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The 'Alt-Right': We Need Courage and Truth, Not False Equivalencies

The 'Alt-Right': We Need Courage and Truth, Not False Equivalencies

Eladio Bobadilla

In the wake of the unrest in Charlottesville a few weeks ago, where a sizable contingent of white supremacists, Nazis, and other self-described “alt-right” provocateurs gathered to “Unite the Right” and to promote their agenda of hate, President Trump had an opportunity to demonstrate some much-needed moral leadership. Unsurprisingly, he once again failed to do so.


One trajectory chosen by Dr. King and a broad spectrum of organizers contains poignant recognition of the truth that you become what you hate; caveats include those cited by Walter Wink: do not return evil with evil; do not mirror evil; do not respond to evil in kind.

Wink’s book Engaging the Powers [Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination] has, I would submit, never been more timely and salient. Do you encounter right wing “Christians” advocating violent methodologies with twisting of biblical citation? This is one of the most well researched documents for clearing the air and making room for the rainbow of spirit through ENGAGEMENT.
Opening Chapter 1o-On Not Becoming What We Hate, Bertold Brecht is quoted:

For we knew only too well:
Even hatred of squalor
Makes the brow grow stern.
Even anger against injustice
Makes the voice grow harsh. Alas, we
Who wished to lay the foundation of kindness
Could not ourselves be kind.
Bertold Brecht

The longer the inevitable devolution of divide and conquer attempts to parasitically colonize the healthy human spirit, the more important and energizing the drawing on clear loving thinking and action becomes.

Despite institutional problems with Christianity, where the institution has fallen prey to its unnamed demons, accurately identifying, calling them out and engaging is invaluable.

An interesting blog post: Is America Willing to Be Freed from Its Demons?


“In the wake of the unrest in Charlottesville a few weeks ago, where a sizable contingent of white supremacists, Nazis, and other self-described “alt-right” provocateurs gathered to “Unite the Right” and to promote their agenda of hate, President Trump had an opportunity to demonstrate some much-needed moral leadership. Unsurprisingly, he once again failed to do so.”

We can criticize Trump by comparing him morally to others ( which is mostly beneficial for us – to keep sane), but he really doesn’t give a damn. The only thing that I’ve seen in his entire presidency that may cause him to straighten up and fly right is this article: It’s finally dawned on Trump how much people ‘hate’ him — and he’s pivoting to a new strategy

He sets up his world so that nobody can get through but sycophants, panderers, back-scratchers, lackeys, bootlickers, minions, puppets, parasites, etc. But apparently he has run into some who don’t belong in his preferred inner circle, even after he gets all that butt-kissing. So now he’s crossing party lines to “make deals” with Democrats (the debt ceiling and other matters) in hopes that they will be good fits for his inner circle. It appears he cannot STAND being disliked, if the word ever gets through to him. But you can bet he will shaft Democrats as much as he has Republicans.

And Mr. Bobadilla, we DO need courage and truth to tell the story correctly. Part of the truth must be to let DJT know the depth of our anger and dislike for him because of his treatment of America, and not to give up.

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Thank you Mr. Bobadilla. All these attacks on aintifa are taking the "circular firing squad concept to a whole new level of absurdity.

Every time I hear from the hand-wringing branch of the left that fascists deserve “free speech” and that Antfa is somehow violating that right, I imagine that they also support giving Endangered Species Act protections to bubonic plague bacteria or the Ebola virus and therefore antibiotics and vaccines should be outlawed!

Fascism is like the AIDS virus. Just as AIDS uses the immune system itself to destroy an organism, fascism exploits the free speech principles of liberal societies spread its deadly poison. Fascist speech should be regarded as a “shouting fire” exception at a minimum, and more preferably, regarded as a toxic, dangerous environmental poison.


The best I have read on this subject.

So yeah, No Platform For Fascists! What these hate groups miss entirely is the truth of the oneness of all beings–isn’t it obvious we share the One Life?


Ever since Murkins fell for Saint Ron’s trickle down mantra and demonization of organized labor and poor people, Murka has perfected the art and science of blaming victims and rewarding perpetrators, making it difficult for most Murkins to cut through the fake news Trump and others serially dish out.


Whether one agrees with Mr. Bobadilla or doesn’t, what he describes in the excerpt above explains why these alt-right creatures are treated so much better by the media than they should be. The “false equivalency” becomes normalized when the media feels it must always be perfectly objective, which in some situations creates a “bias by default”. The journalistic icons of the first 2/3 of the last century, people such as H.L. Mencken, John Reed, Martha Gellhorn, Edward R. Murrow, Studs Terkel, and others to this day (Amy Goodman, Seymour Hersh, Robert Scheer, to name a few, were not free of varying degrees of bias yet reported the facts, along with their impressions.
They new that all news reporting is biased to some degree. Even the editing process involves what to leave out and what to leave in. When reporting from wartime Europe, no one was bothered by the very strong anti-Fascist bias of Ed Murrow or Martha Gellhorn (Gellhorn was famously quoted in the later years ridiculing the disease of, as she put it, ‘…all that objectivity shit…’


There certainly is no equivalency between the alt-right (white supremacists) and the anti-fascists. The beliefs of the alt-right need to be attacked. Their beliefs are what permitted slavery for over 200 years and then racial segregation. There is no acceptable basis for believing one race is superior to the other. The US needs to get beyond the belief of white supremacy because it is a poison for a functioning society and it is morally wrong. I believe the anti-fascists are anarchists. I do not condone their violent tactics. The worst thing to do is confront the alt-right with violence because this is exactly what the alt-right wants. They want be seen as victims of society. This is one way in which they gain support. The-right has the right to free speech not matter how vile their statements. Confronting them with violence just gives them publicity. It up to the police to prevent violence. The police did a good job in Boston. There is no reason police in other places cannot do an equally good job. Of course Trump is going to be on the side of the alt-right because that is his strongest voting base. I also think that Trump does believe that whites are superior. The man simply should not be president of the US. But there are a lot of white supremacists in the US and it appears that Trump benefited from outrageous fake news stories about Hillary Clinton and even the Russian government being involved in setting up fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to attack Clinton and of course they hacked emails. The best strategy would seem to be keep criticizing Trump and the white supremacists while refraining from violence.

