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The American Empire: Murder Inc

The American Empire: Murder Inc.

Chris Hedges

Terror, intimidation and violence are the glue that holds empire together. Aerial bombardment, drone and missile attacks, artillery and mortar strikes, targeted assassinations, massacres, the detention of tens of thousands, death squad killings, torture, wholesale surveillance, extraordinary renditions, curfews, propaganda, a loss of civil liberties and pliant political puppets are the grist of our wars and proxy wars.


Imagine there’s no empire, it’s easy if you try…


Since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 223 out of her 240 calendar years of existence. At war 93% of the time she is now the bloodiest empire in history.

U.S. institutions and the media have never done due diligence on “terrorism” as terrorism has been practiced since the arrival of the first white settlers. The U.S.A. is the only nation in history that from its founding has been an expansive military power. Racism and classism are endemic and both domestic and foreign terror is mostly covered up or rationalized. The average citizen is brainwashed and conditioned from birth to obey and trust authority. Any honest discussion of this country as the world’s leading terrorist would run up against immediate disbelief and denial so most will remain comfortably unaware of the hideous nature of their nation. Besides the average citizen is kept too busy earning a living to bother giving much thought to anything else and only wants a little entertainment after a hard day’s work.

Here’s a short chronological list of interventions by the United States in opposing or aiding popular resistance movements by means of overt force (OF) or covert operation (CO):

[Date – place (targeted movement): outcome (means)]

1776-1865 – United States (numerous slave rebellions): success (OF)

1782-1787 – United States (Wyoming Valley): success (OF)

1786-1787 – United States (Shay’s Rebellion): success (OF)

1790-1795 – United States (Ohio Valley tribes): success (OF)

1794-1794 – United States (Whiskey Rebellion): success (OF)

1798-1800 – United States (Alien & Sedition trials): success (CO)

1799-1799 – United States (Fries’ Rebellion): success (OF)

1805-1806 – United States (Boston union “conspiracy”): success (CO)

1806-1807 – United States (Burr’s Insurrection): success (OF)

1810-1821 – Spanish Florida (Africans, Natives, etc): success (OF)

1811-1811 – United States (Tecumseh’s Confederacy): success (OF)

1813-1814 – United States (Creeks): success (OF)

1822-1822 – United States (Vesey’s Rebellion): success (CO)

1823-1824 – United States (Arikara): success (OF)

1826-1827 – United States (Philadelphia union “conspiracy”): success (CO)

1827-1827 – United States (Fever River & Winnebago): success (OF)

1831-1831 – United States (Turner’s rebellion): success (OF)

1831-1831 – United States (Sac & Fox): success (OF)

1832-1832 – United States (Black Hawks): success (OF)

1833-1834 – Argentina (rebellion): success (OF)

1835-1835 – United States (Murrel’s Uprising): success (CO)

1835-1836 – Peru (rebellion): success (OF)

1835-1842 – United States (Seminoles): success (OF)

1836-1837 – United States (Sabine, Osage): success (OF)

1836-1844 – Mexico (anti-Texans, Natives, etc): success (OF)

1837-1838 – United States (massive strikes): success (OF)

1838-1839 – United States (Mormons): success (OF)

1842-1842 – United States (Dorr’s Rebellion): success (OF)

1847-1855 – United States (Cayuse): success (OF)

1850-1851 – United States (Mariposa tribes): success (OF)

1851-1859 – United States (Washington tribes): success (OF)

1852-1853 – Argentina (rebellion in Buenos Aires): success (OF

1854-1856 – China (rebellion): success (OF)

1855-1856 – United States (Sioux): success (OF)

1855-1858 – United States (Seminoles): success (OF)

1855-1858 – Nicaragua (Walker’s invasion): success (OF)

1855-1860 – United States (“Bleeding Kansas”): success (OF)

1857-1857 – United States (Cheyenne): success (OF)

1857-1858 – United States (Mormons): success (OF)

1858-1858 – Uruguay (rebellion in Montevideo): success (OF)

1858-1859 – United States (Comanche): success (OF)

1859-1859 – United States (Brownists at Harper’s Ferry): success (OF)

1860-1860 – Angola (rebellion in Kissembo): success (OF)

1860-1861 – Colombia (rebellion): success (OF)

1861-1865 – United States (confederate rebellion): success (OF)

1861-1865 – United States (Navajo): success (OF)

1861-1886 – United States (Apache): success (OF)

1862-1864 – United States (Sioux): success (OF)

