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The American People Have Spoken: Get Money Out of Politics


The American People Have Spoken: Get Money Out of Politics

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

At the outset of an election cycle expected to attract unprecedented levels of outside spending from ultra-rich donors like the Koch brothers, a new poll finds that the American people, in fact, oppose the unlimited flow of dollars into politics, do not think money equals speech, and want to restrict the power of the one percent to buy ballot outcomes.


It is also the responsibility of those who use our public airwaves to inform the public, however, these people are the rich, the owners of great wealth who do not work against their own best interest by informing the public.

It is not enough for American people to be surveyed and speak their mind, it is not enough to email our reps, it is not enough to post of these sites; we the people need strong leadership. There are progressives and libertarians in Congress, independents like Bernie who had to become a democrat so at least he had a mere chance in hell to make a difference and run a winning campaign.

We the people need to stand together and we need to take are airways back. We’re tired of info entertainment as news. We need a FCC that works for we the people and we need to break up these conglomerate monopolies that are driving down competition and hurting small business people. We need truth in advertising, truth on our airways and I we don’t get it they loose their licenses.

How come we don’t hear much about Greece any longer? The people stood up and elected progressives. What’s going on there?


We had “an FCC that worked for we the people” until Bill Clinton’s 1996 telecom act enabled the 1% to “consolidate” media ownership…effectively re-establishing the trusts that Teddy Roosevelt and other trust busters neutralized.


If the “people” have really spoken up against unlimited money in politics, that should translate into the death knell for our two main corporate parties. Yet we will see 98% of the population vote for one of the two ‘money parties’ next November showing the rest of the country that money in politics doesn’t really trump cheap political attack ads and empty rhetoric espoused by our corporate fundamentalists.


Best to change the term to “The” American People…so as not to confuse “We” the American People blah blah… who are of a lower caste as only Americans. Canadians need to get with the program too and start calling themselves The Canadian People (ever hear Canadian people?) I favor the term Canadian Geese or Canadian Gooses. It’s probably about time we start calling Mexicans The Mexican People so we don’t label them plain old Mexicans. We, the American People, not any other kind as in The American Women People, should we add another moniker to assure We the American People are accurately identified. Those “Founder guys” or should that be The American Founder Guys, so we don’t mix in English People or French People.

“The American People” is a nifty term that identifies a brand - not “people”. Or is this about trying to seem intelligent by parroting some diminished terminology by some screwball politicians who actually want to diminish Americans as citizens. Can you say, at the dinner table, “The Family” blah blah, without removing the actual “family”?


A downshift to a narrative to follow the money:a narrative for economics in the anthropocene


I agree i think our nation will benefit greatly by breaking up the too big to fail banks, big oil cartels, private health care providers, pharmaceuticals, insurance corporations, radio and tv and newspaper monopolies, fast food chains, home depots, wall-marts, etc, etc…all of them. I think the economy will get a huge boost by allowing the wealth to spread across all demographics.


The fairness doctrine was destroyed under the greed is good administration in 1986.


The American Politicians and The American Banks will not tolerate interference. There is a reality and The American Elite is no less ruthless towards The American Lemmings than any tin horn dictator.


Once it was killed future Admis. made no attempt to restore it.


“A stunning 84 percent of respondents said that money has “too much influence” in American political campaigns today.”

All we need to do is to make this poll an official binding referendum instead of leaving such decisions to a corrupt SCOTUS and sold out politicians. The most democratic countries rely on these referendums to keep their representatives under the control of the public, their employers.


No leader. All leaders.

Direct electronic democracy.


There are economies of scale. Instead of breaking them up, limit personal wealth by popular yearly referendum and electronically transfer excess personal wealth to all citizens equally.


Despicable , the Clintons. corporate whores , both of them. Slick Willie is being repaid for the damage he did to the economy by the same banksters who looted the country.


Great video. Thank you old goat.

My question is, if you buy shares in a company, isn’t that cooperation within the company that anyone who wants to can become a cooperating part of?


To have any effect the “referendum” you recommend needs to be accompanied by a law that prohibits ALL political contributions, enforced with no due process, the same way that the law on “enemy combatants” has been enforced since October 2006. If you are so much as suspected of complicity in buying politicians or elections, you land in Guantanamo or an Guantanamo equivalent.

Seeing how the .01% who own the politicians have the means to hire armies of accountants and attorneys who specialize in writing and exploiting campaign finance laws, those rules have proven to bring more money into the process, not less money.


The one glaring problem is that every issue ends up being redefined to benefit only the better off, those still in the middle class. It’s necessary to understand that what the rich are now doing to the middle class, is essentially what the middle class already did to the poor. As our history shows, it takes the power of the “masses” united to keep the richest few restrained. Years of work went into deeply dividing the people, middle class vs. the poor, pitting them against each other. Since the 1980s, the middle class have dramatically empowered the richest few.


I was first old enough to understand the “urgent need” for campaign finance reform in the late 1960s/early '70s. The catch is that those who have the power to make the legislation necessary also benefit greatly from keeping things as they are.


The American people have spoken. So what? We don’t want all these endless expensive wars, we want the rich to pay more taxes, we want our government to care about the lives of working people in our nation and to protect the environment—SO WHAT?

The corrupt people in Congress DO NOT CARE WHAT WE SAY. We, the people, don’t need ‘strong leadership’. We need elected officials who LISTEN TO US AND DO WHAT WE SAY. That is what is expected in a democracy. The common people are in charge and the government does not ‘lead’ us but FOLLOWS OUR DIRECTIONS.

No one has a “Chance in Hell” to get elected. It is all about the MONEY.
Only when the people get smart enough to see that the two major parties are exactly alike can things be changed. Now our ‘reps’ serve the rich and screw the working people. We must face this fact and vote for INDEPENDENTS—people who are members in NO political party. People who if elected will not obey the directions of some political party but will HEED TO VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.

We have to find good moral people with ethics and compassion to put their name on the ballot to try and get rid of the crud in our Congress now.


The two Parties are bought by Big Money, so don’t expect them to undo the Big Money in politics. Our only hope is to abandon the two Parties and vote for Independents, Green Party nominees, Socialists and begin to fill Congress and State governments with them. Call it a “Voters Strike”. There is one now in that so many voters have stopped voting - but that sort of strike cannot solve our problem.
When the day comes when we have MANDATORY Public Funding of all Federal Eclections, then we will have a true honest election. But of course our two Parties would never amend the Constitution to have this - because they are bought by Big Money.
The only solution is to oust Democrats and Republicans and have a We “The People Party” elected.