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The American Health Care Act Is a Wealth Grab, Not a Health Plan

The American Health Care Act Is a Wealth Grab, Not a Health Plan

Richard Eskow

The Republicans’ plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is a disaster for the health of the American people. But that may be nothing more than a byproduct of the bill’s main impact: it will increase inequality, and make the rich even richer than they’ve become in the last few decades.


Health care becoming wealth care


Yes, it’s not the “America Health Care Act” it’s the “America Wealth Care Act” continuing a Congressional tradition of misnomers.


Thank you Richard Eskow! Now this well written and comprehensive expose must somehow penetrate the controlled media and get to the American people! It’s very clear who the GOPigs and trump regime represent and who they prey-upon, but their targets are so ill-informed and the truth so well concealed and kept from the people few will actually get the facts, so shrouded in propaganda, idiot tweets, and lies!


Here in Vermont library after library are coming on board to host single-payer events with the a documentary and speaker(s). You can reach out to as many libraries in your home state to do the same. Imagine every community hosting such events! Trump’s stadium-filled fans will pale in comparison. When more people find out the truth as to how it will work we will get our true Universal Health Care Coverage, Trump be damned!

http://thehealthcaremovie.net/home/ Watch the trailer

https://www.healthcare-now.org Great resources

http://www.pnhp.org Good place to get a speaker


From C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright and satirist based in Berlin, from CounterPunch, February 2017.
The “deep state” is an interdependent network of structures where actual power resides in the military-industrial complex, multinational corporations, Wall Street, and the corporate media. It includes military and intelligence brokers, aids, advisers, and assorted other permanent members of the government and the corporate and financial classes. These people have their conflicts of interests and contradictions but on one issue they are committed: preserving the system, which in their case, is global Capitalism. The deep states doesn’t serve the “United States of America,” i. e. the country in which we live. The country is an mportant part of the equation but it is not the deep state’s primary concern. If it was, every American would have health care, housing, descent infrastructure and a quality educational system like much of the industrialized world.
The deep state seeks to destroy the outmoded concepts of the nation state and national sovereignty and create one big marketplace where Chinese investors own American companies that manufacture goods for European markets by paying Thai workers three dollars a day to enrich American hedge fund investors whose British bankers deposit their money in numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands while American workers pay their taxes so that the United States can give billions of dollars to Israelis and assorted terrorist outfits that are destabilizing the Middle East to open up markets for the capitalist ruling classes, who have no allegiance to any country, and who couldn’t care less about the common people who have to live there. Trump supporters don’t quite follow the logic of all that, nor how it hurts them, their children, and their children’s children.


Thank you for the links, Around here, a lot of churches often host health fairs. Presentations such as what you indicate here would be useful content material for these church’s health fairs. Perhaps church health fairs in your area are also opportunities for information spread.

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Sadly, the people who most need to read this will never see it! Ultimately, the only hope is probably the death of our peculiar brand of Capitalism.


Well thought and stated, desertinutah! Thanks for such a concise description of the “Big Picture”, i.e. Reality!

Capitalism is currently operated under a competitive model. I often advocate changing that paradigm to a cooperative model. There are historical and existing examples of cooperative capitalism. Yeah. its a huge uphill climb but being at the bottom of the barrel tends to be that way.

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“Health care act is a wealth grab…”

Surprise, surprise.

Just like the ACA, before it.


Churches and synagogues would highlight the moral issue of providing health care for everybody that does not exploit their needs for profit. Good idea.

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Thanks kindly for these resources. I’m going to give the information and suggestion to Seattle Public Library.


“Conservatism is actually the domination of society by an aristocracy.” The poor get poorer and are exploited as the rich shirk their moral responsibility to pay more taxes while reaping far more riches then they would ever need. Conservatism has been this way for thousands of years until democracy was born. The American Health Care Act is just another chapter in their wealth grab.


