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The American-Made Catastrophe in Yemen


The American-Made Catastrophe in Yemen

CJ Werleman

For a generation of Americans old enough to remember, the Korean conflict is often dubbed the “forgotten war”. Where Hollywood has lionised or contextualised those who fought in the Second World War and Vietnam, the nearly 2 million Americans who fought on the Korean peninsula in the early 1950s have largely been airbrushed from history.

Fast forward 60 odd years, and Americans find themselves participating in yet another forgotten war: Yemen.


One man’s “catastrophe” is another man’s revenue. Wall Street’s military industrial complex (MIC) keeps raking it in like never before with a Clinton or Trump Regime promising even more revenue.


The MSM is AWOL on everything of significance. It is merely a corporate mouthpiece. Meanwhile, the US government spreads death and destruction wherever it goes.


This behavior on the part of the US is despicable.
The more knowledge I gain the more horrific I find this country to be.


The more we learn indeed. I once thought that leaders were pe ople with ideas, statemen,
working for the country. Greed, a thirst for power and, corruption ,seem to be ubituitous,with HRC the epitome.IIs there leadership without dirty politics?


I don’t know. It’s hard not to feel hopeless and helpless. One thing’s for sure; if we don’t get money out of politics, we will never have a chance at electing someone who hasn’t been bought and sold over and over and over again. And we will remain stuck with those whose commitment to personal ambition far exceeds whatever commitment they once may have had to the people they sought to serve/represent.


I’m not sure why anyone should presume that Obama and his administration would have a solution, or even should have a solution. Even as guardians of the world, whether self-imposed or globally mandated, we are not so incredibly much smarter, more adept, more visionary and more capable than everybody else. Got a good idea, anyone? Knock yourselves out. Sometimes even the big brother sees that it’s best to just let the boys fight it out. Nobody wants to listen to reason, so don’t expect us to continue trying to be reasonable.