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The Air We Breathe Is the Same Air


The Air We Breathe Is the Same Air


Over 5,000 solemn people packed the funeral of three young Muslim students murdered in Chapel Hill, where Dr. Mohammad Yousif Abu-Salha, who lost his daughters, urged the crowd to "stand up" to make "this country that they loved, where they lived and died, peaceful for everybody else." The FBI also announced it was opening an inquiry into a crime most sentient observers believe was about hatred, not parking.


What a contrast of media reactions. With Charlie Hebdo the MSM were outdoing each other to repeat the news item over and over and whip up anti Islamic fervour. With Chapel Hill, the victims didn’t even rate a mention in most MSM outlets and those that did buried it on page 10 in a corner some days later.

This hypocrisy was not missed by all Muslims I know and I’m sure by Muslims the world over.

To paraphrase a cartoon I saw:

  • When the gunman is Muslim, the entirety of the Muslim religion is to blame
  • When the gunman is black, the entirety of the black races are to blame
  • When the gunman is white, he’s a lone wolf.


And when the gunman is a policeman that murders a Muslim, Hispanic, or an African American…he almost always is exonerated.


The dinosaur MSM has some of the blood of these three innocent, wonderful Muslim students on their hands; especially Fox News! They have been demonizing Muslims for years and are culpable for pushing paranoid people like the current insane murderer of the three students over the edge.

Can you imagine the MSM news if it had been a Muslim that murdered three innocent white students! 24/7: TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS!