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The American Dream: Living to 18


The American Dream: Living to 18

Amy Goodman

“What do you hope to accomplish with this protest,” I asked a 13-year-old girl marching in Staten Island, N.Y., last August, protesting the police killing of Eric Garner.

“To live until I’m 18,” the young teen, named Aniya, replied. Could that possibly be the American dream today?

Aniya went on: “You want to get older. You want to experience life. You don’t want to die in a matter of seconds because of cops.” It’s that sentiment that has fueled the Black Lives Matter movement across the country.


Anyone living in a real democracy would be stunned to hear that a young black man making eye contact with a police officer, then running, could be construed as a crime. No other country which considers itself advanced has anything like the number of incarcerated people, let alone the numbers killed by police. Have they no real crimes to investigate? Are suspicions about drugs supposed to mean nobody has any freedom of movement? Can no black males walk, drive or cycle and be seen as normal humans?


It’s really too bad that on the few times that Amy writes and the
many times she speaks for “Democracy Now” on the Free Speech TV network,
that she hardly ever mentions the Empire that is the cancerous cause of
all our subordinate ‘identity issues’, all our ‘symptom problems’ and
our entire “ailing social order” — which is the one issue that
encompasses, combines, and could focus solidarity on all issues. [Of
course the FSTV organization doesn’t like the word ‘Empire’ used because
some of their big funders don’t like any talk about the hidden Empire,
which needs to be diagnosed, exposed, and 'shouted-out in peaceful

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis … is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.

Anyway, the previously secret plan of this hidden cancer of Empire, was adopted
by the Disguised Global crony Capitalist Empire merely ‘posing’ as, and
HQed, in our former country, and has resulted in resource looting and
catastrophic violence on the periphery and terminal rot from within (by)
the ruling elite of this Empire, which Pepe Escobar calls the “Empire
of Chaos” and former war reporter, Chris Hedges, describes as an “Empire
of Illusion” for its ability to use the media/entertainment-sector of
the Empire to delude most Americans.

Fortunately, the black community, which is the most politically conscious in America, recognizes the ‘tip of the Empire’s spear in its face’ (or should we say the ‘9mm bullets in its back’), and additional larger groups of Americans; the poor, the unemployed, the non-voters, the working poor, the slipping middle classes, the Wall Street looted, and the 47% that Romney said the system (of Empire) could ignore ARE NOW fast beginning to understand, like the black community, that they are essentially ‘subjects’ of an Empire and not citizens of any kind of functional democracy.


“Amy hardly ever mentions the Empire.”

And she has been told by her superiors not to ever mention the elephant in the room namely… 911. There is irrefutable proof that the story told by the American Government is totally AN EGREGIOUS, BOGUS LIE. Amy has never interviewed any of the over 2,000 Architects and Engineers that have impeccable credentials. Even Steven Jones was on C Span. They are scientists, not conspiracy theorists, they only state the scientific facts that the government’s conspiracy theory defies the mathematical laws of physics!


If you are poor and black then you have no place in this country. Either you would be forced into jail or to join the army. Either way you are doomed. Black lives won’t matter. If you survive in the war after losing a limb then you would be sitting on a wheel chair in the Walmart parking lot to sell the national flag or asking for a quarter. Anyway, you are nobody. At any age you don’t have any dream only the nightmare. Additionally, everyone will hate you and your community. So in this country you are totally screwed. You need someone like Malcolm X not MLK although admittedly he isa good man but his dream turns to the nightmare.


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