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The Age of Environmental Breakdown: We Need the Green New Deal Now!


The Age of Environmental Breakdown: We Need the Green New Deal Now!

Juan Cole

Laurie Laybourn-Langton, Lesley Rankin and Darren Baxter Februhe at the Institute for Public Policy Research in Britain are warning in a new study as frantically as they can that “the extent, severity, pace and closing window of opportunity to avoid potentially catastrophic outcomes has led many scientists to conclude that we have entered a new era of rapid environmental change.


“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”
–Attributed to the Indigenous Cree People

Until and unless societies’ decision-making apparatuses are decoupled from money as currently defined (largely based upon the fiat petrodollar), this prophecy is likely to hold in its now centuries-old wisdom. There ain’t no sky-daddy-based solutions on the horizon.


Are we, as a species, intelligent and wise enough to solve the problems we create or are we only intelligent enough to predict our demise and destroy ourselves? (Hint: the so-called most advanced country in the world has elected a scientifically illiterate imbecile as its president.)


We can all cry the blues, “Our planet is dying, our planet is dying, and we’re next,” or, we can organize, rush the centers of power in order to take control from those who are indifferent to our plight, and face death doing it, or we can accept the fact that overall, our people for the most part are totally indifferent about the facts as well.

I’m a lover, not a hater.

If I have a choice to, die now or die later, I choose to die later.

However, if I can be a part of a massive Rebellion now, I’m in.

Perhaps if we’re successful, they’ll name High Schools after us.


I’m in, but please I don’t want a school named after me, who the hell needs that pressure? :)))


Personally, I like the ring of the SkepticTank Holistic Institute of Technology.

Wouldn’y you be proud to say “I studied at SHIT?”


Congress and the presidunce is spending all this time and money fighting over the stupid ass wall when the planet is on the verge of ecological collapse. It doesn’t get any more insane than that.


Nice, full on LMAO.


We need to clean up after ourselves. We need to expand the super fund for cleaning up toxic spills to also tax and clean up greenhouse emissions. It is technically feasible to capture carbon dioxide which accounts for almost 80% of the greenhouse effect directly from the atmosphere. It is also feasible to compress carbon dioxide and use it instead of water in fracking fluid in enhanced geothermal system wells, so we can get some use from some of that excess carbon dioxide. It is also possible to feed carbon dioxide to edible green plants in greenhouses, to take the carbon cycle full cycle.w


The agenda behind the Presidunce’s antics is to act as an effectively absurd distraction while the ruling class conduct malevolent plans to bring about World War III which will be hailed as the Apocalypse. What is denial of catastrophic climate change but an act of war with the same grisly results?


A good old nuclear war solves the two problems of population and global warming by thinning out the population and bringing about nuclear winter.


True, but there has to be some kind of dog whistle, the rich have to get to their underground bunkers.


Radiobiotic Decimation added to the short list of MAD science, nuclear, genetic, radiobiotic decimation of lesser mortals. Mussolini’s forced incarnation spirit with same penchant for spectacle and bullying display of utter disregard made final.
Two pigs of the same order.
I will say this - Try playing my Domino Game. It’s out there.
Guess which domino falls first.
Movie recommend: “How to train your dragon 3”


That’s true and right now there seems to be no way to get this desperately needed “uncoupling” started. No matter how many of us Little Everyday Folks try to live ecologically sound lives, concerning ourselves with our carbon footprint, the changes that needed to have started happening ten years ago. Unless that percentage of wealthy True Unbelievers becomes “awake” and really buys in and participates it are unlikely to happen in time to save us. I hope I’m wrong about how far along Doomsday Drive we are. I will gladly confess to having been Chicken Little, running around yelling that we mucked up the whole intertwined air, water, and land if it turns out not to be happening because what I see is that it is.


I’m guessing that when things get tense they will take a ‘vacation’ to their hidey-holes in New Zealand and Patagonia.