People are rarely angry for the reason they think they are. So says a host of wise men. Is it really sensible to vent anger at a tiny minority who are powerless if ignored? The richest of the rich who hold all the cards skated away from thousands of crimes that President Diversity himself refused to prosecute them for. This fueled a backlash against the Democratic Party and resulted in Trumps massacre of HRC and the other Republicans in their primary. Anger directed at the corrupt system is useful, swinging clubs at a bunch of bozos who work for minimum wage when they are not celebrating the despair they feel in a way that says I’m desperate is not. Enjoy your anger and self righteousness. It is not helping, don’t fool yourself.

In Vancouver, Wa. this afternoon the alt-right were met by counter-protests at a 1st Amendment Event. Shouting, taunting ( rock chucking is a no go option here unless in self defense ) and a few scuffles; the now well known usual suspects of these events, reared their heads. However, it was a Patriot Prayer and Joey Free Speech follower, that used his lifted, monster truck to buzz and intimidate the crowd and roll some coal on the counter-protestors. With a vehicle like that, he could of easily killed and/or injured a lot of concerned middle-aged men and women and young people; everyday patriotic folks, in other words.
This willingness to murder your political adversary is the real " false equivalentancy " that needs to be thoroughly vetted in any serious discussion about comparing the alt-right and alt-left ( which is a real bogus term created by cretins like Neera Tanden of " Bernie Bros " infamy ). Until that " objective " journalistic endeavor occurs; hint, don’t hold your breath on that, I strongly endorse this gentleman’s point of view and actions. He’s on the good guy’s side, here.
These alt-right goons and domestic terrorists have a very long history of cold and calculated killing, lynching and beating up of innocent people who oppose their agenda. And, that history is called quite accurately, American History 101. Just sayin’.

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Leftism is defined by being universal and international, not isolationist. It’s a bitter irony that the fascists have remembered the need for this to build a global network far better than the left have, and are working with their counterparts in Europe and globally - one example is the recent establishment of a US branch of the Italian neo-nazi party Forza Nuova, there are many others. They also share the same idols as their counterparts worldwide, primarily Putin and Assad; many groups and prominent fascist ideologues have ties to or receive funding overtly or covertly from Putin. The trolls and boot boys are useful morons (offering “plausible deniability”) for the ideologues, but the leaders and fascist groups are not amateurs. They are organised, serious as cancer and equally lethal. To counter them, there needs to be real international solidarity at grassroots level.

*Edited because I got words mixed up

Apparently the US government gives certain groups terrorist designations. Not only do they not have free speech rights but they would probably be arrested if they identified themselves with the organization - such as ISIS. Now, it is obvious to most that many of these alt-right groups are terrorist in nature - but they somehow get a pass and can spread hate and speak freely. Why is this? It appears that the Ku Klux Klan is allowed to speak and march but most of us would define this group as terrorist in nature. Has the government given groups like this a pass and, if so, why? Free speech is apparently not a legal right of terrorist organizations - so why the hypocrisy?

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Just as it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time, It is possible to deplore the far right and also speak out against the tactics of anitfa at the same time. My Uncle died fighting Nazi’s in World War II, that they still exist at all is an affront to civilization. I think we can all agree on that. Antifa does not promote an evil system like that but their tactics are unwise at the same time, and damage the credibility of the left. Peace.

It is sometimes hard to know what really happened and every situation can be different. If Antifa proposes to confront and antagonize these fascists in order to create a confrontation with violence - then I think they are not in the right. If they are there to protect and defend anti-fascist protestors - then that might be ok although it should be the job of the police. We should strive to be a civil society where people do not physically attack each other. I wonder if ignoring and trying to marginalize these groups would not be better than confronting them. Of course, then we couldn’t have all the media attention, the adrenaline rushes and all of the excitement. It’s like a reality show where they match off against each other. So American - we are so confrontational. I’m sure the people who control the US and do the most damage to humanity are enjoying seeing these people fight each other. I think the police responses are one example of how they really operate and think.

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Ask any Dem pol to “choose sides”, and see what transpires.

“Vegan ISIS” …

I’m surprised His Travesty hasn’t poached that putridness.

As Dr. Cornel West, who was there counter-protesting the rally alongside clergy (many elderly) noted, “We would have been crushed like cockroaches were it not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists.”

Enough said.

I find it astounding that the primary way that Antifa fights fascism is by educating people on the exploitation of capitalism and by being activists against capitalism. Yet … their years and years of combating capitalism never makes it to the mainstream TV screens or the newspapers.

Why do you suppose that is?

The link below provides some actual examples of Antifa’s practical application of their anti-capitalist principles to help people – not crush heads or break windows:

The Anti-Capitalist Politics of Antifa

From the article…

“Many anti-fascists will argue that you can’t really be an anti-fascist without being an anti-capitalist, because they argue that capitalism breeds the conditions for fascism.”