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'The American People Do Not Want Endless War': Sanders, Warren, and Ocasio-Cortez Back Pledge to Bring Post-9/11 Conflicts to a Close


'The American People Do Not Want Endless War': Sanders, Warren, and Ocasio-Cortez Back Pledge to Bring Post-9/11 Conflicts to a Close

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) were among the first members of Congress to sign a new pledge vowing to end America's "forever wars."

"We're watching our friends who we served with now on their eighth and ninth deployments. We're seeing our kids now will be old enough to enlist and having to have hard conversations about that."
—Alexander McCoy, Common Defense


To add to veterans misery and our normalization of global conflicts, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie told our chicken hawk lawmakers in his most recent appearances at two congressional hearings something else that we already knew: filling the nearly 49,000 vacancies at VA hospitals and other VA facilities isn’t a focus of this administration.


We are war. America has been at war since we washed up on Plymouth Rock. War. We send young men to die for wealth. We break them and then bring them home expecting them to be unbroken. We either grab the reins of this runaway stage or wallow in our innate, Scotch-Irish barbarism. It’s corporate feudalism and we must shut it down. America the barbaric, oil nazi spends 53 percent of our taxes on bullets for the Pentagon and 6 percent for books for education, making us idiots with guns. We could be anything but we devolve in global, corporate cannibalism. Make them pay for what they have wrought.


Sander’s et al. would do well to expose the Pence and CIA’s, “just go ahead and hit me!”
routine against Maduro-- Venezuela is the newest abuse victim in U.S. capitalism’s
permanent war psychosis.


Is it worth fighting nature over endless war, immigration, border wall, nukes, oil, pollution, etc, when she is merely culling our species like she does with every other animal that overpopulates and destroys habitat and diversity? After all, she sent us Trump, Republicans and other conservatives to do just that.


Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate for president that has made ending the wars including the Venezuela travesty the cornerstone of her campaign is ignored here. Why is that?


It’s because she hasn’t yet signed the pledge that this story is about.


Take it.

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Finally, some sanity!


Yes You Fully Awake Reps! Take it! The War Powers Act may yet Rise up and bite all those war-mongering on-the-take oldsters in Congress and at the Pentagon and in the halls of war materiel suppliers of death and dissolution to those we occupy, invade, deform, destroy. So impressed by these folks, the young and older…and to see Jon Tester there too.


WAR = $$$. When that simple equation can be changed to eliminate the $$$ part, then maybe we could end the Wars.


Sanders is too busy hunting invisible Russians. Also, most of the “et al.” are for regime change in Venezuela.

america is EVIL.


Yeah, it’s fun to put the blame on Trump, but last I checked, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, and a bunch of other countries were targeted under Obama’s watch. Also, Guantanamo wasn’t closed, bankers got bailed out… I could go on for a while.

america is an EMPIRE controlled by corporations. It’s a bipartisan effort.

We need an entirely new government.


She is the hot potato that the deep state wants media to ignore. She is genuine.

Otherwise this is just another bait and switch operation.


Strange as it sounds, opposite political parties are actually on the same side. This weird scene is only made possible with the careful manipulation of the opposing propaganda narratives.

A belief in all things television.


This is true by 84% at the time when US/CIA was getting ready to attack Iraq/post 9/11.
In fact, this is a liberal nation and it wants an end to the MIC.

So – hard to believe the BS that the Rump is at 46% “popularity” – !!

Most Americans also want Medicare4All, as well – Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.


This government is an elaborate ruse. And lately not so elaborate.


The Tulsi Gabbard blank out in this article makes me wonder if the organization is about taking on the MIC or just complaining about Trump.


In killing each other we kill God/Life …only a primitive society would do such a thing .

Life is Prime Value

Awaken The Species …It’s a great read ,could end all War tomorrow.


Yeah, I tend to not believe the polls either. Like it’s so hard to rig a poll… or an election that uses computerized voting machines that run on secretive code…