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The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate PR is Failing


The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate PR is Failing

David Turnbull

If you’ve watched any political coverage on television in the last few months, or the Olympics, or really anything on TV, you’re bound to have seen some pretty ridiculous advertising coming from the oil and gas industry.


Decentralization. Aint it a bitch?

Direct Democracy


GREAT COMMENT! All for a fast oily buck today!


We need to transition to renewable s ASAP. The sooner we do this the sooner the market for dirty Fossil energy will collapse on itself. Oil especially needs to be replaced for use in transport. Electric vehicles need to be advanced. To that end better batteries are a must and soon! Nobody is going to buy these things if they can't reach beyond 100 miles and only the wealthy can afford a Tesla with its 200 mile + range. The breakthroughs in battery tech are underway but they need to be ramped up. No one invention or device or material will win the race to a renewable sustainable future , but they all count. The BIG problem in the way is the rapacious greed and huge piles of cash the Fossil oil barons hold over all our heads.


Reducing our hyper-dependence on oil would require addressing our addiction to privately-owned motor vehicles. Americans demand -- as a basic "right" -- to be able to drive as much as they can afford to drive. They demand abundant supplies of fairly affordable fuel. Fuel shortage can destroy political careers. Because private ownership of motor vehicles virtually defines the middle class lifestyle, we really can't touch this issue. Changes would require the investment of taxpayer dollars. Since the 1970s, Americans have fought every effort to build a comprehensive mass transportation system, necessary to reduce the number of cars on the roads.


How long would it be before most Americans could afford to trade in their vehicles for new electric cars? We've been discussing this since at least the 1970s, and don't seem any closer to such a transition being possible.


Tesla Model E arrives in 2016 with a $30,000 price tag is what they advertised.

They'll get it done.

Pricing of all solar is on the decrease for everything.

Whereas fossil, the only thing decreasing is the Value of their Stockpiles.
And their Credit Ratings, and their Insure-ability.

Gotta change jobs oil people, just like the rest of us did in 2008.