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The American Public Against Trump


The American Public Against Trump

Alan S. Blinder

The United States, supposedly the world’s beacon of democracy, is practicing a strange form of it nowadays. One presidential candidate won nearly three million more votes than her opponent, who, with a big assist from a hostile foreign power, was nonetheless declared the winner. Anywhere else on earth, such an event would be called a coup d’état. Here in the US, we call it the Electoral College.


The author of this piece, a former Fed Exec, says Trump won with the help of "...a Hostile Power."

Has this been said enough to qualify, according to Nazi propaganda standards, as the Truth, already?

I'm still waiting for the, as yet unspecified, FACTS TO BEAR THIS OUT.


Interesting article which makes very good points. But blaming Clinton's loss on the Russians or Comey is just too convenient, and is indicative of an attitude that will guarantee us no changes in the future political approach of the Democratic Party.
Also.... there are any number of factors that help determine the outcome of a political race.
Why is the media and why are the pundits always looking for THE factor?


It is hard to respect a president who denies climate change. Likewise it is hard to respect voters who vote for someone who denies climate change. They are all out of reality and have little regard for science. To those of us who accept the science it is plainly obvious that Trump and his supporters are leading this country down a suicidal path that we are trying to get off. Globalization is bad for manufacturing areas with many low skilled workers but is it good for areas with many highly skilled high tech workers and other highly skilled workers. Since a big part of the Democratic base includes the latter this puts Democrats in tough position because their base voters largely support globalization but it does hurt many people in the working class. There is no easy answer although that won't stop people from offering easy answers.


As with most issues, Trump only denies climate change when it suits his immediate economic interests. When he was making a case for gubmit approval of his resort in Scotland he acknowledged the existence of climate change to bolster his case.

Until Trump emerged as a politician, the Clintons held the record for being on both sides of most issues at some point in their lives. Trump has them beat on that count by miles..


But in fact "globalization"--if by that you mean agreements like NAFTA, TPP and TTIP that amount to Bills of Rights for Corporations--hurt basically all workers, especially since whatever sector we work in, we all breathe air and drink water. We all benefit for those agreements being shot down, not that Trump should get credit for it (an international movement in opposition should). And why this author thinks Putin clearly got what he wanted from the assumed (who needs evidence?) complicity in the email leaks (leaks that showed the Hillary team and the DNC team in collusion to ensure that the more popular Sanders, who likely would have trounced Trump, could not claim "her" nomination, but no, don't look at the content!) while Comey's bogus leaks are "who knows?"
No analysis of why Trump won that fails to focus on the voters' OTHER choice is worth much. Putin may have helped Trump win, possibly; Comey likely helped a little, but the real heavy lifting on getting this improbable character into the Oval Office was done by the corporate media's obsessive free coverage of him, all year...and by Hillary Clinton.


"Tax cuts: One of the most consistent findings in American public opinion polling for decades is that people want higher taxes, not lower, on the rich and corporations. The Republican catechism, however, has long enshrined lower taxes on both, and this became one of the few concrete policies that candidate Trump ran on."

Thank you Ronnie for drenching the middle and poor classes with your economic Golden Shower. We know how well that works, and we are now headed into Reaganomics on steroids. Yipee.
Don't bogart that hemlock, my friend.


I immediately took the "foreign power" references to mean Israel together with its US foreign agents, AIPAC...................both have a long record of such meddling/manipulation/subversion in/of US elections.


The problem is not Trump.
The problem is not the GOP.
The problem is not Clinton.
The problem is not the DNC.

The problem is the entire edifice of a government dedicated to the capitalist exploitation and oppression by the ruling class of everyone else. Therefore the problem includes ALL of the above -- none of them represent us.

They seek to distract us with social issues while continually and consistently evading the economic system out of which social ills and more arise.

Without political representation, none of these politicians have our best interests at heart, and never have. The fact of the matter is that none of us count except to lend pretense to the notion that we consent to be ruled through a sham democracy.

That anyone would still have faith in merely changing up the players in the game would result in anything different ignores the fact that it is the very political structure itself FROM ITS VERY ORIGINS has never been about the representation of the people except for those with obscene amounts of power and money.

Until people recognize that the solution lies in dismantling the capitalist structures of our government, our society, and even in our way of thinking, oppression will continue. It may shift occasional alliances and "re-brand" itself, but the ruling class will simply continue to rule.

Simply put, capitalism and democracy are mutually incompatible. The future of the US entirely depends on which of these we seek to uphold -- either one or the other, but not both. The ruling class won't stop until they are simply stopped -- and the ballot box is no longer a solution when the ballot box provides no representation for us.

