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The American Cult of Bombing and Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/american-cult-bombing-and-endless-war


Technology/technocracy eschews the presence of the human spirit and short-circuits the dynamics of the human spirit in societal interactions. The corrosion of the capacities inherent in creativity is - I would submit - a close inverse corollary to the hegemonic/imperial presumption that anything done for ‘advantage’ - especially technological killing methods that include plausible deniability and their institutions that break accountability chains through bureaucratic BS for material and political advantage of dominator positions.
My concern is that this is clearly the ‘new’ normal. It is inextricably tied to consequences that are hidden by the deniability constructs. In other words: it is a psychotic system with exponential intensification written into its “DNA”.

Domination will ultimately be domino effect on the nation. You can’t do unto others without doing unto oneself. Everyone seems to think the “Commandments” are arbitrary advice. Make note: They got it wrong: they are causal statements. Watch the scenario and weep.


The only war ever won by bombing was the war with Japan, and I don’t think we want to do that again.

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Flights of flagitious fancy

The decision to bomb a City or population into submission is ultimately not a Military decision.

The decision t bomb a City or population into submission is ultimately not a Political decision.

It is a BUSINESS decision as war is good for business and generates tremendous profits for the same.

To paraphrase Clausewitz “War is the continuation of business by other means”. As soon as people set aside all this talk of Politics and the effectivness of Airpower in winning a war and “precision weapons” and how effective or not effective airpower is and understand that it really only about the money and profits , the sooner one can undertsand why these “failed policies” are implemented.


The Eastern religions say the same thing…they call it MASS KARMA. What many claim, is that the same thing that happened to the fascists in Nazi, Germany’s Third Reich will inevitably happen to Amerika’s fascists.

This organization does REAL journalism. Note the US Military still claims , in spite of the evidence and fragments of US weapons found at the site , that no Civilians were killed. Apparently 4 year old children are now “enemy combatants”.

The Pilot that dropped this bomb is a mass murderer. The soldiers that called in the airstrike because they claimed they were fired on were complicit.

About 20% of all the petroleum burned in the US is burned by our military. Time for us to stop the wars and save ourselves from ecological destruction!!! War=Money for Wall St. and more climate change.

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“or civilians in the Vietnam War. (Estimates vary, but when napalm and the long-term effects of cluster munitions and defoliants like Agent Orange are added to conventional high-explosive bombs, the death toll in Southeast Asia may well have exceeded one million”

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica the Vietnamese don’t share your opinion. Their estimate: over 2 million civilian deaths, and 1.1 million deaths from the North Vietnamese army and the Vietcong. Deaths from napalm, Agent Orange, and cluster bombs, short or long term, not included.

This habit of revising - minimising - figures is often found in the empire’s wars, including the Iraq invasion, the Afghan “war”, etc. Even those who ostensibly are “opposed” to war practise it.

The Japanese were clearing losing when the bombs hit. It was almost over. Those bombs were just for the sake of bombs, bravado, bragging rights. The Pearl Harbor was an anticipated and carefully watched event, enabling an excuse for our proud nuclear display.