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The American West Is Burning But Trump Hasn't Mentioned Historic Wildfires in 'Any Way, Shape, or Form' for Nearly 3 Weeks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/american-west-burning-trump-hasnt-mentioned-historic-wildfires-any-way-shape-or-form


Trump doesn’t care about any of these states since they are blue states.
The irony is that many of his supporters live in the affected areas though.
And one sad thing is that they will continue to deny climate change.


I have family who lost everything they own in the fires in Medford, OR yesterday. They just bought the house a few months ago, they have two small children and now have nothing. This is horrific


Me too, in the incineration of Berry Creek, CA yesterday. Three were killed in that frantic evacuation. We now inhabit the era of whole-town incinerations, initiated when the Camp Fire took Paradise two years ago. Today the Bear Fire threatens Paradise again from its northwestern edge, and Oroville from its southwestern edge, emphasizing the point about the futility of rebuilding out there.

Over the entire West, the weeks-long spate of fires, which started with 12,000 dry lightning strikes in mid-August, is already beyond historic – like the fires buffeting Australia the other half of the year.


Fires what fires? These will go away all on their own. One day people will wake up and there will be no fires. We have it under Control. I have done a great job! Were it not for my actions there would be more fires.

This is just fake news the Democrats are using to try and win the next election. I heard pouring water on fires puts them out. People can drink water! Maybe if we had a jacket filled with water people could wear? China started these fires anyways. We should call them Peking Fires. The stock market is booming! The only places that have issues with fires is the ones where they do not rake their forests. Like they do in Finland. It not my problem. It those Governors , they are doing a terrible job. Just terrible.

Yeah Bob I did not want them to panic so I downplayed how bad those fires were.

Donald Trump World.


Rest assured he’ll be signing his Emergency Rakes Relief Bill soon. (I wouldn’t encourage him to open his trap about this. Chances are he’s engrossed with all the cheap real estate.)


Trump does not care about the Left Coast.


D. T. These fires could all have been avoided if the Forest Service had done it’s job.

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Think about all the things we’ve gone through in 2020. This may seem to be an anomaly. It is for life until this year, but not from now on. The Anthropocene is convulsing. This is the new era, what we can expect things to be like, worsening every year, until we vanish from the Earth. And it all stems from the horrendous, negligent political leadership we’ve had in the last 40-50 years, & especially now.


I find it horrifying that all 3 states on the west coast have huge fires. Last time the PGE company in CA contributed with its poorly cared for electric lines and gas lines. The So CA Edison company had leaking gas lines . It’s amazing how "power companies have so much power.
I also find it odd that all 3 states with DEM governors are having nonstop fires. As the Governor of WA said, he does not believe that many of the fires are truly from Nature, but also probably have humans to blame too.It is not inconceivable to me that the pro trump people have found their mission in life-----destroying their own living space.
Everything in that one WA city burned to the ground. Oregon has 3-5 cities that had the same destroyed experience.A grandmother and her 12 year old grandson died in one fire. I wonder if she had the emergency number in her phone–or maybe she didn’t have a cell phone. : (
Too many fires at once and not enough firefighters either. Between Trumpites and Climate Change—We the People are now covered in soot- and despair --without much help from the federal government. : (


I suppose what we have is Nero fiddling while Rome burns. A nice allusion I couldn’t help myself from writing. The affects of global warming from human industrial capitalism are coming home to roost, so to speak. Hurricanes that devastate large territories, tornadoes, epic floods, and now epic fires that put to shame the ones only a few years ago that garnered epic status. It’s not just Trump, though he makes a good scapegoat, it’s industrial activity and unbridled population explosions that are driving the whole 6th Mass Extinction Event, and we sorry humans are the cause. We also had the ability to be the solution and chose not to. Hubris, pride, and vanity being prime reasons for our collective demise. Oh well, it was a nice place to grow up and grow old. I pity the youth facing the coming catastrophes. I fear it’s too late to stop the sinking of humankind’s Titanic ship of fools. Sorry.


Global Industrial Civilisation is releasing the equivalent of 400,000 Hiroshima bombs a DAY! That’s right… 400,000! The stacked energy we are loading (or as I prefer to say) “vomiting” into the atmosphere is unsustainable. The Great Unraveling continues, sadly…


Our petulant man-baby fraud of a president is probably glad that the West is burning. He regards these states as full of people who “are so mean to me” and full of liberals who oppose his disastrous attempts to become an autocrat and run this country into the ground like one of his businesses. Also, since Mr. Science believes that global warming is a “Chinese hoax” he will never acknowledge that these widespread fires are a part of the predictions made by climatologists who know that he is full of shit.
Trump will NEVER admit that he is wrong about any of this. He is the biggest egomaniac I have ever known about. His incompetence, ignorance and shameless corruption are breathtaking.


So, here’s the quote from that tweet in the article, asking an important question:

“Shouldn’t it tell us something that we don’t expect the president of the United States (who’s up for re-election) to say/do about anything about the epic disaster sweeping the West Coast – and that, even if he did, no one would find it particularly helpful?”

Trump essentially ignores the fire calamity that has the western united states ablaze. The man essentially ignores the fact that a killer pandemic is raging out of control with near 200 thousand dead and millions having been infected.

Joe Biden is a sure loser for the American people but he’s definitely not the same as Donald Trump. It’s a stinker of a choice, we have this time around, but there is a meaningful difference between the two. And that difference will likely make all the difference over the next four years.


No worreez dawg. We gonna be a’ight.

You are right, they should have been cleaning the forest floors with their rakes and Dust Busters. It has nothing to do with high temperatures and lack of rain due to climate change.
I live in NM and weather patterns have been changing for years. Yesterday local weather went from Summer to Winter with snow and 70 MPH winds all in one day. Other states have seen changing weather, but go ahead blame blue states for their fires.

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I guess we won’t be getting that large bad of marshmallows everyone was expecting.

Sweeping off the feral footprints in the ash here, so sorry for your family’s loss. Such very difficult times.


Yep, he’s just downplaying the fires because he doesn’t want people to panic.

Also, he’s telling suburban women that Biden will allow marauding hordes of black men to roam their neighborhoods doing crimes – so that those women panic into voting for him.

In Donald Trump World, cognitive dissonance makes perfect sense.


As far as the don is concerned it is not a crisis until one of his golf courses burn down.
There is much complaining about how the orange postule and his cohorts are doing nothing aside from pillaging the commons, and rightfully so, but are we really any better if we continue to sit around and wait for them to act first?

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