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'The Answer Is Not Joe Biden': The Nation Magazine Issues Official Anti-Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/answer-not-joe-biden-nation-magazine-issues-official-anti-endorsement


I’m afraid we’re looking at a younger, less experienced version of Joe Biden in Pete Buttigieg in terms of “moderate” approach. Given the serious challenges we face, I don’t think moderation and half-measures are going to cut it.

Love to hear more detailed comparisons of Biden and Buttigieg as well as how Buttigieg stacks up against Sanders and Warren.


Common Dreams and the Nation are worthy of financial support. Please contribute as much as you can afford… and then some.


“Moderate” and “centrist” are media speak for the corporate right-wingers. It’s how the tea-party was sold to America before they got away from their corporate handlers.


Agree. Biden would hand the election to Trump. HIs policies will not excite Progressives/Dems to come out to vote. I am sure he would not mind since he likes Trumps tax cuts.


Let’s put this in perspective.

ByeDone entered the race polling as high as 39% nationally.
In the early primary states he’s polling in the high teens – his support is dropping.
Older African American voters are paying attention.
They note that Obama hasn’t endorsed ByeDone, nor will he.
They will peel off from a perceived train wreck, which is what Uncle Joe is.
It’s the ByeDone pattern: stumble, bumble, and cavort with big donors on your way to implosion.

As for Mayo Pete Bog, African Americans aren’t buying. Neither should you.
He’s Obama v2.0, and Obama v1.0 got us Trump.


Medicare for all as offered by Warren and Sanders offers to make a dent in the gross inequity in this society Their proposals in different ways tie “premiums” to income or wealth. Buttigieg puts an end to that with premiums unrelated to income or wealth, and substantially higher than single payer while pretending otherwise, disingenuously using the term “Medicare” - that’s probably why they’re paying him so much. He should call it something like, “Buttigieg insurance for all who want it”, and be honest about his service to the wealthy and really the preservation of this broken system.


As of right now, the ONLY announced candidate for POTUS I would vote for is Sanders. I still believe that the establishment party is going to screw him, and us, out of the nomination. I left the party in disgust after 2016 and will NEVER be a Democrat again. But I would vote for Bernie in the 2020 general election if he is the Dem nominee. Otherwise, it’s either third-party or independent, if one I like is on the ballot where I live, or I leave the presidency blank on my ballot. I absolutely refuse to be brow-beat into voting for another corporate tool nominee. You shouldn’t either.


Butt-judge is a DANGER to M4A! He is definitely having an effect with his PAID FOR support for leaving insurance companies in the equation.


Trump thanks you for your support. He doesn’t want progressives to vote either. You are telling people that unless they can vote for Bernie that we should have four more years of Trump! Gee thanks a lot.


id pol is evil! says the poster mid idpol post…

I agree about CD but, in my opinion, The Nation is a bit iffy.

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Hey Joe, where you going with that Anti-Endorsement in your hand?

Going down to shoot your old party, cause you caught them messing around with progressives in place of you…


Ah-Yup.  Buy-Done is Bill Clinton v2.0 and Buddy-Geek is even worse:  O’Bummer Lite — Similar lofty rhetoric but with even less substance and nowhere near as much experience.  At least O’Bummer had served in the Illinois state legislature and in Congress and had a semi-progressive record; Buddy-Geek has zilch.  But not to worry — he is just a place-holder for the DNC so Bernie and Liz don’t sew up the DamnocRatic primary before the Red Queen, Hillarrogance, can saddle her white unicorn and ride to the rescue.   FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED!!


no, but you are demonstrating that you are an inconsistent and fair weather ally at best…

calls to “ignore idpol” and the like amount to tacit support of the current status quo in regards to gender and race relations, as well as ignoring that class is just as much idpol as gender, sex, or race.

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If I was Trump, I would covertly finance both Biden and Warrens campaigns, because I would argue that either one would hand Trump another 4 years. I am sure Trump agrees with the DNC: ANYBODY BUT BERNIE.


I suggest you read what Carl has said in the past before you jump to impetuous, conclusions…thanks.


Good for you!!


You are not being credible in your hyperbolic assessment of Warren. In fact as polls show, she is a very strong candidate over all and not just among progressives. She is what might be called the progressive capitalist candidate in direct contrast to Biden being the liberal corporate candidate. No she doesn’t want to end capitalism. Radical socialists might try to remember that almost every American has a stake in capitalism even if only a paycheck/job. In lieu of an actual and believable plan and process to make the switch from capitalism to some variant of socialism that our other citizens would vote for, a non corporate capitalist (a reform minded capitalist) may allow these middle/centrist leaning voters a way to get the many progressive programs they want but are too scared of the socialist word to vote for openly. Progressives should get real about how scary a Biden candidacy would be. I think Trump would much rather oppose Biden rather than he would Warren. It remains to be seen whether Bernie can get the nomination first off and whether Warren can either in the face of corporate Dems opposition. She is very intelligent and someone who is not overwhelmed by economic double talk. That is why the corporate forces align against her. She scares them because with her it isn’t just talk because she focuses on the economics.

And as far as your non progressive (yeah that’s right - non progressive) back biting about her plumbing - people (particularly progressives) should remember that it really is about time that we had a woman President. Warren would not be an Obama and would shoot for a memorable place in history not only as the first woman President but a damn good one (President) in her own right as a reformer (a female FDR maybe?). She has earned respect as a progressive and deserves to be discussed positively and constructively regardless of her plumbing.

You should be embarrassed for bringing up a republican talking point.