1863-1863 – United States (draft riots): success (OF)

1863-1864 – United States (massive strikes): success (OF)

1864-1864 – United States (Sand Hill Massacre):success (OF)

1865-1865 – Panama (rebellion): success (OF)

1865-1867 – United States (Sioux): success (OF)

1867-1867 – Formosa (rebellion): success (OF)

1867-1875 – United States (Comanche): success (OF)

1868-1868 – Japan (rebellion): success (OF)]

1868-1868 – United States (Washita/South Plains tribes): success (OF)

1868-1868 – Uruguay (rebellion): success (OF)

1871-1871 – Korea (rebellion): success (OF)

1872-1873 – United States (Modocs): success (OF)

1874-1875 – United States (Red River War): success (OF)

1874-1874 – United States (Kiowa): success (OF)

1876-1877 – United States (Sioux/Cheyenne): success (OF)

1877-1877 – United States (St Louis general strike, others): success (OF)

1877-1877 – United States (Nez Perce): success (OF)

1878-1878 – United States (Idaho tribes): success (OF)

1878-1879 – United States (Cheyenne): success (OF)

1879-1880 – United States (Ute): success (OF)

1885-1885 – United States (New York textile strikes): failure (OF)

1886-1886 – United States (massive strikes, Haymarket): success (OF)

1888-1888 – Korea (rebellion): success (OF)

1888-1893 – Hawaii (rebellion contra Dole): success (OF)

1888-1889 – Samoa (rebellion): success (OF)

1890-1891 – United States (Pine Ridge, Wounded Knee): success (OF)

1891-1891 – Haiti (Navassa uprising): success (OF)

1891-1892 – Chile (rebellion): success (OF)

1892-1892 – United States (Idaho miners): success (OF)

1893-1894 – United States (massive strikes): success (OF)

1894-1894 – Nicaragua (Bluefields unrest): success (OF)

1894-1894 – United States (Chicago rail/Pullman strikes): success (OF)

1894-1895 – Brazil (rebellion): success (OF)

1894-1896 – Korea (post Sino-Japanese war rebellion): success (OF)

1896-1899 – Nicaragua (rebellions): success (OF)

1898-1900 – United States (Chippewa at Leech Lake): success (OF)

1898-1902 – Philippines (nationalist resistance):success (OF)

1899-1899 – Samoa (Mataafa): success (OF)

1899-1901 – United States (Idaho miners): success (OF)

1900-1941 – China (Boxers, communists, etc): success (OF)

1901-1901 – United States (Creek uprising): success (OF)

1901-1901 – United States (Steel strikes): failure (OF)

1901-1902 – Colombia (rebellions): success (OF)

1901-1913 – Philippines (Moslem Moro rebellion): success (OF)

1903-1903 – Honduras (rebellion): success (OF)

1903-1904 – Dominican Republic (rebellion): success (OF)

1904-1909 – United States (Kentucky tobacco farmers): success (OF)

1906-1909 – Cuba (rebellion): success (OF)

1907-1911 – Honduras (leftists, Bonilla): success (OF)

1909-1911 – United States (NY/Triangle textile strikes): failure (OF)

1911-1912 – China (rebellions): success (OF)

1912-1925 – Nicaragua (leftists): success (OF)

1913-1919 – Mexico (various rebellions, Villa): failure (OF)

1914-1914 – United States (Ludlow Massacre): success (OF)

1914-1924 – Dominican Republic (various factions): success (OF)

1915-1934 – Haiti (Sam, etc): success (OF)

1916-1917 – United States (Arizona miners strike):success (OF)

1917-1918 – United States (IWW): success (CO)

1917-1919 – United States (Espionage Act trials): success (CO)

1917-1922 – Cuba (rebellions): success (OF)

1918-1920 – Panama (strikes, election protests, etc): success (OF)

1919-1919 – Honduras (rebellion): success (OF)

1919-1920 – United States (Palmer Raids): success (CO)

1919-1920 – Costa Rica (Tinoco, etc): success (CO)

1919-1920 – United States (Great Steel Strike, others): success (OF)

1920-1921 – United States (West Virginian miners): success (OF)

1920-1928 – United States (prison rebellions): success (OF)

1920-1920 – Guatemala (Unionists): success (OF)

1922-1922 – Turkey (Nationalists): success (OF)

1922-1923 – United States (massive strikes): success (OF)

1924-1925 – Honduras (rebellions): success (OF)

1925-1925 – Panama (general strike): success (OF)

