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The Aftermath of Paris


The Aftermath of Paris

Robert C. Koehler

I’m sitting in the aftermath of Paris, feeling emotions tear me apart. One of the emotions is joy. My daughter, who lives there, is safe.

Has “joy” ever felt so troubling?

The aftermath of Paris seems likely to be intensified (“pitiless”) bombing raids in Syria, closed borders, heightened fear-based security and the deletion of “the gray zones of coexistence” across the planet.

Oh, it’s so nice to have an enemy who is truly evil! And the logic of war is so seductive. It simplifies all these complex emotions. Just watch the news.


Mr. Koehler's connecting of lethal "dots" between the Iraqi invasion and the events in Paris is laudable. However, this frame is not:

"Instead of continuing to bomb this world, in our fear and anger, we could try to understand it."

The "we" being characterized wipes out any voice other than the one that makes war at its pleasure... as if all citizens are on-board the make perpetual war train.

Did Barbara Lee see past the macho bravado to the likely cause-effect relationship of using terror to purportedly end it?

Did the millions who protested the Iraqi debacle also see THIS?

The frame that tosses EVERYONE into ONE UNIFORM pro-war camp does the War State's work for it.

MANY people understand that horror is never ameliorated by spreading more horror.

Many people--in spite of incessant pro-war propaganda and a media that fulfills its function in spreading Official Narratives in lieu of what's true--still recognize the fundamental spiritual truth--and law--that insists that what you do unto others will return to you.

No, Mr. Koehler. This is not about some great universal WE that does these things; it's about powers that have grown into insidious Cancers that now control too many of the levers of government. And when government is NOT of The People, and not answerable to established laws, it ceases to represent The People.

You constantly insist that what the military-industrial-media state does represents all of us.

If you think that's a true reflection, then I'd say your Bible training in its insistence on all being guilty sinners is the core of this delusion.


** The Real Threat**

Our food is
full of poisons

Our rivers and lakes
are toxic

The seas
are dying dumps

The air is
making us sick

You feel ill but
can't afford a doctor

Your child
is obese, autistic, with gender issues and ADD

The trains carrying poisons
keep running through your town and now
they're fracking --

the ground shakes and
the tap water burns

You live in fear of destitution

You dread
what the weather will bring

The enemy that threatens us all --

Islamic militants?

-- Al Markowitz


This article might appear to be off the topic but it is all part of the same story.



The state of emergency declared by President Hollande gives the French executive powers that would be considered dictatorial in the U.S., however necessary they may appear to be at the present time. He acts on the basis of a measure which was passed in 1955 right after the Algerian revolt broke out. Believing those powers to be inadequate, Holande has called for changes in the French constitution which would, if enacted, give the police and army the authority to detain virtually anyone on suspicion that they might in future commit acts of violence. This would be a wide net, indeed, allowing the swooping up of thousands of Muslims (and others) who have voiced some degree of sympathy with radical Islam, or been associated with those who do. Those who read French might want to look at the details of Hollande's proposals here: http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/290169930/Projet-de-loi-sur-l-etat-d-urgence

Before rushing to condemn the actions of the French government, or seeing them as a harbinger of fascism, it should be kept in mind that the present Fifth Republic began when General DeGaulle took power in 1958 and ruled as a dictator for six months while creating the framework of the Fifth republic, of which he then became the president for ten years. It is my belief that his actions then were necessary to save democracy and to stave off rightwing threats from the generals who opposed his plan to grant independence to Algeria. The same may be true of Hollande's virtual seizure of dictatorial power at present - faced, as he is, with the rising power of the true fascists of the National Front, led by Marine LePen.


I guess you haven't read the NDAA. The state of emergency and the powers it liberated have become part of the Law Texts right here, pal.


And when the French neo-nazis come to power, won't they have some great legislation to keep them there.


Shock and Awe,
All the way
With LBJ,
Since 1964.