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The American Way of War Is a Budget-Breaker

The American Way of War Is a Budget-Breaker

William Hartung

When Donald Trump wanted to “do something” about the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria, he had the U.S. Navy lob 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield (cost: $89 million).


Empire! What’s it good for?

Absolutely Nothing.

Unless, you support causing Death and Human Suffering around the globe.

“…the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government…”~MLK


At some point, the government is going to decide it no longer needs to hide the fact that this country is now being run by the military. Instead of spending money on propaganda to justify all theses endless wars and all the pompous flag waving to justify future wars, it will, instead, just use that money to invest in more weapons. In that the military/surveillance complex is now well beyond the reach of any voter and accountable to no one, thanks to a cowardly Congress, we truly have become a military dictatorship.


Cowardly, perhaps, but Congress is very well paid for its service.


Historically, there have been people pointing out that war benefits the military industrial complex and no-one else. But the way we run our nation-states, this type of idiocy will continue and continue and continue, and we’ll make movies and video-games about it to normalize the fact that the only way we know how to resolve our differences as a species is to bomb, shoot, stab, hack at, punch, bite, kick, elbow, slap, yell at each other. And we glorify that as “being strong.”


We are officially a banana republic, where the military and its generals have an equal say at the table, and family members are hired to fill key positions. This is a never ending sitcom of a presidency. Each episode only adds to the national debt and has the audience outside of the States laughing themselves silly.


A wartime president is hard to defeat. Trump is learning that fear is good propaganda, and the military complex is the most powerful force next to Wall Street and the banksters. But what a waste of time, money and lives! Our military policies have produced failed states, civil wars, millions of civilian deaths and injuries, and too many refugees to count. How could we possibly vote for more of the same? Pure folly. When will we ever learn? The only war worth fighting is the battle against the destruction of our planet. If we lose that one, we are all doomed, regardless of all other issues, however important. A Manhattan Project response to global warming would create more jobs than the military and would benefit everyone.


The author of this article overlooks the most important issue, namely that the Pentagon is one of the planet’s worst polluters, burning 340,000 barrels a day, 80% of FEderal energy demand in order to “secure” (read steal) more oil. The Pentragon substantttttialy contributes to climate colllapse, and pollutes the planet more than the next 153 polluting countries on the list. To counter climate change, requires a serious reactivation of a PEACE IN ACSTION MOVEMENT.


A good assessment of the financial and human costs. I wish you had added that the billionaires and Military Industrial Complex have been greatly enriched and have profited enormously widening the massive even further.


I give up, to understand how a massive buildup of everything military, could ever create a safe and vibrant country here at home in the U.S…

I suppose if I wanted to think I would be ultimately safer and more secure, I could go on down to my local gun shop and start equipping myself with the latest and greatest, spare no expense collection of personal armament. Of course to do that would require spending a ton of money, way beyond what my income and budget would allow, ignoring the needs and wants of my wife and family, and their personal health and welfare, sort of the same way the U.S. military budget is sucking up funds that are being wasted on a cause with very negative results, unable to improve the health and well being of it’s citizens.




If the U.S. war profiteers had no enemies, they would have to manufacture them; and unfortunately…that is exactly what they do!


Hartung’s article is spot on.

IF America wanted to provide Medicare for All and balance the budget, you would look at the defense budget.

And while people have no problems floating ideas of how “families” can become dependent on tax dollars through medicaid, and SHAMING those families, most state budgets and many community budgets are dependent on defense related jobs. But that money is small taters compared to the profits of companies like Halliburton, Boeing et al.

Again, look to the salaries of those company CEO’s and you’ll see 1) a state-corporate alliance/co-dependency and 2) why cutting the military budget is going to be so hard to do. ALL of those companies lobby and grease many, many palms.

Great article.


The USA is running their wars the same way they run their health care. Both are total disasters.


Did the President of Syria and its government use chemical weapons, POISON GAS, on some people in Syria as alleged by the US military and the CIA? Why does nobody ask this question? The US President warned against the use of poison gas. Who would be stupid enough to use it? Why would President Assad want to bring down upon his head all the might of the US just to obtain the deaths of a few women and children, no matter how malignant he might be?
A far as I can see Assad is not guilty and the US CIA is a pack of criminals and LIARS.
The world does not “hate us for our freedom” but because those in power in the US are arrogant and selfish and are war criminals. They deserve hanging if anybody does.

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Entrumpy in action.

Direct Democracy

Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity (VIPS) revealed the truth some time ago, that a Syrian aircraft bombed a Munitions Warehouse full of Chemicals, thinking it contained members of Isis in Syria.

Wind then blew the Noxious Gases over a Populated Area.

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Yet another reason why a Universal Basic Income is a good idea. People in areas where there are
few jobs, especially good jobs, are basically forced into long commutes to work at military bases, defense contractors, and prisons. Without the necessity for doing this, I believe that their attitudes
and voting patterns would change, and the small towns and rural communities would experience a revival of local economies.