1926-1933 – Nicaragua (Sandino, others): success (OF)

1931-1932 – El Salvador (Marti): success (OF)

1932-1932 – United States (DC Bonus Strikers): success (OF)

1933-1933 – Cuba (rebellion): success (OF)

1935-1935 – Philippines (Sakdal Uprising): success (OF)

1938-1957 – United States (leftists: HUAC, McCarthyism): success (CO)

1943-1946 – United States (unprecedented strikes): success (OF)

1944-1951 – Greece (EAM/ELAS/KKE): success (CO)

1945-1949 – China (maoism): failure (OF)

1945-1954 – Vietnam (Viet Minh): failure (CO)

1946-1947 – S. Korea (mass resistance to US military rule): success (OF)

1947-1950 – Turkey (TKP): success (CO)

1948-1948 – S. Korea (democratic resistance): success (OF)

1948-1954 – Philippines (Huks): success (CO)

1950-1951 – United States (Puerto Rican independence): success (OF)

1950-1953 – United States (many prison rebellions): success (OF)

1952-1975 – Japan (general anti-US protests): success (OF)

1952-1957 – Japan (protestors in Okinawa): success (OF)

1953-1963 – Syria (ASRP/Baathists): failure (CO)

1954-1962 – Algeria (FLN): failure (CO)

1956-1971 – United States (Cointelpro-CPUSA): success (CO)

1956-1975 – South Vietnam (NLF): failure (OF)

1957-1959 – Lebanon (leftists): success (OF)

1957-1958 – Jordan (leftists/anti-monarchists): success (OF)

1959-1960 – Haiti (rebels contra Duvalier): success (OF)

1960-1971 – United States (Cointelpro-Puertorriquenos): success (CO)

1960-1966 – Peru (leftist rebels/PCP): success (CO)

1960-1963 – Venezuela (FALN; leftist): success (CO)

1962-1969 – United States (Cointelpro-SWP): success (CO)

1963-1965 – El Salvador (various rebels): success (CO)

1964-1964 – Panama (Canal activists): success (OF)

1965-1968 – United States (mass urban race riots): failure (OF)

1965-1966 – Dominican Republic (Bosch supporters): success (OF)

1965-1966 – Indonesia (PKI): success (CO)

1965-2000 – East Timor (independence movement): failure (CO)

1966-1973 – United States (massive antiwar protest): failure (OF)

1966-2002 – Colombia (FARC/ELN): success (CO)

1966-1988 – Namibia (SWAPO): failure (CO)

1966-1967 – Guatemala (leftists): success (CO)

1967-1971 – United States (Cointelpro-SCLC, BPP, CORE, etc): failure (CO)

1967-1967 – United States (Detroit black workers): success (OF)

1967-1971 – Uruguay (Tupamaros): success (CO)

1967-1968 – United States (San Quentin prison rebellions): success (OF)

1967-1969 – Japan (protestors in Okinawa): success (OF)

1968-1969 – United States (MLK assassination riots): success (OF)

1968-1971 – United States (Cointelpro-SDS): success (CO)

1969-1970 – United States (IAT at Alcatraz): success (OF)

1969-1970 – Oman (Dhufar Rebellion): success (CO)

1969-2002 – Philippines (maoism): success (CO)

1970-1970 – United States (several prison rebellions): success (OF)

1970-1970 – United States (campus uprisings: KSU, etc): success (OF)

1970-1970 – Jordan (Palestinian resistance): success (CO)

1970-1972 – Bangladesh (independence movement): failure (CO)

1970-1972 – Trinidad (rebellions): success (OF)

1971-1971 – United States (post-Jackson murder prison riots): success (OF)

1972-1973 – Nicaragua (Sandinistas): success (OF)

1973-1973 – United States (Lakota at Wounded Knee): success (OF)

1973-1976 – United States (Cointelpro-AIM): success (CO)

1974-2002 – Israel (PLO): success (CO)

1974-2002 – Turkey (PKK): success (CO)

1977-1978 – United States (coal miners): failure (OF)

1980-2002 – Peru (MRTA/Shining Path): success (CO)

1981-1992 – El Salvador (FMLN, etc): success (CO)

1981-1990 – Honduras (PCH, FPR, etc): success (CO)

1981-1981 – United States (air controllers strike): success (OF)

1982-1983 – Morocco (MOL): success (CO)

1982-1984 – Lebanon (leftist & Moslem resistance): failure (OF)

1986-1990 – Bolivia (peasants): success (OF)