Historically, when such an impasse is reached, the oppressed have had no choice but to overthrow their oppressors. This is not a threat, but merely the promise of human nature as it has repeatedly acted in history under given conditions.

If the ruling class refuses to give us political representation, then what choice do we have but to take it by force? The temptation is to settle for less, to settle for the illusion of a handful of politicians who presumably will represent our interests. But it never does, and never will work out that way.

"Politics" is for the ruling class only. The sooner we understand this fact, the better we can dismantle the inhuman aspirations of the ruling class.


So sick of hearing how everything is Russia's fault. I am 66 years old and I have been hearing this as long as I can remember. Of course, it can't be the DNC and HRC could it. They have done such a good job of standing up for working people in this country in the last few decades.


Donald trump is a chancre on the sensitive parts of humanity, along with every aspect of vulture capitalism and usury he represents!

The constant examples/expressions of his personal mental illnesses and pathologies, are so detrimental to humanity and our Mother Earth, both will be fortunate to survive his tenure.....if he is not indicted and prosecuted for the numerous crimes and frauds he has perpetrated, or impeached for his fabrications of reality and the impeachable offenses/violations of the Constitution he will be guilty of immediately upon inauguration, we are indeed in for a very rough ride............


One plausible answer, offered by Clinton and many others, focuses on the role of Russian cyber operations and FBI Director James Comey’s unconscionable “announcement” (of what amounted to nothing) just days before the vote. Putin got what he wanted. Comey? I don’t know.

Oh for the love of god..........

So how did the candidate who is personally disrespected by most Americans, and who takes the unpopular side on most issues, win the election?



I agree mostly with you, but I have to say that violent revolution only leads to a new ruling class. That is a historical fact also. There is a better way and we need to find it fast before society erupts into chaos.


Globalization's main flaw: the more dependent nations become on long-distance transport, the more vulnerable they become to devastating disruption of the means of transport, ie, misanthropic petroleum moguls are planning WWIII via globalization. Global trade is supposedly more economical to conduct because it favors the least number of mass producers and downplays the cost and impact of longest distance transport. The global economy also dismantles economies of lesser scale: national, state and regional economy 'consists' of innumerable local economies which are all fundamental components of a sustainable economy. Oil companies may pull the plug whenever the chaotic effect reaches maximum potential. Trump was impolitely ushered into the White House by the world's billionaires who've become bored of supporting disposable humanity.


Yeah, I figured he was alluding to trusty old Russia.


It is hard to respect a man who is a pedophile, sexual predator, business cheat, tax cheat, and mentally ill liar. There are plenty of people who deny climate change who are still, for the most part, decent. Trump is not and anyone who overlooked this to vote for their pocketbook has a seriously misguided sense of priorities.


The problem is us.

The problem is that half the population voted for Trump. For whatever reason, and for a lot it was their pocketbook, they chose to vote for him.


If someone wanted to design a way to demolish whatever morale is left in the US population, they couldn't have done any better than the election of 2016 (a choice between bad and worse with worse "winning"). Not since Ronald Reagan has there been a bigger piece of political silly putty than Donald Trump. (Honorable mention the George "Dumbya" Bush though)
Yet his every little tweet is treated like some oracle of destiny and reacted to accordingly. There is big money to be made in war--especially civil war which looks more and more like the path the president elect and his handlers are planning.
It will certainly be a change from "slow motion Barry" who (along with most in his administration) seems to have waited till the last 90 days or so of his tenure to try to begin acting like a leader instead of like Blinky the wonder dog plaintively asking, "will oo be my fwend?"


Aside from a few diehard supporters (including neonazis) the majority (via the electoral college) did not vote FOR Trump -- they voted AGAINST Clinton. This is an important factor that too many conveniently overlook. The end result may be awful, but it only indicates how morally bankrupt the entire political system is.

The snake oil salesman at least spoke (with empty rhetoric) to the working class. The Dems dismissed them decades ago. What did they expect they would do? Considering that income inequality as led to fewer and fewer affluent voters, and many more poorer people, the Dems might want to consider addressing their economic concerns instead of condescendingly dismissing them, and catering to well-to-do smug "liberals" long in their gentrified neighborhoods.

If you want votes, you must earn them -- and you don't earn votes by ignoring them, or worse, mocking them. How on earth could anyone expect a different election result with the Dems doing NOTHING to reach out to them?

Would you buy a car from a salesman that called you "deplorable"?


As far as I am concerned the name fit. The mistake was in saying it. Half the US population has put their own self-interest above common moral values.