Wonderful! Here is another link that I just came across from another website:



As an old-school liberal, the new left scares the hell out of me for a variety of reasons, PC, anti-autonomy, pro-endless taxation etc… but one of the scariest realities of the new left is their constant, fanatical refusal to even question, or tolerate or even allow questions in general regarding regarding various sacred cows like the ‘ACA’. The reality of the ACA is nightmarish. It does NOT work. I have been trying to obtain a referral for an MRI for my shoulder for more than 2 years. The reason I cannot get the referral is that it requires a ‘primary care physician’. THERE ARE NONE! None available! Now I’m sorry if you cannot take my word for this but the simple truth is that primary care physicians are now so booked up, with the ‘users’, the chronic never ending pit of need ‘patients’ that they are ‘not taking new patients’. So much for ‘healthy people paying for the sick’ blah-blah-blah. I’m healthy basically, and my one medical need CANNOT be addressed because ACA has simply created an impossible situation. This is not just in my rural city…its everywhere. Add to this the nightmare of the IRS…the IRS…(!!!) being in charge of our medical records…the end of HIPPA (you have NO medical privacy under ACA), the horrific effect the so-called ‘patient care satisfaction’ paperwork is having on hospitals as seekers and others found out they could hold up payment if they don’t get the ‘vouchers’ for rides, hotels, food etc… that they demand along with the drugs they’re there to get in the first place…ACA is NOT working. It is surveillance and control and coercion for profit. But the new left refuses to acknowledge any problems whatsoever. This makes it easier for Trump. Truth is the way to defend universal health care. Not missionary zeal in defense of a deeply flawed and insurance company written nightmare.


The two people standing next to Ryan-one comes from Calif and the other Oregon----why can’t democrats defeat these guys------what are they doing - go after them right NOW!—people will die because of this bill------the guy from Oregon is saying that the ACA is in a “death spiral”----no ahole you are creating death panels----

Hey democrats screw the insurance industry and support single payer----you would be in the majority again------but no you prefer all the bribes you get from your bosses in the insurance industry.

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First—thank you Common Dreams for keeping up with the murderous actions of the greedy, ignorant, power hungry humans that are devoid of compassion or wisdom. And yes, they are committed to preserving global capitalism as desertinutah describes above.

Even with our actions, we are witnessing the exponential ratcheting up of the factors that contribute to social meltdown (see link below): environmental exploitation and massive income disparity.

The rich will (temporarily) get healthcare----- the poor will fall deeper into poverty and/or die prematurely. But eventually the wealthy will succumb to environmental collapse------after all you can’t eat the “american health care act”! Though that is no consolation. Even the deep state network will not survive in a world with too much carbon in the atmosphere, shutdown of AMOC, acidified oceans and climate chaos.

On a personal note: it is becoming more of a challenge to take in each day’s news and difficult honing in on where, how, what to “resist”.

Action lists from CD help but we (those with compassion/empathy and critical thinking ) are getting bombarded on all fronts and from all directions.

It is breathtaking in the most horrific way. Anyone else feeling dizzy with the news? News that reveals a vortex of darkness that is gaining strength and defying reason . . . . except that this may be what collapse looks like in the age of co2 nearing 410 ppm, melting Arctic/Antarctic and a huge human induced extinction event underway.

On collapse of societies: (http://www.livescience.com/44171-society-civilization-collapse-study.html)
“Societies can moderate the two factors that contribute most to social meltdown: the exploitation of natural resources and the uneven distribution of wealth, the researchers said.
“Collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium if the per-capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion,”


“It is breathtaking in the most horrific way. Anyone else feeling dizzy with the news? News that reveals a vortex of darkness that is gaining strength and defying reason . . . . except that this may be what collapse looks like in the age of co2 nearing 410 ppm, melting Arctic/Antarctic and a huge human induced extinction event underway.”

I’m right there with you. Thank you for putting it into words, and thank you for the link!

  • Teri
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Our Vermont Free Libraries are one of our greatest treasures. They were also at the forefront of exposing the Iraq WMD propaganda. And they don’t seem to be the least bit afraid of stepping on a few toes to get the truth out to the public.