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'The Age of Incrementalism Is Over,' Declares Green New Deal Champion Ed Markey After Defeating Joe Kennedy III

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/age-incrementalism-over-declares-green-new-deal-champion-ed-markey-after-defeating


Ed doesn’t owe the Democrat graft brokers anything now. Let’s hope he pissed enough to work for us.


Nancy will wake up in her posh Marin county home later this morning, take a sip of her high end coffee, pick up the paper, and begin reading. Steam will begin rising off of her head like it does from her cup. She will call Pilar over to the table, where she will then plunge a butter knife into the loyal house girls throat. A shrill scream will exit her mouth as the Butler comes running in to the dining room. He will be ordered to fetch her a bowl of her $1000 a pint ice cream, and then as she dips her warmed silver spoon into it, the Butler will be expected to commit ritual Hari Cari on the Turkish rug in the foyer.
Nancy loathes Ed Markey with a passion unequaled. She hates him more today.


It’s very nice that Howdy Doody Kennedy was defeated, but let’s remember that the two Lawnorder warmongers heading up the DNC’s ticket are pro-fracking tools who have rejected any form of GND.


Some good, some bad out of Massachusetts last night. Good to see Markey win, horrible to see Neal win. While Markey will be well meaning and well intentioned, the re election of Neal all but guarantees that there will be no consequential Green legislation passed for the next four years, as Neal and Pelosi will both see his primary victory as an affirmation of their tortoise speed agenda.
This is a republic folks, not a full functioning democracy. In our republic you don’t vote for someone who represents your views. You vote vote to affirm theirs. There is a huge difference.


Fortunately it’s only for two years, unfortunately Neals constituency has been fooled by him 16 consecutive times after doing nothing for us his first term.


Good. Joe Kennedy Jr. should take a page from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


[pedant] that would be “hara kiri”.[/pedant] Or, perhaps more often, seppuku.


Markey has never been anything but an incrementalist. Except for his twice-a-year “town meetings” in Malden, he was invisible.


Seppaku is ritual self-disembowelment and its supposed to approximate a flower arangement. I dont think servants are disembowled in the context it was the norm.

Also, even today, I dont think there is any ice cream, pemium or not thats available in the Bay Area or elsewhere, that costs $1000 a pint. Maybe $100 a pint but even that seems excessive, even for today.

I lived there during the entire Golden Era of Bay Area ice cream and it was cheap compared to dinner at one of the better restaurants, which could easily set people back several hundred dollars, if not careful.

Bud’s ice cream at 24th and Castro was really quite good and the portions were huge. For me, high end coffee was Peets.

Are there really $1000 a pint ice creams anywhere?

I’d rather see a family be able to make their rent.

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Stick it up your ass Pelosi!


Do you not understand what BigB is writing?


Just a little literary license on a Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, some of it may not quite rise to the level of hyperbole.
I’m sure Nancy feels a little better now, as her old comrade Richard Neal oozed his way under the door to another term.


I will take a moment to savor this small win against Pelosi and the Dem royalty…May they suffer many more blows in elections to come.


putative progressive Jeremy Raskin supported Kennedy in a fundraiser with Steny Hoyer( Hiss!) and my own congressperson Anthony Brown. Glad to see them lose on this also.


Pelosi lives in San Francisco county, not Marin County which is north of the city.

But hey, I’d say odds are good you just might have a future in writing pot boiler fiction.

Congratulations guys on your victory! I also think this is a great template on how to win - a progressive with establishment connections who can unite the progressives while still having a friend or two in party leadership. (Pelosi endorsed Kennedy… but Schumer begged to differ)

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It was a BEAUTIFUL vignette, thank YOU! Only… Nancy’s tastes seem to have morphed towards radioisotope\brine flavored pistacio gelato and Iranian pomegranate sorbets from Lynda & Stewart Resnick orphaned Fijian child slaves?

Watching these despicable vampiric phantasms all frolic in their vault like chrome and marble mansions with Colbert’s Wonderful infomercials, while well over 200K “essentials” succumbed; cycling in ice rain or cutting up meat, dying to feed them (as NYC went from 105 to 121 billionaires, who’d all skedaddled before Saint Paddy’s Day) has soured me on this whole participatory Democracy protection racket?

~https://prospect.org/power/democrats-richie-neal-problem/ (does Warren get free COVID tests, campaigning?)


~https://mobile.twitter.com/krystalball/status/1300963806261252096 (does Nancy get BLOOD serum?)

~https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2020-sackler-family-money/ (speaking of DNC™ deplorable dumping)

I hope that the DNC learned their lesson. Red headed males cannot be elected to the senate. There couldn’t possibly be any other reason for the Kennedy loss.


congrats to massachusetts.

A much bigger problem is right at hand this morning. The way I read the political paragraph summary in the NY Times, Trump is on a strong medicine that tranquilizes seniors living in rest homes - or he’s nutz. I’ll take ‘nutz’ for $600, Alex.

"President Trump breaks so many of the normal rules of politics that it can sometimes be hard to know when his tweets and comments are truly newsworthy. Even by his standards, though, the past several days have stood out. Consider:

  • Trump said on Monday that a plane “almost completely loaded with thugs” wearing “dark uniforms” had been headed to the Republican National Convention to do “big damage.” The claim is similar to a baseless conspiracy theory that spread online over the summer, well before the convention.
  • He has declined to condemn the killings of two protesters in Kenosha, Wis. He instead defended the 17-year-old charged in the shootings — a Trump supporter named Kyle Rittenhouse — saying he was acting in self-defense.
    Trump also promoted that called Rittenhouse “a good example of why I decided to vote for Trump.”
  • He defended violence committed by his supporters in Portland, Ore., who fired paintballs and pepper spray at Black Lives Matter protesters.
    He defended the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha to "missing “a three-foot putt” in a golf tournament.
  • He claimed that “people that you’ve never heard of” and “people that are in the dark shadows” are controlling Joe Biden. {pls see note 1 below}
  • He claimed Democrats were trying to “destroy” suburbs with “low-income housing, and with that comes a lot of other problems, including crime.” He added that Cory Booker — one of the highest-profile Black Democrats — would be “in charge of it.”
  • He predicted that the stock market would crash if Biden won.
  • He said that Biden, at the Democratic National Convention, “didn’t even discuss law enforcement, the police. Those words weren’t mentioned.” In fact, Biden held a discussion at the convention on policing, with a police chief.
  • Trump claimed that he “took control of” the situation in Kenosha by sending in the National Guard. In fact, Wisconsin’s governor, not the president, sent the National Guard.
  • He retweeted messages asserting that the pandemic’s death toll was overstated. Evidence indicates the opposite is true
  • He said that protests against police brutality were actually a secret “coup attempt” by anarchists “trying to take down the President.”

Biden has taken a very different approach to the unrest in Kenosha, Portland and elsewhere. He has told no apparent untruths, and he has criticized violence from both the political left and right — even though many liberals, whose votes Biden needs, are uncomfortable with any criticism of people on their side of the debate.

G.O.P. reaction. The Times tried to reach about a dozen leading congressional Republicans and ask for their reaction to Trump’s claims. “None cared to comment,” Mark Leibovich writes. Senator Mitt Romney offered one of the few public responses, calling the president’s comments “simply jaw-dropping.”

Russia adds to the misinformation. A group backed by the Kremlin is again trying to meddle in the U.S. presidential election and push voters toward Trump, [Facebook and Twitter said yesterday]