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The AMA Gets Out Of The Way Of #MedicareForAll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/18/ama-gets-out-way-medicareforall

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Nice to see the nurses and the doctors on the same page.



About time; this is some good news.

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“The PAHCF…spent millions…this year on lobbying and ads against [M4A] including…on television ads in Iowa alone this month – an effort to influence the views of presidential candidates and voters in that early caucus state.”

Not only do anti-M4A lobbies spend in caucus states, they spend for anti-M4A propaganda during commercial breaks of debates - essentially, buying more debate ‘airtime’ in support of anti-M4A candidates at the very moment it is being debated.



The AMA has been critical to stopping universal healthcare efforts since the New Deal. This is big news.


Unnamed PAHCF (sic) flack sez:
"(The AMA) caved to the hard left, plain and simple.”

Boo-phuquing-hoo. In this case, “hard left” standing in as euphemism for “patients”.

The doctors were the final impediment to the implementation of Canada’s single-payer system in the early '60s … let the games begin!


Doctors versus the AMA on M4A

Like the greater electorate, doctor support for M4A has increased - with small majorities now supporting it by some polls…

…so that, between the pressures of declining overall AMA membership and changing member views, the AMA is being forced to alter its longstanding opposition to M4A…though it’s doubtful its current officials or board of trustees support it…

…Not the first time the AMA will have acted partially and belatedly: this is the org. that “exclud[ed] black physicians from membership [until 1968]…list[ed] black doctors as ‘colored’ in its national physician directory for decades, and…fail[ed] to speak against federal funding of segregated hospitals and in favor of civil rights legislation.”


While this is good news, much better news would be direct and forceful advocacy in favor of MFA from the AMA.


“Boo-phuquing-hoo. In this case, ‘hard left’ standing in as euphemism for ‘patients’…doctors were the final impediment to…implement[ing] Canada’s single-payer system”

Laugh - this time, not just patients: majorities of the doctors the AMA wants to become dues-paying members are swinging behind M4A.

i.e. - so “caving to the hard left” is also a euphemism for democracy.


Those labeling us “the hard left” need to be reminded that we, Bernie Sanders, and other M4A advocates are proposing the very same program that FDR had on his list prior to his untimely passing, and the same program Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson advocated. They were all considered centrists, not “hard left”.

The only reason 1965 Medicare legislation excluded Americans under age 65 is because a number of Southern Congresscritters refused to vote for it if it included all Americans.

Canadian single-payer originated in the Province of Saskatchewan during the 60s, a province that has always been center-right, a long way from “hard left”.

Just shows how far to the right the center has moved during the past half century.

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The AMA includes doctors and insurance company people who are curated to be anti-MFA, the latter more so than the former. Even students getting a Masters in Public Health (MPH) are brainwashed and know which side of the bread is buttered if they ever want a job at a health insurance company.

Most doctors are not aware of the financial side of the business. The ones that are aware and figure out the health scam that is Obamacare will end up joining the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).

Check out this full discussion on Medicare For All and the poll at the bottom showing over 50% of Dem voters will not consider candidates who don’t support MFA: https://www.dailykos.com/st…