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'The Answer Is Not Joe Biden': The Nation Magazine Issues Official Anti-Endorsement

Actually, you’re the one who’s trolling with personal attacks going off on me - and reading into my post with your presumptions about where I’m coming from - while you’re totally off-base and out-of-line, whoever you are.

And yes, I have a right to post my opinion about Warren and that the Nation is coping out on an endorsement for Bernie, in terms of their anti-endorsement, with their article against Biden - and pretending that “all things are equal” with Bernie and Warren - when nothing could be further from the truth.

Too bad if you don’t like it - or that I’m not biting the bull - and that I don’t think Warren is the wonderful candidate you say she is - and all while she is totally sworn to taking dirty money during a general and lied about her primary campaign while infusing it with 30 million dollars in corrupt funding from her Senate campaign.

And note carefully “wereflea” - she still isn’t even a second choice for me - after reading what you arrogantly have to say to me about what you think - about ME.

So get lost.

P.S. Warren is reportedly the candidate for the upper middle class. Do you ever reek of attitude. Vote on your own - and don’t expect us to vote for YOU.

Your need for drama amazes me. I didn’t take you all that seriously and for you to even suggest that you are changing your vote because of what I wrote about the trolling tactics of the opposition shows that I was correct to do so. Get a life or grow up, you are all in a tizzy because someone criticized something you wrote? Um okay whatever. Please reread the second paragraph without all the emotional drama and you will see the point of my response to you. Maybe you really are a troll and don’t want criticism or maybe you are something else? Try to expect a more reasoned criticism of what you write in the future. Not all Americans are dumb after all. Moreover I reiterate that the subject of the piece was about Biden. It seems that you once again ‘forgot’ that fact.

Blah blah blah. Just as I expected, you’re back gaslighting and you’re still trolling. You haven’t made one point except about yourself.


No wonder Obama’s used Trojan Horse is so beat up! Too many neoliberals are joy riding around in it all the time.

Hillary and Lizzie are the ‘Thelma and Louise’ of politics.