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'The American People Do Not Want Endless War': Sanders, Warren, and Ocasio-Cortez Back Pledge to Bring Post-9/11 Conflicts to a Close


My take is that humans also possess a self reflective capacity–usually suppressed–that could, if nurtured, improve upon our evolutionarily selected greed and pugnaciousness.


Thanks joe, the truth hurts

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So when is Tulsi going to sign this pledge?

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There is no blank out… The group simply went to Wash DC on a lobbying effort for peace and got the signatures of selected Representatives and Senators they were able to meet with. Most likely Representative Gabbard was not in her office when they stopped by and wasn’t able to sign their petition - it’s pretty clear she would support it and they would want her to sign it if she was available that day.


Congress should pass a law that limits all presidential use of powers that the Constitution gives to Congress to 90 days. Let the president handle emergencies—but if Congress can’t do it in 90 days, it is not because it is an emergency. This includes taxing and spending (does national security really mean we should tax trade with Canada?), and war.

We declared war against the Barbary Pirates, we can declare war against ISIS.


Unfortunately most good governments start off as a movement. Then they become a business and eventually evolve into a racket.

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Well said my friend, corroborates my contention that the U.S. is an industrial, empire backed by a Fascist and dictatorial, military in order to protect the vested and economic interests of the oligarchs and the international, banking 1%.


The new world order project is ultimately about money. The warring support of the project is about money. And our economy in large part supports the sale and use of multi-billions in weaponry.
I’m happy to see one of Wisconsin’s best, rep. (D) Mark Pocan is on board with the other anti-war signatories.


Glad we agree – at first these “reports” can kind of knock you back –
and then you realize that’s exactly the intention.

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were killing the wrong people


Because Tulsi’s anti-imperialist policy stance goes further, though still not far enough, than this show pony does. How about signing a commitment for repealing the Patriot Act, a 20% reduction in the Defense Department budget, real Congressional oversight, a 50% reduction in nuclear weapons and US overseas bases, and forcing an actual audit of Defense as required by law?


I’m more inclined to say capitalism is the problem not one particular country. Capitalism is a psychopathic serial killer that just can’t keep itself from destroying everything to satisfy itself. The USA gets all the headlines because it is the Theodor Eicke of mass destruction while the rest are Luis Garavito at best.

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Have you seen the brand new Jimmy Dore Show today with Greg Palast talking on what’s actually happening in Venezuela?


Thanks for sharing that! Love Jimmy Dore! Love Greg Palast!

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Thanks for watching it Joe.

Please send it around to friends and family.

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Now we know! Thanks …


Unfortunately talk of ending senseless WARS is considered radical Left Wing nonsense by the Media, which loves and promotes War.

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Or maybe ‘governments’, plural.
Apply the end-of-WWII Morganthau plan to the USA, splitting up the USA into several nations, perhaps as many as 50 of them, which would be treaty-forbidden from ever combining, and have a clause inserted into their constitutions renouncing the use of war and violence against other nations. Also forbidden to have any industrial economy; an agricultural economy only.
– Consider whether that is in jest.

Consider, also, whether the fault is not so much in our leaders, as in ourselves. That we have gotten this imperialist notion that we don’t deserve to get attacked by other people for what we’ve done. … (That is what ‘The War on Terror’ is all about.)

I’ve got to wonder about that ‘a responsible and expedient conclusion’. In this vein and subject matter, it sounds a bit too much like Nixon’s ‘Peace with honor’, seeking which kept us in Vietnam four years longer.

As George Orwell said, “The fastest way to end a war is to lose it.”

What are you willing to accede to, to end these wars? Will the rest of America agree with you?