1989-1989 – St. Croix (Black rebellion): success (OF)

1992-1992 – United States (LA uprising): success (OF)

1994-2002 – Mexico (EZLN/Zapatistas): success (CO)

1995-1998 – Japan (protestors in Okinawa): success (OF)

9/11/2001 - Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings : success (CO & OF)

1996-2002 – Nepal (CPN): success (CO)

The history of the United States is nothing but constant terrorism. Below is a shorter list that does not include the “great Institution" of slavery during which hideous time in our “exceptional” nation’s genocidal history there is an estimated 40 MILLION dead former African slaves, nor does the list include 30 MILLION dead indigenous people(“Indians”), and both groups are still being terrorized. Nor are the uncounted constantly demonized and exploited immigrants, most from imperialist impoverished countries.

Imperialism is the policy, practice, or advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas; broadly, it is the extension or imposition of power, authority, or influence.

1846, Mexico

1853, Japan

1893, Hawaii

1898, Cuba

1899, Philippines

1899, Somoa

1903, Panama

1906, Cuba

1910, Nicaragua

1914, Mexico

1914, Europe

1917, Russia

1924, Honduras

1925, Mexico

1945, Japan

1950, Korea

1953, Iran

1954, Guatemala

1961, Cuba

1961, Iraq

1964, Vietnam

1970, Cambodia

1982, Iraq

1986 Nicaragua

1986, Libya

1990, Iraq

1999, Yugoslavia

2001, Afghanistan

2003, Iraq

2009, Yemen

2010, Pakistan

2011, Libya

2012, Syria

2014, Ukraine

Incomplete, the list is endless and ongoing…

And let us not overlook the CIABASE files on Death Squads supported by the CIA. Also given in the link below are details on Watch Lists prepared by the CIA to facilitate the actions of Death Squads.

“Around 55 million people were killed directly after the end of World War II, as a result of Western imperialism. Hundreds of millions were slaughtered indirectly.”
“On Western Terrorism”, Vitchek/Chomsky

The American Empire: Murder Inc. By Chris Hedges

The American Empire
By Wade Frazier
Revised July 2014


Yes, Chris — finally a truly loud and public ‘shout-out’ against this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire!!!

Maybe, just maybe, this truth from Chris — like the public pamphlets from Thomas Paine, and the alarm from Revere — will sufficiently alert and educate the American people to the essential need for a Second American Revolution against Empire (again).

This essential Second American Revolution against Empire will begin with a “shout heard round the world” instead of a “shot heard round the world” — and it can be successful, like the First (and only successful) American Revolution against Empire, because it will be against the EMPIRE and not against our own government of ‘the people’.

And this Second American Revolution against Empire can be totally non-violent with a “shout heard round the world” precisely because the most deadly thing in the world to a ‘Disguised’ EMPIRE is to simply ‘Expose’ it as an Empire — which will kill it by the sunlight of truth just as with any VEMPIRE!

If Americans are not educated to the existence of the Empire and do not become aware of the colossal extent to which this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is setting people of the world against each other to protect the Empire from the people, then there will surely be massive violence and death simply to insure that this Empire can continue to exist at the cost of untold lives across many lands; both those lesser developed territories that the Empire has already bathed in chaos and death like; Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, et al. and those advanced territories (AKA ‘countries’ like America, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, et al.) which are already controlled by the DGC Empire.

Our supposed country, previously known as the U.S. is already captured, controlled, and fully “Occupied” as the nominal HQ of, and merely posing as a faux-democracy of this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire — which the Empire uses and abuses in order to deploy the super-powers of the “U.S. state apparatus”:

“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an EMPIRE OF GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington.”
[Caps substituted for italics in the original]

Robinson, William 2014 “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity”

Best luck to the people.

Liberty, democracy, equality, and justice
Violent (and dual-party Vichy disguised)



Your efforts are noted and appreciated. Truth telling - excellent.


You may have forgotten the two invasions of Canada, 1775 and 1812.

You are indeed a ‘Wise Owl’ — if Lennon had understood the structure of our propaganda-deluded society better than most could that early, he would surely have used your lyrics, Owl!

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Even though I am aware of the Amerikan Empires war history, I appreciate your sagacious and comprehensive post. Very well done!

But here is the problem from my perspective: the fact remains that the majority of the American people are so brainwashed with American exceptionalism, they have no idea what their government has done and is still doing in their names, they have no idea what is going on with murder inc. …and probably never will!


Rusty, as I think I said before of you — you’re not too rusty at all, but sharp and polished steel, like a knife, in your assessment!

