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The American Hunger Games


The American Hunger Games

Nomi Prins

Fact: too many Republican candidates are clogging the political scene. Perhaps what’s needed is an American Hunger Games to cut the field to size. Each candidate could enter the wilderness with one weapon and one undocumented worker and see who wins. Unlike in the fictional Hunger Games for which contestants were plucked from 13 struggling, drab districts in the dystopian country of Panem, in the GOP version, everyone already lives in the Capitol.


Trump would seem to be developing the most interesting campaign strategy ever known--for Hillary. Does anyone really think Trump wants to be president? Let's remember that presidents are handled and his personality does not lend itself toward being handled. He is having fun and will likely be rewarded somewhere down the line for campaign contributions that are extra-super PAC in nature. Sure it's embarrassing for the country, but it is a bright and shiny for the masses. The perpetual election cycle of Empire is but a mask for the perpetual wars from which it wishes to distract its subjects.


There's been an ongoing merger between Hollywood and the State Department, and mass media using entertainment to market a President. This spectacle can be allowed since the President, like most of the press, mostly follows a script that's handed to him (or hypothetically her) by the real Deep State Powers.

Since it's now part of Republican DNA to hate government and see in it, nothing but fraud, waste, and bad choices; and since Republicans--for the most part--equate honorable small businessmen and women with giant corporations... so that this idea of tax cuts sounds great to them, very few understand the degree to which corporations are off-shoring profits, gaining ridiculous subsidies, and decimating the quality of life for so many.

The buzzwords of "government is the problem" and "Tax Cuts" resonate, and for many Republicans... that's as far as their analyses go... or can go.

The tragic thing is that our world is in the grip of great perils and I don't mean terrorism, although it's a far greater threat NOW than it was upon its inception by the same forces that asserted they'd stomp it out. I am talking about a climate unraveling in violent and unpredictable ways, an insane global arms' sales, and a criminal banking-economic system that is about to put its hammer down via TIPP and TPP.

When so much counts, the Roman Arena returns with a circus of candidates that are so tragic, they come full circle to comedy: tragicomedy!


Do the Republicans actually want to win this time around? Only Trump's competitive ego seems to truly believe in a republican in the White House.

The Republicans may have expected Hillary to win the WH with a landslide women's vote or saw Bush as a hard battle opponent for the nomination? The end result was that the serious challenger republicans stayed out of the race fearing an embarrassing loss to Hillary.

Along comes Bernie who knocks the whole game off track and somehow -amazingly in fact - Hillary stopped being an automatic. shoe in.

Now the republicans would rather have fielded better candidates. Which is why they all sound the same except for Trump who has the knack for looking like he is saying something different. The clown car was the best the republicans could do? This is the republican idea of leadership? This?

You know it just might end up as the plutocrat vs the populist... Simply because history stopped playing around with us.

At critical times in history - destiny - fate - whatever you call it - seems to stop playing with us. Amazing people who are different from the norm (for better or ill) show up.

The climate crisis is one of those times.

Go Bernie... You've shook them up and they deserve it!


I don't know if anybody has noticed, but the Repugnants have put up Loonie Tunes candidates to oppose Øbama. who has proved to be one of the most effective Repugnant Presidents in history. They wanted to make sure he got in, and that he stayed in.
* Now, we have Loonie Tunes "opposing" Clinton, another covert Repugnant, who is in bed with Wall Street, the Military-Industrial-Complex, the Toilet Paper Plan (designed to wipe us all out), the TTIP, and wants a war with Russia to satisfy the desires of the PNAC and the NeoCons in general, and increase war profits until "death do us part."
* A Dumbocrat or Repugnant vote is just selecting a choice of which sock puppet of the 0.001% you want to have robbing you for the next four to eight years.
* If We the People can't learn to think for ourselves and ignore the Propaganda of the Mass Media, brought to you by the 0.001% and the CIA, then we shall all, indeed, perish from the earth, probably to the sight of very bright lights and deafening sound of loud booms.


Tragicomedy indeed. To say they are an embarrassment is a huge understatement. Are they the best "we" can come up with in this country. Good Lord.


I find the point about the US Tax code growing to 74000 pages interesting.

The Canadian Tax code started at 11 pages and has since grown to around 2200 with calls to simplify it and cut its size down to something more reasonable.

The original Canadian health Care Act introducing Universal health care was around 14 pages long as compared to Obama care which is well over 1000.

How is it that Politicians that claim "The Free market" more efficient then "Government run services" can come up with tax codes that are 74000 pages long?


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Ever since the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 winning elections has been a low priority in each party's mission. When the DLC turned the Party into a billion dollar organization, with 95% of its revenue coming from Wall Street and corporate cronies, the GOP's primary mission became MOVING THE AGENDA RIGHTWARD TO GIVE THE D-PARTY COVER TO ALSO MOVE RIGHTWARD. Whatever extreme right wing idea the GOP articulates today will find its way into the D-Party agenda in the near future. A moderate GOP candidate would foul up the program by hampering the rightward movement of the D-Party, likely jeopardizing the D-Party's billion dollar revenue stream.


"Politicians" DON'T "come up with tax codes that are 74000 pages long". K Street lobbyists who are paid exhorbitant fees by the corporations (that fund poilticians' campaigns and give many of those politicians lucrative K Street retirement jobs)
created most of those 74000 pages and enlisted politicians to include those pages in the tax code. That is why the tax code gives the 1% more tax breaks while increasing taxes for the 99%.

Members of Congress rarely read the legislation they are sponsoring or voting on as long as the legislation came from a lobbyist working for a corporation that funds the respective politician's campaigns.

Recall then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in March 2010 admonishing Congresscritters to "vote for the ACA so we can see what is in it" ?


Politicians are lobbyists. :smile: Much like that k-street crowd, they work for the Corporations. They just work in a different branch office.


I have long believed that the Democratic Party role is to be the good cop to the republicans bad cop with the end result that you still end up in handcuffs either way. Only the right wing calls the democrats liberals. The media plays the game but the fact is that the dems are just the more moderate of republicans.

Edit added

Make that the they are the more moderate of oligarchs ... Lol


I truly appreciate and admire Nomi Prins' narratives on big banks, the investment/hedge fund class, and its manipulation of our political class. She worked in big finance, she knows it, and yet, she 'turned' to the 99%'s advantage, if we read her. All that, and she has a sense of social justice, and an ironic, outraged sense of humor.

Part of the problem is the complicated tax system, Americans' lack of understanding who pays and who doesn't, and why not. It IS complicated, but it needs attending to, else we will become that oligopoly Bernie Sanders mentions. You keep on it, Nomi, and thanks. Every time I read something you write, I learn.