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The Alarming Rise of Civilian Deaths in the War On Terror

The Alarming Rise of Civilian Deaths in the War On Terror

Phyllis Bennis

“There is no military solution” is an often-heard saying since the “global war on terror” began almost 18 years ago.

We need political solutions to the military conflicts we’ve embroiled ourselves in over the last two decades, most policymakers agree. But in the meantime, the last three administrations have sent in the military to pave the way for a political solution—and have kept them there, allegedly to protect civilians from the Taliban in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria and al-Shabab in Somalia, among other militant groups.

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Similar to the comment above, the “war on terror” is the “war of terror.” US #1 terrorist body in the world, by far.


You and B. Medea and other women doing the thankless task of counting the dead and
reporting on America’s wars for the military-industrial complex; remind me of
an old Grateful Dead tune lyric that: “the woman are smarter in every way than the
men today.” When those men are America’s neocon militia.

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Hi RazedAwareness: I think that War on Terror is a misnomer----by this time we should all refer to it as War IN ERROR, as that is all that G.W created in his life anyway.

Yet all too often, these civilians become casualties of the very military forces Washington supposedly deployed to protect them.

They key word is supposedly. The US of A does not, as a matter of course , deploy its military to protect anyone unless the Corporation is in fact a person.

The US Military is a mercenary outfit that has as its singular goal extending US dominance into the Countries they intrude oupon so as to steal their resources and make it safe for the 1 percent who own those Corporations to do so.

Given it a FACT 80 percent of all deaths in wars are Civilian deaths and that the US Military aware of this, the US of A would never go to war if they were concerned about the well being of those Civilians. That it so widely known that the vast majority of deaths in any war are of Civilians , the Soldiers that sign up “to serve” are cupable as they know full well their actions will kill civilians.

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Dear Razed,
While I forgot Nozomi Hayase and probably thousands of
other woman; in my first world history course the male instructor
said that, “where woman’s rights are secured civilization flourishes,”
that was fifty years ago and these Common Dreams journalists
make the saying true

Looking at at Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Madeling Albright, Hillary Clinton, I don’t see evidence that a different gender solves the problem of state aggression.

They are women who have had their minds mined by male culture .

There’s an almost incomprehensible degree of mythmaking about the role of the military in the world domestically in the US. It’s insidious. This mythology distorts people’s understanding of domestic politics as well. Both Parties are totally commited to the projection of US mililtary force in the world. There is no “lesser-evil” - just evil. If people were to understand the brutality of the US occupation of Vietnam, or the 40-year long destablization of the Middle East (detailed in Max Blumenthal’s new book The Management of Savagery), they’d have a much clearer understanding of US politics and where power really resides. When the despicable Adam Schiff, said that the National Security State had “6 ways 'till Sunday” to go after Trump (in effect threatening a coup against a sitting president, btw), it may have been one of the few true statements that he’s made. Since the end of WWII US policy has consistently been to control oil reserves in the ME and worldwide if possible. - by any means necessary. If these Democratic Socialists understood this reality, would they really be sanguine about reforming the Democratic Party? The DP and GOP represent the interests of a ruling elite that is sociopathic. They would prefer the destruction of human civilization and billions of lives than let go of power and profit.