Thanks for the links and comprehensive list of

It’s amazing what an Empire can do in stifling democracy when the Empire is actually able to disguise itself as a democratic Republic.

And it’s still working throughout the whole world raping and pillaging abroad and tyrannizing at home — since the Empire has been fully successful in disguising itself behind the facade of America.

In fact, the Empire has continued to be successful even as the Empire spread to being a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which has no real connection to our former country (except that this first truly Global Empire is nominally HQed in, and ‘poses’ as America) — and even Hedges (and the American Empire Project) wrongly calls it an “American Empire” — while the Empire has actually expanded ethereally into a Global Empire, which only Professor Robinson, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, David Harvey, Michael Parenti, Morris Berman, and a few other leading students of this totally unique and first truly detracted Global Empire understand:

“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an empire of global capital , headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington.”

Robinson, William. 2014 “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity”


Sounds great. Could you sum up the Green Party’s victories in many Nat’l and State Elections in 2-3 sentences and then add a one sentence positive action plan for the world, in the fourth. Take your time and cover it all, too. Great interview by Mr. Hedges. If you’ve lived long enough most of this awful political history still really stings. The details about S. American atrocities, especially. Blowback is going to be very, very gnarly, America.

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1775 was before 1776 but I am adding…
1812-1815 - United States (British invasion): success (OF). U.S. invasion of Canada: failure (OF)

The PTB running the Deep State described in the article don’t have to vote for any party or person. The Green Party and Jill Stein, included.

Excellent post and summation that dates back to the very founding of the Empire and those much admired “Founding Fathers”. It amply demonstrates that while they openly talked of “freedom and liberty” it was all doublespeak.


Picking up on the biblical references - the work of René Girard is invaluable. Here is a link to one of a series of brief interviews that take - by topic- biblical concepts in simple language conversation to meditate on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN9-PFCJMQQ

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Robinson also warns of the rise of a global police state to contain the explosive contradictions of a global capitalist system that is crisis-ridden and out of control. But who will police the police and their capitalist masters?

The “new world order” can never really be. There has never been a way for the world’s capitalists to peacefully coexist, after all competition and the destruction of competitors is the essence of capitalism. The “new world order” of a global capitalist imperium can never fully succeed. Instead, as in capitalism’s entire history, there will be war and destruction. But the human race is not only facing destruction by weapons of mass destruction but by the destruction of the ecology and the sixth mass extinction being caused by insuficiently controlled industry. Capitalism will continue to prevent any meaningful control.

The only solution is socialism. Otherwise the human race is headed toward extinction. With Germany and Japan now openly rearming the world is beginning to resemble the 1930’s. Let us also not forget how before the first World War it was widely believed that Europe could never go to war as all the monarchs were related. The best laid plans of mice and monarchs.

US Military to Expand Global Operations in 2016
“US imperialism is expanding its global Special Forces network, preparing new deployments of combat forces to confront Russia and China, and flooding every region of the world with advanced weaponry.”


Si, delusion is a national condition en el imperio, ah yes, the imperialist amerikan empire!
Thankfully the World is waking up the murderous beast that is amerika! All part of the “Great Change”…
amerika may be first in murder and terrorism, but it will be one of the last to become peaceful!

Unfortunately you’re right but the Civil War itself was won by the U.S. I can’t even really consider the decades after a counterrevolution. Racism and classism are endemic to capitalism and any class system. I would more likely blame the spreading impoverishment and joblessness along with the corporate takeover of the government and the country’s institutions. The Confederate south was a plutocratic oligarchy and that’s now what the whole country has become including the slavery of mass incarceration. It does indeed seem as though the whole country will soon be one large impoverished Alabama.


We need the impact of many paragraphs itemizing the horrors we have inflicted around the world while at home we celebrate our greatness. The contrast between the truth and the fantasy is staggering. It is Hedges job to horrify us. It cannot be done in a few paragraphs up against the daily onslaught of propaganda. thank you, Chris Hedges for bearing the burden of knowing the truth. We need to share that burden. Perhaps it is all we can do. Can anything overcome this false love for our country?


One has to wonder what it will take before the US, the #1 terrorist country in the world, ever becomes a peaceful nation. it looks to me like it will not be until somehow the Amerikan Empire’s military, industrial, congressional complex is brought to its knees.


Si, de acuerdo, totally agree. el imperio Will be brought to its knees; that is the Way!
Those who pay atencion will say…soooo Right On!