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The Annual White House Festival of Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/28/annual-white-house-festival-death


“Oh Daddy, look at me, see how powerful I am!”

You can add another category to the “festival of death” by noting that, under human industrial assault on the entire biosphere, the vast majority of birds alive today are “alive” in the industrial meat system. Most bird populations have been massively reduced by humans, except for the ones we process in factory farms.

Similar truths encompass all mammal life. The majority of living mammals are “alive” inside the industrial meat factory system - that’s not a typo, that’s a fact - while other mammalian populations have been decimated or extincted, and those not extincted yet are on the road to extinction.

As are humans. Quite a spectacular festival.


“Pardon me” for saying so, Trump is now destined to be the “biggest loser” for the rest of his pathetic life before Satan prepares a place for him in Hell.

Which in all likelihood is sooner than later.


And pardon me also; there’s no escape for the orange bas-turd. If not via the fed, then via the state of New Yoro. The trumptanic is going DOWN.

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The trumptanic has been on the bottom of the swamp for the past 4 years. They just didn’t know it.

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