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The Alt-Right and the 1%


The Alt-Right and the 1%

Sarah Anderson

When President Donald Trump let loose at his Tuesday press conference, equating anti-racism protesters with neo-Nazis, it was a big hit with the men who’d taken part in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

But Trump wasn’t just playing to the kind of racist crowd that marches around carrying Tiki torches and waving swastika flags in the streets. He was also sending a signal to those in the executive suites.


The CEOs didn’t leave those presidential councils because of moral qualms; they left because they perceived that their ongoing roles would be bad for their businesses. After all, they were fine with all of the other expressions of bigotry, misogyny, etc. And don’t for a moment forget that they still want their tax cuts (it’s still “F*ck you!” to the 99%). It’s a sad day when we obtain “moral leadership” lessons from CEOs and military generals.


Thanks for this heads up on Loeb and Thiel. We’re all focused on Mercer’s despicable connections to Breitbart and we should, instead, be turning over all the rocks. And, there are many, many rocks. A huge pile of rocks with lots of far right ( or worse ) money behind them, actually. And, this money moves around our small planet pretty much unnoticed; entering our political campaigns and causing much of the aberrant distortions, in our foreign and domestic, policies. This is toxic to our future, but since when have people like Thiel, Loeb and Mercer worried about things like that? They seem hell bent on resurrecting and rewriting the past and putting their vile, infectious hands right into the American stew pot. Bon Appetit!
Mr. Cuomo has always been a thorn in the side of progressives and, of course, he’s an old DLC-loving sympathizer. Giuliani with lots more hair and the backing of 3rd Way Corporate Democrats. What we absolutely don’t need more of, we get in bunches. Thank our lucky stars, he won’t sell well on the national campaign trail. Just another overexposed slick willie, imo.


The rabble is his cudgel

The rich his clique


Thank You -This is real NEWS! We need to know the people behind the curtain. I would think that fundraisers would be major news events, it should be front page news who is giving how much and to whom.


It was NO ACCIDENT that the Captured, Totally Owned by the .01%, Media would refuse to Broadcast Bernie’s Primary Victory Speeches, in favor of an Empty Podium, with a crawl reading “Waiting for Trump”.


Divide and rule is the way the .01% have remained the .01% since the beginning of civilization. They fear more than anything that the 99% will awaken and stop cooperating. One of their strategies is to pay and plant provocateurs amongst groups like Antifa and NeoNazis. It works well. The news and discussions, public and private, are concentrated on this artificial conflict.
The facist groups are attracting much attention from the middle/left because they are afraid of a repeat of Germany, Spain and Italy of the 30s. Left out of their analysis is economics. Those countries were in a depression and the facists instituted programs that employed and enriched the masses. They were encouraged and abetted by the .01% of Europe and the US because they feared the socialist alternative. In the US Keynesian economics was used. It didn’t work as well as the facist programs but accomplished what FDR considered his greatest achievement, saving capitalism.
Trump and the .01% are not likely to improve the lot of the 99% so I think the NeoNazi movement will stay small but noisy. The best strategy, imo, is to ignore them. Leave them to their circle jerk and pay attention to more important matters such as single payer and public banking.


The “Main Stream Media.”

Making inroads to being the “Worlds Coldest Profession.”

Instead of screwing one person at a time, they are Fucking us all as a country by lying for the Oligarchs and the Duopoly, and the MIC.

Judas would be proud of them.

Ya think their 30 pieces of silver will buy them a ticket through the Pearly Gates?


Aw come on mr. president just where in the hell have you ever met an innocent protester?
a. Not experienced or worldly; naive.
b. Betraying or suggesting no deception or guile; artless.
Of course I doubt that Trump has ever protested anything that didn’t affect him directly and, if he is true to type, in an embarrassing way for all others concerned.
Come to think on this, that definition of innocence could apply to burgeoning racists at their first rally. Is their a criminally stupid statute?


Thanks for a reality check. Most don’t want to actually think about what’s going on and how people of all sides are being used by the elitists/globalists to keep us divided. And also thanks for mentioning the paid provacateurs, including Crowds on Demand, a business that took out ads in Craigslist in Charlottesville, offering up to $25/hr to join the “anti-fascist” protest. It makes me wonder who hired Crowds on Demand.

Another thing to remember about the rise of fascism is the “beer hall putsch” of 1923 (the year people in Germany were pushing wheelbarrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread) A group of men tried a takeover of the gov’t of Munich and failed. Their leader went to jail where he had time to write “Mein Kampf”. HIs followers were called “thugs” by many. Others called them “angry, unemployed men”


When no one is looking, we progressives are wont to snicker a little at the sight of rowdies waving the flag for Trump. After all, polls show that the degree of education is inversely proportional to the degree of support Trump enjoys, do they not? Or do they?

Author Sarah Anderson meticulously connects for us the dots leading from a few extremely rich Wall Street types to the Alt-Right demonstrators. So why are these few guys doing it? Is it that they are inherently bigots, or is it their inordinate fear of the financial transaction tax? Regardless of what demons drive them, without their money, much of Trump’s supposed populous support might well have never jelled, which makes them a billion times more dangerous to our democracy than those in the streets.

Thank you, Ms. Anderson.