer (flapdoodle64). The US army went Afghanistan not for the people. It is build the pipeline. That attempt went completely toward nothing and impossible. So as a pretext of election it’s really a chance to leave the place. Obviously it may save few bucks from the taxpayers.