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The Amateur Hour

The Amateur Hour

Christopher Brauchli

Be Mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
— Sun-Tzu,Emptiness and Fulness

The Trump family is a source of constant inspiration to other families whose children are not as accomplished as their parents might have hoped, as well as to the parents of those children.

A number of readers have written to ask whether I can explain how it is that God has selected a man known to be, among other things, a liar, lecher, crook, tax cheat, unfaithful husband and, in short, a two-legged moral vacuum, to carry out his work. Furthermore, how could Mr. Pompeo believe God raised Trump to help Israel or to do anything else for that matter? I have the answer for them. I found the answer in a site on the internet called “Got Questions.”

God’s real name is Stochastic Reality.


To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, “Alchemy was humankind’s first attempt at chemistry. Astology was humankind’s first attempt at astronomy. And religion was humankind’s first–and worst–attempt at philosophy.” The fact that American Christians, through willful ignorance (a manifestation of active stupidity), fail to put their utter bullshit behind them is why Trump is in the White House. It’s always “amatuer hour” for believers.


A liar indeed…

Liars all around us.

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In this case, God’s other name is plutocracy masquerading as democracy.


That makes “inspired” a dirty word. Does that mean that they ignore, or are inspired by all of the negative things, and more, that Wise Owl listed?

Wow, does that ever cheapen the idea of inspiration.

A friend once explained to me that believing in god was like believing in the magical powers of a milk carton. If your desires are fortuitously fulfilled, you can thank the milk carton, and if not, then the milk carton acts in mysterious ways. Either way, milk carton remains sacred.

Interesting! Of course this is not what those people meant, but I do have a proper religious interpretation: Either the ‘worst sinner among us’ was sent to test whether he (Trump) could find redemption or if we (me) could possibly forgive/accept such a man. Both sadly rely on Trump ‘getting God in his heart’, but as a religious question, it’s a great one! (And one we should ask of everything). Full disclosure, I’m an atheist, and do not believe Trump has ‘God in his heart’.