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The Americans We Need


The Americans We Need

Sue Halpern, Bill McKibben

As tens of thousands of people across the United States rushed to airports and took to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration by Muslims from seven countries, and refugees generally; as four federal judges issued emergency orders to prevent immediate deportations and sixteen state attorney generals made a rare joint statement calling the president’s action “unconstitutional, un-American, and unlawful”—we recalled a refugee we’d met not long ago from Nepal, where he’d spent more than a decade in a refugee camp.


I think both of you (Halpern & McKibben), might be better off taking some time off - until you figure out what has actually happened to your country.

I'm quite serious about this - I have no doubt your intentions are good.


Indeed. Under what kind of visa did djt's grandfather Drumpf enter the country? And of course there are the questions about the invisible first lady's immigration history.


When I travelled through the middle east and India the solution of last resort was baksheesh...the explanation for how Trump got the "invisible first lady" into Murka.


Beautifully written, Bill. Thank you.


"When we were younger, they helped us, so when they're older, we help them..."

Walking the "Family Values" Talk.


"It’s a remarkable irony that the man who’s trying to stop these people from entering the country has never had to struggle a moment in his life, and hence never developed any of the character we have seen constantly on display in America’s vibrant refugee communities. And it’s even more ironic that he demands “extreme vetting” for people who have, in fact, been checked out more thoroughly than any other Americans before their arrival. If only the nation had conducted even a minimal vetting of our new president."

It's not irony at all, it's the result of his mental illness, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hard to "develop character" when you're constitutionally grandiose, arrogant, superior, suspicious, unempathetic to the extreme, and other equally unadmirable qualities.

In any case, there's no such thing as irony. Irony is just the name we use when we don't understand a system well enough to see how likely the outcome was from the situation.