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The Al-Qaeda Leader Who Wasn’t


The Al-Qaeda Leader Who Wasn’t

Rebecca Gordon

The allegations against the man were serious indeed.

* Donald Rumsfeld said he was “if not the number two, very close to the number two person” in al-Qaeda.


Torturing Cheney would have been far more effective.


Yeah those guys were so dangerous that when asked why they were shackled, blindfolded and gagged when kidnapped and in transit to GITMO , which in and of itself is deemed torture, the Bush administration claimed these men so dangerous they would chew through Aileron cables to force planes to crash and would use coded eye blinks to instruct their minions as to which place to attack next.

And three steel framed skyscrapers burned to the ground collapsing into their own footprint on the same day.

Yeah ,right.


When steel is at around 600 to 650 degrees Centigrade it loses strength and will fail to suppoprt any load. Granted there seem to be odd-ball issues like the implosion of building 7 several hours after the aeroplanes hit the other two buildings, and the presence of nannothermite in the dust after the collapse, not to mention that strange round hole in the Pentago and no bits of seroplane engine or tailplane in sight, BUT steel loses strength at around 600-650 degrees Centigrade and furthermore those two aircraft were in dives at speeds greater than their normal speed and weighed a considerable number of tonnes, coming almost right through the two building thus wrecking the core structure. An analogy with a B19 bumping into the Empire State Building does not work.

Note-All I am saying is that steel loses strength at 600 -650 degree centigrade and thus does not support loads when at that temperature.


What is recounted is quite clearly criminal behaviour on the part of all who were involved in carrying out this torture including those who approved it.

We used to be shocked by the tales of the Gestapo and the NKVD/KGB torturing people. The only differences between the piece of Nazi filth known as Dr Mengele and the two USAian psychologists involved in the torture regime is that Mengele was not paid $81 million for devising his vile experiments on concentration camp victims and that he would have been condemend to death by a USAian judge at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials and hanged as a criminal had he not escaped to South America.


George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice et al are shit stains on the USA. They wrapped themselves in the flag and did unspeakable acts, authorized horrendous suffering, and completely ignored the rule of law. Thank you Supreme Court for putting that guy in office in the first place. Justice denied indeed.

This was one hard story to read. My stomach turned as I took it in. I have yet to come to terms with the fact that "torture" has become a well-used part of our lexicon again, never mind that the US led the effort to revive it as a wartime practice. I take little pride in being American these days, in large part because of this kind of behavior by elected officials (and appointed ones).


It does not lose strength all at the same time and when it loses strength it BENDS it does not shatter. A number of skyscrapers have had firesthat burned longer and hotter than did those on 9/11. They did not suffer total structural collapse. In order to suffer a fall into the foodprint there has to be multiple supports suffering failure at the same time otherwise it would topple to one side . Added to that the planes struck from the SIDE not the top meaning the impact would have been in one direction (left to right or north to south whatever the case may be. This does not add WEIGHT downwards on steeel beams below which are designed to bear all that weight above and more.

Those beams were also fireproofed and the buildings were built to withstand the collision of a fuel loaded jet colliding with the same.


Granted all that. Steel at red heat has no strength, as attested by steel buildings which have been affected by fires of considerably less ferocity than appears to have been the case from the videos I have seen of the Twin Rowers incident. That is my sole comment. I cannot see how those temperatures cannot have been reached. In an average house fire the temperautre at floor level may be 100 degree C and at the ceiling close to 1000 degree C (from a fireman experienced in such). Given all the aviation fuel afire in the Twin Towers I would be surprised if a similar situation did not obtain. As for the rest. UNtil someone can explain Building 7's collapse sensibly, the hole in the Pentagon sensibly and the presence of nannothermite dust sensibly then one is simply left with the unsensible, the "conspiracy theory" that surrounds the Twin Towers. And I take your point about the steel below the fire-affected area; it is a good one.