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The Anglo-American Empire is Preparing for Resource War


The Anglo-American Empire is Preparing for Resource War

Nafeez Ahmed

Last week, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff released the new National Military Strategy of the United States of America, 2015.

The report’s main theme is that “globalisation” and “demographics” are pushing forward trends that are undermining US military superiority, including its capability to sustain “international order”. It sets out how the US military intends to keep ahead of those trends.


Funny. When you connect the dots it looks like a ball and chain.


No the US nor any other country can have infinite material growth on a finite planet!
This is a basic point Naomi Klein makes in “This Changes Everything”
Which means the Capitalist model of created needs via advertising propaganda to promote endless private consumption of use once and throw it away material goods is over. It means that Wars themselves are the biggest impediment to actually sharing the planet to provide a reasonable standard of living for all. Imagine if instead of providing Egypt with $5 Billion per year in military aid for the profits of the Merchants of Death, instead the US had provided solar arrays in the desert, desalinization plants and sustainable means for Egypt to have a reasonable living as it has moved from an oil exporter to an oil importer? Imagine if Germany, a leader in Green energy, instead of having the vampire banksters try to suck all the life out of Greece, instead promoted a Marshall Plan of providing sunny Greece with solar panels which would reduce Greece incredibly high use of oil for energy?
Or if Germany’s Siemens provided trains and equipment for Green Transit to replace Auto Addiction?
Wars and Auto Addiction are too of the biggest resource wastes on the planet…


What a blessing to see such perspective! Prolonged applause for Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed–I am going to see what else I can find, right now.


Screw the phony "War on Terror and “War on Drugs”- These are both nothing short of mega profit schemes that the age old criminal Banking Families have inflicted upon the world- The Narco Dollar has the HIGHEST rate of return!
Afghanistan for instance is A mega opium to heroine to market racket for these blood sucking upper echelon Gangsters- Syria has much to do with the Beqaa Valley Opium and hashish abundance in Lebanon as Mexico has to do with South American Opium and Cocaine-Wall Street Banksters are laughing all the way to the Bank-That Royal Family in England made their fortune with slaves in India producing Opium to sell+tax the Chinese with, at the barrel of A gun- Just stop and think about these Wars on people of color always conveniently happen in areas of drug cultivation and markets?
And then there is the Arms Racketeers, like the Bush Family and Carlyle Group, fear mongering propagandists from Communism to Terrorism- An Alien Invasion will be next according to Werner Von Braun’s death bed statement! -
Lets instead have A war on these age old moneyed dynasties- Lets have A War on War…


The documentary mentioned: “The Crisis of Civilization” is absolutely brilliant-
Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is one extraordinary intellect…