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The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here


The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here

Robert C. Koehler

America does what it wants.

This is obvious, except it’s also monstrously unnerving. Let’s at least add some quote marks: “America” does what it wants — this secretly defined, self-obsessed, unelected entity that purports to be the United States of America, all 325 million of us, but is, in fact, a narrowly focused amalgam of generals, politicians and corporate elites who value only one thing: global dominance, from now to eternity.


The United States of America started its devolution as a nation on the day it was founded. Two of the principal reasons for that Revolution were to ensure Slavery remained as an institution (See Somerset Case Somerset versus Stewart) and to sieze lands from the First Nations tribes and transfer their control to that of the European Settlers (See The Treaty Of Quebec or the Quebec Act).

Now the founders used the language of “tyranny by the crown” and other such statements on “Freedom and Liberty” , but it was really all about protecting amassed property and the opportunity to get even more. If you will look at the words of those that founded the State of Israel they used very much the same language when it was really at the basic level just a land grab.

In the United States you have always had individuals that TRULY were on the side of Human Rights, Justice, peace and equality, but these movements always came from the bottom and never those in power. The only times there was any sort of “Evolution” is when this group gained some sort of leverage and threatened the 1 percent and their control.

The 1 percent always seeks absolute wealth and by extension absolute dominance. The more they feel they have achieved this at home and within the United States of America, the freer their hand at extending this dominance across the Globe. The tool that they have chosen to use is the Military and the use of violence.

To evolve TOWARDS a world of peace where there is no more war , we must evolve towards a world where there true equality and no 1 percent.


I doubt whether the masses in this country will ever come out of their coma and realize they are living in a corrupt fascist military-police state. So many are still in denial and will never admit the fact. Too many would prefer to look the other way, wrap themselves in the flag and sing fantasy patriotic songs about freedom and democracy and they’ll be signing them right up to the day when their last freedom is whittled away by the oligarchs and generals. The ship of state is being steered on a collision course with annihilation and all too many of the passengers are worried about nothing more than getting a good deck chair.


How natural is war?


History as Sorcery - a brief excerpt from that chapter in the late Michael Taussig’s book Shamanism, Colonialism and the Wild man- links to an interview with Taussig five years before his death in 2010.

Our situation, it seems to me, is one of being subjected to a false “reality” spun, re-spun, washed, rinsed and repeated by the dominant parasites resulting in social and environmental malaise. Part of that is, I believe, a deeply [denied] fear that the only response possible must be characterized by the methodologies of domination: violence. Not true, no fear. The dominant ‘pact with the devil’ by which the planet is being steamrolled is nearing the end of its ‘utility’ of blaming everything on the ‘other’. The othering is coming full circle in its demise with the narcissistic - its institutionalization via trump. The narrative is desperately stylized and narcissistic as floor drops away from meaning. This lends an even more ‘magical’ sorcery subconsciously grabbing us by the short hairs with deer-in-the-headlights stasis: he must be as magical as our thinking because he still stands despite the floor falling away.


thanks for the excellent link, ‘natureboy’! i snipped a couple of quotes from the article for my file on war and peace.

However, there is a great deal of evidence suggesting that this view is false. In 2005, I published a book called The Fall, which argued that the human race’s prehistory was relatively harmonious, and that phenomena such as warfare, male domination, social hierarchies and theistic religions only began to emerge around 6000 years ago, due to the development of a strong sense of individuality and separation.
interesting that the emergence of “male domination, social hierarchies and theistic religions” culminate in an ongoing story line of war after war for conquest and dominance leading many to conclude warfare is human nature. yet, i see many of us, male and female, who act with compassion, acceptance and mutual respect. after all we who do not love war are human, too.

i felt especially delighted to read that taylor believes chimpanzees have become more war-like due to human activity. recently, i watched a video of these ancestors waging war on a nearby community of chimps. i understand that jane goodall felt distress by that video as did i. in all her years observing chimps jane had not seen such aggressive behavior. the warrior chimps formed lines and moved quietly and strategically toward their neighbors so as to attack from different sides. surprise! two or three males captured a female who after a struggle managed to escape. not unlike human warfare soldiers display their masculinity by attacking unarmed civilians, women and children.

i don’t believe the chimps are “aping” humanity and doubt dr. taylor believes that either. what human activity then? we watch pbs’ “nature” every week and i’ve observed that males engage in combat for two reasons: access to food: and the right to procreate. because human population expansion leaves less, ever less, space for what we call (as if we’re not a part of but apart from) “the natural world” the wild kingdom has been crowded out forcing more desperate behavior. same with our species.

"Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not yet
understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means
we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking
is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal
consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the
billions who are its victims. "–MLK
and in conclusion
We were a peaceful species once before, so there’s no reason why we should give up hope of becoming peaceful once again.


Excellent reply and MLK quote. I totally agree.