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The Amazon Is on Fire—Indigenous Rights Can Help Put It Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/amazon-fire-indigenous-rights-can-help-put-it-out


The First Nations people view the landscape they live in as the equivalent of a “written history” of their people. Their myths , legends and language are all linked to the land. Under the Geneva Conventions , trying to erase a peoples history and culture is considered Genocide.

Bolsanaro continues the Genocide his ancestors from Europe started.


I did a look/see of the fires and the CO2 but from the view of the globe :((( it’s on my front page, have a tissue handy, a drink of water and a prayer. Please note the smoke traveling over the oceans. It is my hope that everyone will start using the nullschool map. It will captivate you, it will shock you.


Those stills are like a giant scar on the Earth. I want humanity to end up surviving this, I really do. But looking at stuff like this and knowing that it is all because of humans, I start to reconsider if our species really should continue existing.


Nor should we ignore Australia’s disregard for the future of peoples of the Pacific by its policy of appeasing the polluters

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The ickiest stain of all in the UNFCC greenwashing complex is a monstrosity called REDD+ in GCF (Green Climate Fund). Some general rules for climate policy initiatives:

  1. There has to be an acronym, preferably unpronounceable, for every little thing, and for all the categories of little things, and so on.
  2. All the acronyms must be regularly reshuffled – usually framed as a revised approach.

What do gobbledegook construction rules have to do with the Climate Catastrophe? Why, nothing at all. It’s like the magician’s trick of doing something flashy with their right hand, and something unnoticed with their left: a stagey distraction. (And dressed up with such a well-produced website, I must say!) There’s a side-benefit to REDD (or whatever they decide to call it next week): besides promoting nonsense like offsets, they can also appropriate indigenous lands under the guise of helping the climate!

REDD is a total win-win for predators, with the UNFCC (United Nations Framework on Climate Change) neck deep in the mud-wrestling. Now Naomi Klein comes along and wants to ruin the party by bringing up indigenous rights. What a killjoy.

Cleverly worded post has me thinking! Does appropriation of indigenous lands permit total extraction rights as it does in this country? I know that most of the legal aspects of the UN are as impotent as the International Criminal Court but don’t take away all my faith in the UN programs. please

Underneath this horror, the driving force is the ever-present, coercive capitalism that forces people to do anything and everything struggling to make money to survive.
Despite the history that documents rapaciousness and destruction as anti-human, the beast marches on. Nothing to this point is able to take the feet out from under this demonic ideology. Just think, in capitalist terms, all those fires a great thing for the economy, so it’s all good.
Cure the pathology before it is too late. Use your vote to turn toward a social democracy that commits itself to reworking capitalism, governance and banking so that employment is no longer capable of impoverishing people nor driving them like cattle to ‘earn’ money doing activities that harm our world and our society.

Thank you for that. Note monoculture impacts such as Eucalyptus plantations for a multi-billion $ export market. Boycott Brazilian Amazon pro9ducts learn to find out provenance of ALL products you buy.
NRDC on using recycled paper products. Wide public outcry could make a difference in the aggregate. I wonder also about switching to bamboo.

MIT Tech Rview on the matter:
# We aren’t terrified enough about losing the Amazon
The context: With fires raging in the Brazilian Amazon, media reports have resurfaced a scary scenario where a certain level of deforestation will push the world’s largest rainforest to a tipping point where spiraling feedback effects convert much of the forest into savannah.

A scary prospect: In this scenario, rather than holding 17% of the world’s carbon trapped in vegetation on land, the Amazon would become a major source of it. Scientists can’t say exactly where the tipping point would be, but like other climate tipping points, which are unpredictable and essentially irreversible once reached, we should err on the side of caution.

Are we nearing it? So far, at least 17% of the Amazon has already been lost. As little as 20% deforestation could begin to trigger the irreversible “savannafication” process. Read the full story here.

Read next: Whoops! California’s carbon offsets program could extend the life of coal mines. It’s just the latest evidence that carbon offsets do not work.

You are most welcome and thank you for visiting. Bamboo is an amazing grass, years ago I suggest to a guitar maker he make me one using bamboo. Got a negative response which is too bad, it is something like 16% stronger than maple. Anyway, that is what my aim is with my blog, to reveal the facts and not the hype and there is so much hype. I had to visit my pharmacy yesterday and the staff there was clueless to our realities. Clueless and they are in the field of science, what???

There might be some good news soon.


Hello Ditton !

Pharmacy = Science - NOT Ditton - not even close, nor is engineering. They are drug dealers, not to put too fine a point on it.

I totally lost confidence in the UN when it was blatantly enrolled to enforce settler-colonialism in Haiti (with a big assist from x-prez Clinton). The only time “peacekeepers” have been ever been deployed where there was no conflict in which to keep the peace. There remained no fig-leaf covering the UN and US intention: to make sure Haiti stayed oppressed. Compounding the outrage, blue helmets carelessly transported a cholera epidemic which the UN has finally acknowledged culpability in, but has yet to make restitution for. The UN is just an arm of USAmerican global domination, it is now perfectly clear.

The UNFCC, the IPCC – These agencies, with a patina of scientific legitimacy, have succeeded in convincing the world we can keep extracting fossil fuels for a few more decades, no problem. They are all killing us with their heedlessness.

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What puzzles me is Bolivia ? Evo Morales is seeking to change the law and run for a fourth term apparently. In a way that is understandable - as he is an indigenous leader - the first. Evo also hosted the World People’s Conference on Climate Change back in 2010 - read Rights for the Environment:

So what is going on there ? Brazil’s rainforest only comprises some 65% of Amazonia - and Bolivia is burning - big time (Amazon fires: What about Bolivia? - BBC)

Has Morales gone to the dark side ? Or what ?

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Morales has been soft-pedaling the whole Pachamama business for awhile. His ecological sincerity has now been shredded, but it’s been in question for some time. Obvi.

Without Government, the Marketplace Will Not Solve Climate Change

There is a paywall, unfortunately, but this is a good article advocating a carbon tax. And a solid and rising carbon tax would work - that’s why it is opposed, and other less effective remedies are peddled.

Whose isn’t - in the political world - the real world ? I imagine the ‘boys’ are in there, Bolivia, seeking to undermine Morales. Politics is, as I understand it - the art of compromise. Morales has only to look to Venezuela to realize the forces arrayed against him - and to Brazil …

I think my attempted reply to you has been mis-directed to Aleph (see above).

A running tally of countries resisting omnicidal domination of the USAmerican empire is quite easily procured from the morning headlines, bro. That’s a separate issue from who’s willing to burn down their own home, but it’s something.

No it isn’t a separate issue.