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The Amazon Is Burning Because the World Eats So Much Meat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/23/amazon-burning-because-world-eats-so-much-meat

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Far be it from me, a notorious unsustainable-food shamer, to make this point. As a vegan for decades, I’m well acquainted with the reception any dietary pointers I have to share might receive from friends who sense they “need more protein” lately. I just have to keep it light: “Enjoy your hamburger!”


Two points:

  1. Advertising
  2. Investment based on constant growth

These are clinical profiles of ginning up societal ADDICTION based on false information, skewed statistics and ego-based “loyalty” researched, tested and implemented by a multi-billion $ industry that has a giant null set where ethics and coherence should be. Lock-step blinkered files of proverbial children following a pied piper structure now adopted where governance needs to return. Obesity a problem?; coronary and other diseases; fear and loathing; lead in the water; corporations with more rights than thee and me.

We’ve been sold a false bill of goods for centuries. ‘Simplicate and add lightness’ (logic of an aeronautical engineer) and ‘live simply so that others can simply live’.


You description brings to mind those experiments where they show a chicken can learn to peck the green button for a piece of corn. Psychedelic Chicken probably knows he references our cultural model.

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The Amazon is burning not just because of beef production, though I’m sure that’s a major reason. Another big reason is palm oil plantations, it is trickier to reduce consumption of this product, it’s in almost all processed foods.


Umm, the author of this article left out the huge plantations of GMO soya production, especially in the Mato Graso province of Brazil.
Twumpie’s failed tariff crap with China (and the attendant phuck-you to USA farmers) created an even bigger market for Brazilian soya growers and more deforestation of the Amazon as a real time result.


People eating less meat would definitely be a good thing, but what if there were less people around to do the eating?


and gold mining.
I don’t eat meat. Don’t think it is the sole reason they are burning the rainforest.
These crazy, greedy mf-ers are going to burn us all alive.


I think that’s one of the reasons the 1% is denying climate change, they know conditions will worsen to the point of a mass die-off, while they wait it out in their bunkers.

Meat has largely disappeared from my diet without conscious effort or decisions. My energy is good and my pants size is almost back to college days.

I’m a retired cattle raising farmer who quit eating much meat because I outgrew thinking I need it. Washing grease-free dishes with a home-grown luffa sponge that lasts ten times as long as plastic sponges and never stinks or becomes stained is an added bonus. And meat is expensive.


“Nothing will benefit Health or increase the chances of Survival on Earth as the Evolution to a Vegetarian Diet.” Albert Einstein

There is no doubt that raising Animals for Food is greatly contributing to Climate Change.

The Pollution caused by Livestock is far greater than ALL the Transportation Vehicles in the World Combined.

The Manure from Cattle, Pigs, Goats, Chickens, etc. Pollutes our Streams, Rivers and Fresh Water Supply and creates much more Carbon Emissions than the Combustible Engine.

We are Burning the Amazon to create Pastures where Livestock can graze to produce Hamburger Meat for the Fast Food Industry.

I have been a Vegan for almost 40 years and I can tell you that my mouth salivates in anticipation of the Delicious Plant Based Food that I consume everyday.

It is an easy adjustment to go from eating the carcass of a Dead Animal to eating Deliciously prepared food from the Vegetable Kingdom.

A simple search on Google will give you thousands of mouth watering Vegan recipes made from tasty Plants.

From Artichokes to Zucchini the variety of Delicious Plant food is endless, Pasta of every type and shape as well as scrumptious Meat Alternatives that are plentiful and difficult to distinguish from a dead animal.

Burger King has just introduced the Impossible Burger and I dare anyone to tell the difference between this Plant Based Burger and the Meat from an Animal.

The World is moving away from the cruelty of eating Animals, which contributes to Heart Disease, Hardening of the Arteries and many Degenerative Diseases, not to mention the destruction of the Planet.

It is an Easy Transition to become a Vegan.

Going Vegan is Beneficial for Personal Health, for the Health of Planet Earth and especially Better for the elimination of the Pain & Suffering of the Millions of Intelligent Beautiful Animals we Unnecessarily Kill for Food Every Day.


Dramatically increased fires in the Amazon are caused by Trump and exacerbated by climate change.

Here’s how Trump caused the increase in fires in the Amazon:

Step 1 – Trump puts tariffs on Chinese goods to the US
Step 2 – Chinese place retaliatory tariffs on US farm goods including soybeans.
Step 3 – Chinese begin increasing the purchase of soybeans from Brazil.
Step 4 – Brazil commits to increasing soybean production ASAP to supply even more to China
Step 5 – Brazil begins clearing more forested land through slash and burn to plant more soybeans for the Chinese market.

It is that straight-forward. Trump is an idiot who cannot or refuses to think beyond his egoistic narcissism.

Add climate change drought in the Amazon region on top of Trump’s fires and we have today’s infernos.


Getting further up there in years, I’m aware of a lot more dialog with my gastrointestinal system, more extensive conversations, than I remember having as a yute. Most folks dislike such chit-chat, but I’ve found that if I shut up and listen to my gut for a change, it has a lot to tell me about what’s easy to digest, and what’s not-so-easy. I’m taking the easy way out. (1c navy beans: 19g fiber!)


A steak dinner the planet can’t afford

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The Amazon is burning because the world is over-populated. Wouldn’t matter if it was cattle or corn, they would still burn the forest to create pasture or farm land. Time for you guys to open your eyes.


WOW, here we go again with the Vegans trying to criminalise an industry that provides employment and sustenance to millions. At the same time, they totally IGNORE the FACT that Brazil provides much of the World’s SOYA beans that even the vegans rely upon, they also produce much Palm oil as well. So lighten up people, there’s enough blame to go around for everyone.

" The Amazon Is Burning Because the World Eats So Much Meat"

Turning 7 billion omnivores into vegetarians is going to be a hard row to hoe. We might have better success by lobbying conservatives to fund planned parenting instead of causing natural and manmade disasters to do the job of restoring population balance.


Then can we return our farms to forests, or at least fruit trees?


“Crimialize” is a loaded term, itchy, and not even close to reality.


It’s only mildly amusing that someone interprets “Enjoy your hamburger!” as another socialist plot to criminalize an industry. I’ve heard of laws forbidding the disparagement of meat-eating, but my words are more like exhausted resignation – verging on sarcasm, I’ll admit. Some folks are sensitive.