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The Alarming Assault on the Free Press

The Alarming Assault on the Free Press

Suzanne Nossel

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who had worked for Reuters and exposed the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslim men and boys, recently received word that their final appeal had been denied by Myanmar's Supreme Court.

I truly can’t believe Common Dreams actually put an article by CNN on this site. Really?? About assault on the free press? How about the fact that CNN is nothing but one of our very own Oligarchy’s least free MSM mouthpieces? How could anyone publish an article like this with no mention at all of Julian Assange and what our country and England are doing to him???

Things just become more absurd every day.


Trump inspired hate is on the rise. The only means to stop it is to put him where he can no longer be a factor in anything.

The most alarming aspect of this is that the “free press” of the West itself is part of the assault. Julian Assange is currently a political prisoner in the UK, in solitary confinement in a high security gaol ostensibly for a minor offence (normally dealt with by a lay bench who either add a few days to a sentence or fine the defendant) in fact for the crime of having told the truth about the despicable activities of the Empire. Is the “free press” supporting him? Is it heck. It is smearing him, demonising him, scorning him, mocking him, working hard to justify his imprisonment in the minds of its viewers, listeners and readers by suggesting he is not a worthy victim. All in service of the very Power it is supposed to hold to account, but in fact is very happy to serve. Not that CNN wants to breathe a word about that. Hypocrites.


The only “free press” is now online. If we lose the internet, we have lost any chance of having even a whisper of a chance of getting TRUTH and being able to fight back. The “amateurs” on youtube are truly heroes in these days, telling it as it IS, not as it was paid for by corporations and lobbyists to spout and spew.

By the way, what IS the latest on the attempt at stealing the internet. CD has not mentioned it in WAY too long.


This article is self serving twaddle. Yes there an assault on the Free Press the world over but in no way shape or form has this anything to do with attacks on the Mainstream Media in the United States of America. Trying to link the Rachel Maddows and Jack Tappers of the world to legitimate journalists is an insult to those that report the truth as is trying to pretend that the Mainstream media only “sometimes” gets it wrong.

You want the details on what really happens in Venezuela than don’t get your news from the mainstream media. Find another source.

Now to Ms Nossel herself. She is ex US State Department and worked under Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. This the same Hilary Clinton that as example supported the Coup in the Honduras with the USA quick to recognize those that orchestrated that coup as that Countries legitimate Government. I am more than a little certain Ms Nossel was still working for Hilary when this happened. Since that time thousands of people in the Honduras have been murdered by the regime , this including Berta Carceras , an activist for the poor . Those murdered include Journalists that dare to report on those murders.

Does Ms Nossel have regrets?

Ms Nossel also helped formulate policies directed towards Iran , Syria and Libya while In Government , all of these Countries on Wesley Clarks list of “7 Countries to be taken out” . Was part of Ms Nossels duties to help lay the ground work for regime change?

After leaving the State Department Ms Nossel went to work for the American wing of Amnesty International. Reporting on human rights abuses in Libya from that Group then went off the Charts with calls for the UN to pass resolutions against Libya. Shortly after this the US and NATO claimed the responsibility to protect thus justifying destroying that Countries Government. How was Ms Nossel different than say a John Bolton making stuff up about atrocities in Venezuela in order to justify US Intervention?

FOIA requests have revealed that the US Military sees NGOs and groups like Amnesty International as an extension of US Military power. They are used to destabilize and or lay the groundwork to justify intervention. Ms Nossel plays that role to a tee as she hides behind words like “Freedom of the Press”.


This article is generic msnbc style propaganda which attempts to exploit real issues and genuine heroes in order to whitewash something deplorable.
In this case the author is trying to make corporate media, and CNN in particular, look like authentic journalistic outlets.


Hi Delra: On the other hand–CNN did something unexpected----and wrote about how another wrong has been committed against journalists-----and Suzanne Nossel was able to publish it and yet it ran on CNN—so that could be that that could be progress. "The Alarming Assault on the Free Press, " is a great headline that people don’t see every day in many American papers! Maybe more writers and publishers will be inclined to wrote more. : )

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How about honoring reporters who risk their lives in many cases to report the truth to the people? It’s not as much about desk jockeys as it is about those in the field.
At least today, a day of the year set aside to express or feel those regards.

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This is pure shyte propaganda.

There are two kinds of propaganda. One is to tell lies until people believe them. The other is to tell the truth, but leave out the most important truth, so that when people hear that truth they’ll dismiss it. The latter is the more effective and disgusting, because it slips past people’s defenses.

Ms. Nossel is a propagandist here, as others have pointed out, by ignoring the real alarming assault on a free press by the US of both her former boss, Hillary Goddamn Clinton, her boss, Barack Obama, and the current Trump administration to arrest Julian Assange for doing journalism.

Shame on you Common Dreams for running this propaganda piece.


Do we have a free press? Does the CIA embedded corporate mainstream media qualify for that moniker? In an article I wrote a few months back, I stated, Yes, we do – not the embedded corporate mainstream media but the reality that we have alternatives and institutions that monitor, fact check and correct them. Those of us who want to be informed know that it takes a little digging but, because we have a free press, the truth is available to us.

Venues of authentic journalism are being made more difficult to find. Even though they exist, the brainwashing partisan nonsense of MSNBC, FOX, CNN and others is far more pervasive. The corporate right, unlike the left, understands the value of culture and how to use radio and TV. This leaves Americans as the most uninformed, misinformed and propagandized people on the planet. We have to do more to spread authentic news and to influence our culture, taking it back from the ego-centric, cynical militarized commodity-obsessed culture sold to us and returning to a culture of community and solidarity.